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ZombieLand: Double Tap Another Enjoyable Unneeded Sequel In 2019 Grade: B-

Source: IMDB

ZombieLand: Double Tap once again reunites our original zombie slaying crew, for another adventure in ZombieLand. Only this time Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) abandons the pack, as she runs off with a hippy. Now Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), Wichita (Emma Stone), and Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) go out and try to find Little Rock, while making some new friends and fighting ole foes again. The Cinematography was fine, a standard Sony Pictures looking film and nothing more. The Score was fine as well, enjoyed the soundtrack selections and this film’s clear obsession with Elvis. I thought the cast of this film was going to disappoint, due to the fact they haven’t played their roles in quite some time, causing some to slack and just go in for a pay check and leave. To be honest my assumption was clearly wrong: I thought the cast of this film was good, you clearly can tell everyone had a good time being in this film. Woody Harrelson reviving his role as Tallahassee had a pretty good performance. Along with the comedic side of this character, I felt the film added more depth with his character this time around. Little Rock is like a daughter to Tallahassee, causing him to feel emotionally attached to her as she wants his little girl to be safe and not be with one that’s a hippy. He also brought out his romantic side briefly this time around, as there is still some giddy up in his saddle. I liked Emma Stone and Jesse Eisenberg’s chemistry in this film, it was adorable watching Wichita non stop teasing Columbus. I enjoyed the relationship element between the two at it’s high and at it’s low. Unfortunately I felt Columbus in this film was under utilize this time around, which was surprising just because he was the main focus from the last film, making him the best character and the best part of the film. I got barely anything this time around, besides his relationship with Wichita which is basically it. Abigail Breslin plays a limited role as Little Rock and I thought she was fine, served her purpose in providing a plot for the film. Another fear I had, was the new characters wouldn’t be any good or be extremely obnoxious. It turns out that I actually liked the new characters as well. With a dumb blonde character like Madison (Zoey Deutch) you atomically consider that I would find this character annoying. This film did a great job with this character and here’s why: They know when enough is enough. I was waiting for this character to become tiresome to watch after awhile, but surprisingly enough the film understood that balance for a comedic relief is key and that’s what they did for Madison. I’m actually surprised that I walked out of this film, thinking “Wow that new character Madison was funny and enjoyable to watch”... Impressive stuff film. I liked the new supporting characters impersonating Columbus and Tallahassee, Flagstaff (Thomas Middleditch) and Albuquerque (Luke Wilson), that was anfunny scene. Lastly I enjoyed Rosario Dawson playing the role Nevada, thought the character was pretty rad. A couple flaws to give. Some of the zombie stuff became a little more obnoxious this time around, I enjoyed the previous film for being more focus on character driven content than zombie content. However this film doesn’t particularly focus on the zombies way more in comparison than the last film, but it’s obviously more noticeable this time around as I don’t enjoy the zombie stuff. Speaking of not enjoying the zombie stuff: I didn’t enjoy the new and improved zombie 800 or whatever that was. It was a lazy way to deliver unfunny Terminator references. I recently watched ZombieLand for the first time as I was surprised by how much I really liked the film. It was exciting, it was funny, the storyline had flown nicely, for the many years I avoided the film I’ve come to say it was one of the more better zombie films I’ve ever seen. Now a decade later a sequel to ZombieLand has arrived as I’m generally surprised this film exists. I mean how can they tell another story with this film?! How can it work? There’s been some enjoyable sequels that we never thought needed to exist, but here they are in 2019. 3 From Hell, Jay and Silent Bob: Reboot... Now ZombieLand Double Tap joins the party, this was yet another enjoyable film. Though the story in this film is nowhere near as well told as the first film, it still maintains to provide us a story worth being told. Though it’s not heavily character driven as the first film, it surprisingly works as a story that moves beginning to end, providing the audience to care for our characters and be entertained by them as well. The comedy material for the most part is rock solid, it grows stale a couple moments, but majority of time I was enjoying the sense of humor this film was rocking with. It also provides a special message, for those whom desire to go to a place that truly feels like home, where nothing really does feel like home, but continuing on this journey called Life is closest thing to home. Oh the action was fun as well, this film in general was fun to watch as well. Overall, ZombieLand Double Tap is a fairly decent sequel. I recommend this film, make sure you watch the first film so you know what’s going on and to get the references as well. -Mitch Smietana

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