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Yesterday Less Ed Sheeran, More Beatles Grade: C+

Source: IMDB

Yesterday tells a story of a struggling singer Jack (Himesh Patel), who works part time at a Sams Club type place. Jack is about to hang up the idea of becoming a professional singer, as he might as well go back to teaching. His friend/manager Ellie (Lily James) convinces him to not give up, that miracles happen. During a power outage, a bus hits Jack while he was riding his bike at night, causing him to lose his two front teeth. But that's not all he lost: The Beatles no longer exist. So Jack decides towards his advantage recreate The Beatles songs, so people can take him seriously as a professional singer. The Cinematography was fine, I actually liked a few shots here and there. I didn't like the shots, where it was shot at a dutch angle, a very odd choice to make. The Score was cool, of course when you're dealing with Beatles song selections and even Ed Sheeran song selections, it's going to be fun. I didn't like the editing, felt it was a major distraction for the film. The cuts in this film drove me crazy at times, just unnecessary cut after cut after cut shots and I'm like why do you need cut this much, in which a scene is just simple that you only need one or two cuts at the most?! I thought the editing choice for telling the audience where the characters were was cool, maybe one place where the characters were at the train I would've left out, but yeah it was cute. Speaking of which the balloons emoji edit... Why? The editing with the social media annoyed the living out of me, anytime a scene of Instagram or YouTube popped up was just so freaking stupid. I thought the cast was good. The only cast member that I didn't care for was Ed Sheeran, early on he was funny, then it got to a point where it got obnoxious as I didn't want him on screen anymore. Himesh Patel played a solid performance as Jack, he had a solid singing voice as well. The character Jack can be relatable, towards those that feel their love for their passion isn't well appreciated, unless there is money and fame involved. It could mean a pride thing, where it's better to drive success on your own creation, instead copying and pasting others' work, as you take full credit for it when it’s not yours... Feels like what Disney does with their soulless remakes. Ellie played by Lily James played a solid performance, I always enjoy Lily James as an actress as I can't wait to see more from her. Kate McKinnon playing Jack's agent was a surprise, she actually played a solid performance. I thought we were going to get another annoying whacky cartoonish performance from her, but she actually did something new for once, I found her it be actually good and even funny at some points. I was looking forward to Yesterday, due to it's unusual concept, of how today's world would react if The Beatles creations were played out today. Given the fact Danny Boyle has made two great films Slumdog Millionaire and 127 Hours, I thought for sure this was going to be good. Well this film was enjoyably average to me. If you thought you were going to get a Beatles tribute film, where we go inside the famous lyrics, as one would manage to recreate them... Well you're not going to get that. I thought that was a missed opportunity there, Jack just writes down Beatles songs he knows on a sticky note, quickly plays them on his guitar, then records the songs... Barely any charm, which was a disappointment. Speaking of The Beatles: A third of this movie is dedicated to how Ed Sheeran is a modern day genius, which that was an odd choice. I think he should've played as a special guest or a mentor, but he felt awkward in scenes as he pretty much is gloating how great he is. The story was cute, had some nice interesting themes and messages. I feel some of the story became uninteresting at points. They don't really dive into the music industry process at all, they just quickly skim through it. The third act becomes a little questionable. A historic figure comes back to life, as I'm wondering... How does that happen?! I get a few things don't exist anymore in this world today, but how does one whom is already dead, become magically back to life?! The ending regarding Ellie and Jack... Eh I didn't care for it at all. I mean it took The Beatles not existing, for Jack and Ellie to be where they should've been?! Comon Jack you twat. Surprisingly the comedy material was solid, found myself laughing quite a few times. If you're looking for a Beatles tribute, try Across the Universe instead, you'll get a kick out of that one. This film is nice as a crowd pleaser and even as a feel good movie, however I just expected a little more fascination out of this concept is all. Overall, Yesterday was an enjoyably fine film. I recommend this film as a rental, it's a nice film to watch on the sofa. -Mitch Smietana

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