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Weekly Roundup Episode 99: Bros Flopped Off-Screen than On-Screen

Welcome to another edition of Weekly Roundup!

Ironic this is called StrictlyFilms, yet most of the topics discussed on these Weekly Roundups hardly ever talk about movies or movie news in general. But for this segment: We will be discussing some movie news… News that are unfortunate, but heck it’s movie news at least right?!

There has been a new romantic comedy film from Universal Pictures, that has been released recently titled Bros. The film has a considerable twenty-two million dollar budget, with high hopes it will be a breakout box office hit, with great reviews claiming it’s a hilarious film. Unfortunately for everyone involved with Bros… The film didn’t do too well on the first weekend grossing at 4.8 million.

Regardless of how a film performs at the box office… Having a film not only made is an achievement within itself, but having a film shown on the big screen across the country is what every filmmaker dreams about when they pursue a career in film. There are thousands upon thousands of writers and filmmakers, hoping to one day be given the opportunity to have their stories told or their vision in making a film happen… It is an extremely challenging process to get a film made, especially for those hoping to get an original idea that they are passionate about telling made. 

So with that being said: If you secure an opportunity to get your film made, it is extremely important to not only be humbled whether or not you succeed/fail financially, but to also be extremely grateful for the entire experience that goes along with it. Truth be told like I said before: There are thousands and thousands of people who hope and desire to be in your shoes of being able to get a film made, so with all due respect to all those people waiting in line to get where you’re at… Be appreciative.

But knowing Modern Day American culture: The idea of being appreciative or grateful for just about anything in life, is an entirely blasphemous concept for many people. Instead of being extremely grateful, writer and star of the film Billy Eichner decided you know what… Not only will I not show appreciation for my opportunity of getting a film made despite financial woes, I will instead go on ahead and blame a group a people for my own failure.

Bros is a Romantic Comedy film centered around two gay men, as Billy Eichner claims that it is straight people’s fault for not showing up to see his film, as he accuses them of being homophobic for not seeing his film. Billy hopes by verbally insulting a group of people… That people will support his film, out of sake of guilt and shame. 

Billy is not the only person to attempt this guilt/shame strategy hoping to secure attention or financial success: We see this kind of antics all the time, especially in America. More than often because one doesn’t get to a particular place in life… They go ahead and express guilt, shame, and blame a whole group of people because they are not where they think they need to be, as more than often we actually take these people seriously and even sometimes reward people that express this kind of behavior. As we witness this kind of behavior unfold… It’s usually expressed in an unruly matter, like throwing a huge tempter tantrum or acting out on an intense emotional breakdown that is reminiscent to the likes of a child.

I feel over the course of time, especially as of recently… I feel this common used antic is slowly dying down amongst the people. In the times we are currently in right now: People are just about fed up with any kind of ungratefulness, especially from those whom are in a great position in life whining about things that shouldn’t be whined about, nor should it take upon such delusional measures. I mean Billy’s attempt attacking a group of people, hoping to secure sudden financial success towards his film… Yeah a 55.5% box office decline from it’s first week’s numbers.

With all due respect: Billy’s accusation that straight people are to blame for his film not doing well at the box office, is honestly the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Over the history of cinema: There are films that deal with LGBTQ characters that have actually done well at the box office, even before we’ve evolved in society of becoming extremely accepting of this group people. 

The 90’s you have The Birdcage grossing 124 million domestically, Philadelphia grossing 77 mill going on to receive Oscar recognition, and the 2000’s you have a small indie film Brokeback Mountain grossing 83 million and many Oscar recognition as well… It wasn’t as open and universally accepted of that lifestyle back then, yet I’m pretty confident a lot of straight people went ahead and saw those films anyways. As of recently: Bohemian Rhapsody went on to make a whopping 216 mill, while Rocketman went on to make 96 mill… I mean those excuses look pretty weak if you ask me.

Here’s the thing Billy doesn’t seem to understand when it comes to films and performance at the box office: Since the Pain in the Ass happened in 2020… It’s extremely challenging to make a profit for most films, because there is so much uncertainty about what is attractive for an audience to go out of their way and see a movie in theaters. Guarantee films to perform well at the box office usually come by SuperHero Films, Well Known Properties/Franchises, and Horror Films… Rarely ever for an original film these days unless the word of mouth is extremely strong like Everything, Everywhere, All at Once… It’s extremely difficult to make money in today’s box office.

It almost feels like a gamble for films to be released in theaters if they’re looking for box office success alone, I feel films released in theaters are more towards filmmakers/studios whom are PASSIONATE about the movie going experience. Truth be told as I’ve said time and time again: Without movie theaters, is there really a reason to make a movie?! You dream about having your film made, as you have yourself and audiences get lost watching it up on the big screen… There’s really nothing like it, as if you’re doing it solely for the money and not for the art form, then you shouldn’t be involved in film period.

I didn’t watch any trailers for Bros so I can’t make a comment on whether it looked good or not… But I feel Bros didn’t bring in an audience, simply because the film itself wasn’t interesting nor appealing enough to go out of their way to see it. I don’t think it’s deep nor personal at all… The need to put out a blasphemous accusation in shaming a group of people is utterly embarrassing.

Like Billy’s poor attempt in hoping to better numbers with his poor marketing strategy… It’s worth noting Bros had a pretty obnoxious marketing campaign. Not only is the poster design cheap and horrendous that it feels like looking at a $2 DVD bin at a local Walmart, but I’ve received about 50 e-mails begging me to see this film. Word of Advice: Overdoing it in marketing where it’s constantly repetitive to the point of being obnoxious, will turn off someone very quickly to not seeing your movie.

So will I see Bros?! I almost went ahead and saw it considering the rave reviews, but after Billy shaming a whole group of people, calling them terrible names… Hell No. I’ve always had this saying: One person does not represent an entire film. I’m sure there are some members of the cast and crew of this film, whom worked extremely hard to make this film and that are grateful they got an opportunity to make a film, as they wish Billy would just shut the hell up… I feel for those people and wish Billy didn’t ruin a truly rewarding moment for y’all.

Well there we have it everybody: A discussion about film news that felt more like a lecture to a spoiled rotten child… We’re all fed up with Hollywood now a days man, just want to watch movies without the bullshit, let’s talk about movies!


Do Revenge Grade: B-

A couple gals join forces, hoping to secure revenge on one whom has done them terribly wrong… Seems like a girl activity I would say.

Do Revenge has a fair message, as those whom participate in the art of revenge more than often lose themselves in the process, generating more bitterness within their soul. You can say both girls Drea (Camila Mendes) and Eleanor (Maya Hawke) have every right to be upset, however as time has developed with regards with them solely focused on ruining another persons life… They become unrecognizable, losing sight of focus of what actually matters in life. You can say the message at hand can feel irrelevant by the end of things, however a good majority of the film resonates with that message indeed.

Do Revenge while it does have familiar beats from a revenge storyline like this, it however executes a twist that was genuinely unexpected that makes a lead character much more twisted. Won’t spoil it: But I felt the twist manages fairly well, as it also resonates with the message in a much deeper sense I will say. The film has a couple solid comedic moments, showcasing the absurd nature of our current society especially in our youth. Some of the humor moments making a mockery out of Max (Austin Abrams) was quite funny, glad to see a film actually poke fun at how ridiculous our culture has become recently.

Do Revenge does however have a few flaws here and there. There is a romantic pair that isn’t fully developed enough, to where attraction can be executed on a high note, you can also say the same with Eleanor’s love interest however at least it was believable compared to the other. While I do enjoy the comedic side of when Max got exposed to cheating on his girl with multiple women, then becoming a progressive hero… You can’t help to think why everyone gotten mad at him in the end, when they all treated him as a hero for doing an equally shitty thing, seems hypocritical.

Some poor dialogue here and there, I also found a couple sequences especially when Drea fakes an orgasm… Why was that shown at all?! There was literally no significance nor a punch line to be made whatsoever, they’ll be some moments like that as well.

Overall, Do Revenge was a fairly decent film. I recommend checking this one out, can be found on Netflix.

Zack Hample Vs The World Grade: B-

At an early age one of my dreams would be to catch a foul ball or homerun attending a baseball game. On March 12th 2021, after roughly over 30 baseball games attended… I finally caught my first foul ball, off a beaming one hop off the ground, as I went down on my knees and caught it bare handed. Even at 25 years old: The kid in me who dreamed of this moment happening, was reborn. So I can understand the adrenaline and excitement of one like Zack Hample feels when attending Major League Baseball games, hoping to secure as many baseballs as he can.

I’m familiar with Zack Hample: Watch his YouTube videos time to time, out of the sake of boredom to experience what certain ball parks look like on a more personal view. 

The whole storyline of Zack Hample showcases an very intriguing person at hand. A man whom simply loves the game of baseball, but more so LOVES getting as many baseballs as he can and is extremely great at it. I went to 11 baseball games this 2022 year alone whether it be Spring Training, Regular Season, or the Minor Leagues as I only gotten two baseballs, one tossed up by Kike Hernandez, then the other off the ground at batting practice… It’s a bit challenging than it looks, as Zack Hample makes it look really easy.

His whole persona feels neat and unique, but what’s surprising is the amount of hate this man gets. Sure you can say Zack is a bit sensitive here and there, as I feel his appearances at Late Night Talk Shows were simply busting his balls. However when it comes to the internet side of it all… It’s understandable why Zack can feel a bit upset about the whole ordeal. I feel it’s completely odd this guy gets so much hate, for simply just thoroughly enjoying his life and doing what he loves… I don’t really understand the hate, but then again people make no sense so who knows.

I sometimes can relate with a guy like Zack Hample. You can say I related with the whole not having an easy going with connecting with others, as I appear too weird for people. The whole hobby of collecting I do share as well, I do collect my Sports Ticket Stubs, Movie Ticket Stubs time to time, DVD’s here and there, and for a good run autographs were my thing as well. Collecting is a simple yet neat little hobby, keeps your mind occupied while finding appreciation for the simple things.

Style wise this film really felt like a typical standard documentary made film. Substance for me was a fairly told story, that does have a familiar told story from his MLB Network documentary he was featured in not too long ago. 

Overall, Zack Hample vs The World was a decent documentary film. I recommend checking this one out, can be found Free on YouTube.

Resurrection Grade: B+

Rebecca Hall lead in last year’s effectively disturbing horror film The Night House, delivering a truly captivating strong performance. This year in this suspense thriller ResurrectionRebecca Hall delivers yet again in a strong performance, in a very unsettling thriller.

I feel without Rebecca Hall this wouldn’t be as effective, given the characters description of someone completely losing it when a past mentally abusive lover makes his way back to town. Just watching Hall’s performance really gets under your skin, as you do believe in her character in terms of this past lover is up to no good… But the way she goes about it, makes her more of an extremely insane person. Excellent job by Rebecca Hall indeed, superb!

The story at hand t’was effective in the physiological sense, while also displaying a truly unsettling reveal within our culprit of the film. Won’t spoil anything: But we are truly dealing with an extremely sick person, as he’s just toying with this woman to make her go completely insane, as unfortunately he has a bit of power over her. It can be easier said and done for Margaret (Rebecca Hall) to ignore David (Tim Roth), however when there is a history of one mentally abusing the person to where they have full control of your mind… It’s a bit more complicated to overcome it. That’s why Margaret tends to be extremely terrified that any given moment David will take full control of her, as she’ll be just his pet.

The ending was…. A bit bizarre. I feel maybe it has ties with Margaret’s mind, as she wants to believe she can feel that happy ending as she suffered a great amount of trauma caused by David, ruining a very significant part of her life. However considering how her daughter reacts to the whole ordeal… Just came off weird to me.

Overall, Resurrection was a pretty good film. I recommend checking this one out. 

Superspreader: The Rise of #LetUsWorship Grade: C+

Superspreader: The Rise of #LetUsWorship uncovers a moment of time in 2020, where in California it was against the law to come together to praise and worship in Churches. A Christian singer whom also ran for office Sean Feucht thought this was completely absurd, as he started off a movement where he and many followers of Christ, go to city to city and praise and worship outside. This movement would do many wonders for those whom were immensely struggling during the Pain in the Ass with Mental Health and such, brought them closer to Christ as many baptisms occurred, and not to mention the movement led a huge victory in Supreme Court against the corrupt Governor of California.

One of my favorite moments during the Pain in the Ass of 2020, is coming back to a fully packed Church service known as The Word of Life Church out in Fort Myers, FL. Not only was it refreshing and a great relief we weren’t forced to wear masks, but also it was refreshing to see everyone feeling uplifted as everyone was all together, hearing words needed to hear come from the word of God during a time where it was “normal” to hear death and negativity on a 24/7 basis. I felt better attending that wonderful service, as that church itself would bring me back closer to my spiritual state of mind I’ve missed ever so much.

What people truly needed during The Pain in the Ass of 2020 is The Church. When you are severely broken mentally and physically caused by the world around you… You go to a place where your spirit is revived knowing there is a greater force above mankind, as that my friend is God and Christ. They may say “Well they can just go online and hear it, it’s the same thing” however if you ever been to Church… It’s the not the same thing at all. There is something completely healing about being in Church, you are truly closer to God’s presence because majority of the time within the messages displayed by the pastor… The message is related to what you are going through in your own life. Mostly severe broken people go to Church when there are on their final breaking point… Because what other place is better, than a place where you know there is a force of life that loves you unconditionally and accepts you?!

I’m going to have to stop myself from delivering a rant about this subject matter… I get emotional knowing a lot of suicides could’ve been prevented, if we actually encouraged people to be together and come to the vision of Christ.

This documentary at hand was fairly appreciated I will say. The substance at hand is a story worth telling, where a movement that encourages love, positivity, and of course life was brought on a society where it feels as if that is frown upon. Watching this brave group of people bring back hope in many people’s lives was truly inspiring, I adored the moments where people come to tears of joy as they praise and worship the word of God and Christ.

I really appreciated the film having a segment, where Suicide and Drug Abuse was at an all time high, as this whole purpose of this movement was to get people out of that state of darkness and get closer to the light. Whether or not you believe or don’t believe what these people believe in, but it should be noted to appreciate those whom want to encourage people that life is worth living and that their life matters… We didn’t have a whole lot of that during 2020.

Couple flaws with this documentary. I felt the style of it all looked pretty standard, there’s also some very over dramatic slow mo sequences that felt it was choreographed and acted and not in real time which was off putting. I felt within the substance… There wasn’t a properly constructed timeline within the story I was following. I understand the time period we were in, but I didn’t know when exactly this story took place… Feels a bit jumbled.

Overall, Superspreader: The Rise of #LetUSWorship was an average documentary that it’s existence was truly appreciated. I recommend checking this one out.

The Redeem Team Grade: C+

“Where were you when USA Basketball was bound to take Gold at the olympics?!” I actually just moved back to Vegas from living in Buffalo, where I was kicking with my friend Noah at his house. Me and him were playing NCAA 08 Basketball on PS3 while the USA Argentina game was going on, as me and him couldn’t help but ball out with a shooting guard on Duke who literally wouldn’t miss. His grandfather wanted to watch the game, but me and Noah wouldn’t let up on that NCAA 08 game… Simple enjoyable times were underrated.

The Redeem Team is a documentary centering around a time, where USA basketball was at their low point in the competitive field. Other teams across the globe were just beating USA, as they were more fundamentally sound as they play more of a team sport than an individual sport. USA is not suppose to dominate basketball because they’re just USA and nothing more, but they’re supposed to dominate because USA created the game and arguably have the best players in the world. 

I felt this documentary was a pretty standard sports documentary. The storyline was interesting enough, as there was a goal to be made, as it took some changes to get there like management and a new coach whom was actually very passionate about his country. I felt the best sequences involved when Kobe Bryant made his way onto the team, as it almost didn’t feel if he was a real person… His integrity to the game of basketball is very uncommon now a days. There was some cool moments of showcasing his competitive spirit, as you can say he was the main reason he helped elevated USA to it’s highest potential needed to be in order to win Gold.

I feel the main flaw of this film was once the team gotten to the 08 Olympics… It becomes a fairly boring film to watch. The sports coverage within the games was completely irrelevant at this point, as it’s not really much of the film’s own fault, it’s just USA went out to literally crush the competition which meant the sports coverage was not going to be entertaining or exciting for an epic conclusion. The film had a nice storyline for a documentary, it just doesn’t have that exciting factor needed for not only a conclusion but even from the start of the event as well which was disappointing to experience.

Overall, The Redeem Team was an average sports documentary film. I recommend checking this out on Netflix, but it’s nothing really worth wild or having yourself rush to see it. -Mitch Smietana

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