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Wrath of Man; Summer Movie Season Kicks Off, With Mediocrity. Grade: C

Wrath of Man tells a story about a Cash Truck worker similar to the likes of a Brinks truck named Hill aka H (Jason Statham). While doing a normal job gig consisting of dropping off ten thousand, one of H's co-worker gets beaten as he's been taken for hostage. As H hands over bags of cash upon the request of the criminals, H does a sneaky move to take out one bad guy, then takes them all down one by one at ease. Little does this company know that H perhaps is not all he says he is, as he is a skilled assassin, as H's purpose in applying for this job comes more than just making a few bucks.

The Cinematography t'was eh, for some reason this film was shot like a typical straight to DVD crime action film, it looked very cheap especially in day light. There are also scenes in which had abnormal moments of zooming out... I really don’t understand the moral purpose in that choice at all, as it looked ridiculous. The Score was solid, felt like I was on a pirate ship mixed with a old school Irish Pub. The cast was... Alright I guess, felt the acting in the beginning was pretty sloppy including Statham, but over the course of the film it gotten a bit better fortunately. Jason Statham playing H was fine, it's a typical Statham role but this time he was barely given much to work with in terms of dialogue. Statham does appear in a couple cool shoot out scenes, but perhaps the first one was the main highlight especially in terms of excitement. Regarding the character H: Pretty standard for this revenge type story.

Due to last year's film from Guy Ritchie The Gentlemen, I was looking forward to his followup as The Gentlemen t'was kick ass for me. Wrath of Man however comes with a fair amount of disappointment.

I want to point out this film's attempt at comedy was absolutely dreadful, I mean there was one chuckle, but the fart poop humor was just horrendous to sit through, reminds me of being around my family as they use this talk dealing with their kids... It’s pure torture. This film feels very jumbled in a way, where we're suppose to get a fair amount of action and excitement, we instead go through detours to a great amount of exposition as far as every single person or group in this story. Don't get me wrong it does help understand everything, but it does however take away the momentum of this film and I'm going to say at one point it wasn't necessarily to thoroughly stretch out some sequences. It could easily be skimmed through fast, as we know H is out for blood, without going through every single second of each attempt of potential justice.

It's worth noting that I kind of don't understand, what did the woman whom worked at the Cash Truck company had to do with all this?! I guess she could be a potential suspect towards all these trucks getting hit, however from the looks of the finale... It doesn't seem like she was in anyway involved with any of this, as it looked like she was terrified for her life.

The finale itself does however work in some aspect, as the true meaning of the wrath of man is without a doubt Greed. Greed can simply bring out the worst in men, bringing out a very dark side to them, as we clearly see in the finale. You could also say Revenge could be the wrath of man as well, meaning when a man goes through the motions of revenge... You must fear the wrath, as all hell will break loose. Couple of exciting sequences, the story having some kind of meaning as well as it's understandable to comprehend, however for what I expected this to be especially from the poster... I expected more than just a mediocre revenge story.

Overall, The Wrath of Man t'was ok. I would prefer waiting for this for rental, otherwise substitute it out for The Gentlemen. -Mitch Smietan

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