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You Won’t Be Alone; Grade: B-

You Won’t Be Alone tells a story about a young girl named Nevena, whom is kidnapped by a Witch which then she turns Nevena into a Witch. Because Nevena is a Witch, she has the ability to transform into other human beings or animals. As Nevena is unacceptable to the likes of the Witch whom kidnapped her… Nevena goes on life on her own, while the Witch is slowly but surely hoping for a downfall, that she can not be accepted along with humanity due to being a Witch.

You Won’t Be Alone is a type of film in which I can’t really recommend this to anyone I know, as I feel hesitant due to the fact I may get yelled at or be insulted for recommending them to see a movie like this. I say this because You Won’t Be Alone is a horror film that doesn’t really follow a horror narrative, it’s more a deep dramatic piece. It’s also an extremely weird and unsettling film, you can also say it’s a bit artsy fartsy as well, as you really have to think of the deeper meaning of this film while following along vague dialogue.

I’ve had this film sat with me for a few days now as I can honestly say: It has grown on me since I’ve seen it this past Sunday, as I actually kind of admire what this film was going for.

The film is basically a journey within feeling comfortable in your own skin, as we’re enduring this journey with Nevena. Nevena really never had much of a chance to discover her true self as a person, as early on she’s been locked away inside a cave hidden from the world due to her mother being terrified the witch will come and find Nevena and take her away. So basically Nevena never has actually experience a life of her own, she’s pretty much described as a Cave Woman.

Surely because the Witch has done so much harm to Nevena’s growth of living a life as a human being, she would have full advantage of having her as some kind of an apprentice you would say, like she would easily control Nevena to do more harm to others such as herself. Unfortunately for the Witch: Nevena is a complete imbecile to the Witch, as she can’t quite get the hang of the lifestyle of being a Witch, which has led the Witch to become very angry at Nevena, to the point where she doesn’t want to even bother with her.

So this gives Nevena the Opportunity to transform into other human beings. Through each and every being as a matter of fact, it’s as if she’s trying to figure out what fits best for her. She turns away from being an older woman due to being uncomfortable with the idea of a random stranger, coming out of nowhere and sticking his penis inside her, which Nevena responds with tearing it apart. Nevena feels dissatisfied in being a man, but more importantly when a young child dies tragically out of nowhere, Nevena decided to give the girl another chance at life, as Nevena transforms herself into becoming this young girl. I feel Nevena came in full terms of being established as this young girl, which then led into growing up to become a woman is due to the fact not only did she get to experience a life that was stolen from her, but to also found a deep and mutual connection with a gentleman as well. I feel the other times of transformations left Nevena underwhelmed is due to the fact those beings are already grown and established, while with the young girl Nevena is able to actually experience life as a young girl, young woman, and a woman.

I found the whole ordeal to be oddly touching, even speaks volumes as well as what life is all about. Even though I have a problem with so much sex sequences as some can get a bit tiresome to watch: Sometimes I feel those sex sequences did play a part with another deep meaning, in terms of what exactly is sex meant for. You see there is a great amount of dissatisfaction with Nevena having sex with people whom she doesn’t really known, but when she actually gotten to know someone and connect with someone from an early age to an adult… She felt whole, as it actually meant something to her. So that plays a significant part within that story as well.

You can also say between both characters Nevena and The Witch: It also tells a much deeper tale about how to handle mistreatment properly. The Witch was wrongfully murdered, as the townspeople burned her alive. The Witch responds with envy, hatred, and of course violence…. Even when she wants nothing to do with Nevena, she watches over Nevena hoping failure to strike or waiting for an opportunity to present bringing harm to her life. The Witch feels if she can’t enjoy life, then no one shall, not even Nevena though she wants nothing to do with her.

Now Nevena on the other hand… She has had a rough patch too. From a young child, to a teenager, and of course through a couple experiences in transitioning to other human beings. Instead of reacting like The Witch… Nevena still continues to be an extremely gentle soul despite being a Witch of course, as she continues to give humanity a chance. Within all those chances: Nevena in a way was rewarded, the more you continue to trust the process and to remain kind, surely enough you’ll receive an Opportunity to feel whole. There is some solid deep meaningful messaging in this film, whether it’s handled extremely weird, it still speaks volumes for me at least.

Hats off to the makeup crew: I felt the way makeup work done on the Witch was done very well, definitely made me feel disturbed in a good way, as it felt comparable to the makeup work done on Freddy Kruger in Nightmare on Elm Street.

My main flaw within this film actually has to be the vague dialogue. I felt the dialogue was barely interesting, I understand it’s trying to interpret what exactly Nevena is feeling, however it just doesn’t work as it does come off a distraction as well. I think it’s best off to let the film tell the story and let the audience think for themselves as they’re watching these sequences unfold, the dialogue comes off a bit corny some as it can also influence one to yawn as well. There are also some rules within the whole Witchcraft ordeal that doesn’t feel properly explained, rules and such that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense as well.

Overall, You Won’t Be Alone was a solid intriguing film. I recommend this film, I will warn you this isn’t for everybody, it’s a very artsy fartsy weird unsettling film so just to forewarn you. -Mitch Smietana

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