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Wild Rose Year 2 of Jessie Buckley Getting Robbed an Oscar Nomination is Cute Grade: B

Source: IMDB

Wild Rose tells a story of an ex convict Rose-Lynn (Jessie Buckley) whom has a talented singing voice, as well as a passion for Country music. She hopes to turn her life around, save up some money, so she can travel to Nashville the country music capital of the world to become a country singer. Thought this looked good from the trailers, I had doubts due to the fact the only Tom Harper film I've watched is Woman in Black 2... So one would understand, why I have my doubts. The Cinematography looked pretty good, some lovely shots over in the areas of Scotland, I really enjoyed this one country music museum shot as well towards the end. The Score was lovely, the country music was definitely BUMPING. The cast of this film all around worked well together, I feel this is the best aspect of the film. I loved Jessie Buckley in last years Beast, she somehow plays a better performance as Rose-Lynn, she's fantastic in this film. We've had a few music drama films this year, this was the best performance out of the few I’ve watched, not only from an acting perspective, but oh boy her singing in this film... Incredible! I do hope she gets nominated for this performance, she truly deserves it this time around and it'll be a damn shame if she doesn't, she's the best part of this entire film. Julie Walters playing Rose's mother was great, I thought this was going to be the Jessie Buckley show... Which it is, but she handles her part well here too. I do have my complaints with this film. Rose-Lynn gets out of jail, then goes to her former workplace, hoping to work as a singer again. What bothers me is the way Rose treats the manager of this place... It's unacceptable behavior. I mean screaming and attacking the guy, really?! How about communicating with him, try to explain that I messed up, but if you can just trust that I won't do anything stupid again, plus you can't find anyone as talented as myself, I'm sure with time he'll come around. Rose asked for a large amount of money, from her rich employer, whom she cleans her house. I feel it's not a bad risk to take... But you've been working there for about a week. Establish a relationship with your employer first, then ask for money later, besides there is no deadline to getting to Nashville, why rush into asking money this fast? So Rose's mom made a nice critical opinion of Rose, as if she puts her mind to whatever she's focusing on, she can do anything and I thought hey that's cool. But then a second later, she becomes a prick to Rose. She harshly criticizes her, for wanting to rehearse for the week, to knock out this gig, so she can get enough money to go to Nashville and pursue her dream... Why the sudden change, of being supportive, then being against her?! That didn't make much sense to me, be consistent with this character. I felt the ending of this film over stayed it's welcome, one may argue they did it so they can conclude on a high note, with this great song they had for Rose-Lynn, I can understand but for me... It should've concluded at the museum. There are some cliche and predictable moments, where a scene starts as I thought oh this is where it's going, as I got a few guessed correctly. The Tom Harper experience for me, improved with Wild Rose, this film was cute. I feel the character building of Rose-Lynn got better, as time went on. Though in the beginning, she seemed like a wreck-less jerk where I don't see myself rooting for her at all. But as time went on, you see her take responsibility immediately, doing the right decisions, while taking risks and pursuing her dream. I did feel bad for her at times, she couldn't catch a break numerous times, as well as people were treating her poorly, which I get it but she's actually making an effort to improve herself. By the end of the film, Rose-Lynn discovers a valuable lesson, as I can compare it to Drake's rise of being the most popular rapper in hip hop for a good decade. I enjoyed most of the musical numbers in this film, performed by Jessie Buckley, sounded great. It's a nice little story, that is different telling a Scottish gal singing country, yes it may sound like something you've heard time and time again with the way it’s constructed, but I can't help to think it was adorable. You can also say that, just because you want pursue in something, that isn't a popular trend in your hometown, country, or family history... Doesn't mean you can't try to be the first to do it, very sweet. Overall, Wild Rose was a good film. I recommend this film, if it's still in theaters, give this a try or wait for a lovely rental in the future. -Mitch Smietana

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