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Where’s my Roy Cohn!? Look up Roy Cohn and you’ll see related word Insecurity Grade: B

Source: IMDB

Where’s my Roy Cohn? is a documentary about a corrupt lawyer Roy Cohn. It tells his life story about how his parents met, how he got into the business, his personal secrets, his relationships with politicians and business men. Witness an interesting doc about an intelligent man that was arguably one of the greatest on sight manipulators in history. I remember watching the trailer for this randomly at a movie one time and thought this looked pretty good, I even requested to play near my local theatre as they fulfill my request... NIOCE. Where’s my Roy Cohn? to me was a play by the books kind of documentary, it’s not fascinating to the point where you’re wowed or amazed by it, but it not only gets the job done, but it’s also interesting. The film making is solid despite it makes you think you’re watching a documentary, but the footage shown looked pretty professional and deserving of a theatrical release. I can see why they made a documentary about this acclaimed lawyer because Roy Cohn is interesting. What fascinated me the most about this guy, is the level of insecurity this man had for himself, it become quite shocking to me. I mean Roy Cohn was extremely smart, he graduated college early, he was wealthy, was a good lawyer as he knew how to get deals done by his ruthless attitude. He kind of reminds me of Kevin Garnett: When he’s on your team he’s the best to have on your side, when he’s not he’s your worst enemy. I get that Roy Cohn out in public didn’t appear to have Hollywood looks, but I just don’t understand why this man was extremely insecure to the point where he becomes a complete coward?! Never once do you feel Roy had any sort of pride for himself, as he kept his entire life in secret resulting in living a complete life of pure shame. I get one of the secrets he kept inside, due to the circumstances of the time period he was living in. But why in a time in need did he still not come clean about his real identity?! I mean maybe he could’ve lived longer if he reached out for help and told the truth about himself, but it was like he struggled to have any sort of pride for himself. The level of insecurity felt unbearable for me to sit through, like sheesh he’s more insecure than a high school girl and he has a lot to where anyone would have a great amount of confidence, it’s a good life I reckon. I guess considering how his parents met and how he got in the business, he just kept a grudge inside and just rotted away. Besides the insecurity side of Roy Cohn’s life, it was quite intriguing hearing about how he was a great manipulator. Maybe one of the best corrupt lawyers ever, as he was even partaking in the miraculous verdict for the John Gotti case. I’m surprised Roy Cohn got away with so much crime and corruption, what is even surprising is he didn’t really do much in terms of hiding his evidence. It was clear as day that he was guilty in everything he’s done, he just knew that with the connections he had gain, as it provided him with power and knew how the system worked... That it was just a walk in the park to get away with everything. I mean even his closet friend in the film claimed he was guilty as day... I guess if u play and know the system, it’s that easy to get away with anything. Hearing about Roy’s relationships with businessman and politicians like Reagan and Trump was interesting. I feel the audience will get an assumption that Trump is basically playing the same game Cohn is playing, in some ways it does feel that way, but like most politicians these days... Hard to trust any of them, that’s why politics doesn’t matter. This film didn’t live up to the expectations I had for it, but it was still a nice quality to watch at least as I’ve gained a fair amount of information, as it intrigued me in a couple ways. Overall, Where’s my Roy Cohn? was a solid documentary. I recommend this film, especially if you liked the Netflix original documentary film Get Me Roger Stone, if you don’t feel like rushing to the theatre for it that’s fine, you can wait till rental. -Mitch Smietana

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