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Woman at War Quick View 2019 is Hit With a Bold and Unique Film Grade: B+

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Woman at War tells a fable about a choir instructor Halla (Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir). During Halla’s spare time, she goes around the fields and destroying the transmission tower of her country, causing a lot of controversy and outrage between countries. Halla is a determined activist, to bring change towards her planet. However Halla may have to cool down with the whole activism, as a long awaited dream may finally come true for Halla... To become a mother. She’s next in line to adopt a little girl from Ukraine, as now Halla may have to eliminate the whole activism side of her life, in order to complete her dream as a mother. Been looking forward to this little film for awhile, heard a lot of good things about it. I gotta say: This film impressed me, there are qualities in this film worth praising for. The Cinematography was pretty good, a lot of gorgeous shots in this film. One unique thing about this film is the way The Score is presented. They have the musicians come on screen and play the composed music, when there is singing involved they bring out the singers... It’s so adorable and refreshing to see something like this, really cool and the music is dope. I think the only thing worth mentioning as a flaw, is I don’t like how Halla knows the musicians/singers are there, I rather them just play and not have the main character know they exist. The cast was pretty good as a whole, Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir plays a great performance as Halla and her twin sister Asa. Halla is a likable character, I rooted for her as she only wanted to do good. She wanted to bring real change to the world, as she can tell the world she’s currently living in is dying, as human beings tend to destroy the planet they live in. A law abiding citizen, however she’s not harming anyone, she’s just sending a message to bring change. I like how this character is in a complicated situation, between her activism and becoming a mother, a dream she has always wanted. Halla wants to bring real change, because she enjoys life and truly cares about her planet... But this is a once and a lifetime opportunity, to live a dream she has always wanted to achieve and that is to be a mother. So is giving up activism to become a mother worth it? There are a couple flaws to mention. Before I start on this flaw: I liked how in this film, they had a Mexican biker, which symbolized the scapegoat for when tragedy happens. Anytime Halla completed her activism, the police would stop this random Mexican biker on the side of the rode or in the field where he put up a tent, as they would immediately arrest him, assuming he did these crimes. Thought it was a clever metaphor towards today’s society. I felt in the third act near the end, it shouldn’t been there again... Over stayed it’s welcome. The other flaw I won’t spoil, but involves two characters changing clothes quickly. The story is great, I was invested with the main character and what she was going to do moving forward, regarding her activism and the complications of giving that up for being a mother. The film offers some clever social commentary, delivering some solid messages regarding today’s society, as what we should be doing to help our planet moving forward. I thought the film was going to over stay it’s ending, but the way this film ended was pretty clever, as another metaphor towards the planet yet again. Sometimes with films like these, some of us can get lost and trust me I’ve been there before... But I feel this will work for the common viewer, not knowing much about today’s society. Overall, Woman at War is a great unique bold and intelligent film. I recommend this film, it’s on Hulu, hope you gain a lot out of this like I did. -Mitch Smietana

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