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Wine Country Quick View Old Women Getting Drunk by Wine.... The Movie Grade: D+

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Wine Country tells a story of a group of middle aged women that have been friends since back in the early days. Their friend Rebecca (Rachel Dratch) is turning fifty, so her friend Abby (Amy Poehler) planned a vacation getaway for Rebecca and the gals to celebrate her birthday. Middle aged women, a wine country farm which consists of a WHOLE LOT of Wine to drink, what can go wrong?! With a plot like this I expected to be an obnoxious wild comedy, instead I get an hour and forty minutes of women complaining about being old, drinking wine the entire time, and have random fights that all were caused by a physic reading? I guess the biggest positive I can give for this film is the group of gals have solid chemistry together. I did bought that these were friends since high school or whatever, so at least there’s that. I guess a few jokes made me chuckled, none of the jokes made me laughed out loud, but at least I got some chuckles. Lastly I guess this film is fine for the demographic it was going for and that’s middle aged moms. I can see only moms liking this film, I think that’s what this film was going for and if not... Oh boy. I didn’t like Wine Country, I don’t have any hate for it, I just thought it wasn’t a good movie. The Cinematography was troubling to watch, whenever this film is shot in the dark it honestly looks like a horror film... Why does it look like that?! I was anticipating a jump scare or a friend to get hacked, but no it’s old ladies talking, I don’t get why it’s shot like a horror film at all. The close up shots when the gals were drinking, playing music, and almost took drugs was a poor choice. It looked honestly stupid, why couldn’t this shot be shot in wide?! I hate to be critical towards a comedy’s cinematography, but I don’t understand these baffling choices they made. The story isn’t that good, kind of all over the place. Things randomly happen because the film says it has to, no development when the conflicts comes in play, especially the “breast cancer” situation one of our characters has in the end. How about instead of scenes of women walking around a wine farm talking bad about each other for no apparent reason, you have scenes before going on vacation, where when these conflicts do happen, they were actually developed to the point where we actually care? Because when our characters go through tough times back at home, we honestly don’t care because you introduced this literally at the end of the movie. We didn’t grow a connection with these characters, they’re simply drunk old women to us, so when shit hits the fan none of us care. The comedy material felt very flat, I wasn’t laughing much at all, a few chuckles but that’s about it. The scene where the old women go to a young art show wasn’t funny at all, actually that scene alone was completely stupid and made no sense. How about the old women rolling down a big hill scene!? Wasn’t that funny?! No?! Oh well. I wasn’t expecting much out of this straight to Netflix comedy, but I was hoping to be entertained and however I wasn’t at all to the slightest. Overall, Wine Country is crap. I don’t recommend this film at all, if you’re a mom over forty maybe you’ll find enjoyment I guess. -Mitch Smietana

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