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Weekly Roundup Episode 90: The Khalid Concert of 2017

Welcome to another edition of Weekly Roundup!

Summer really is a beautiful time of year, especially when it comes to creating unforgettable moments that’ll truly last a lifetime. Even moments where they come unexpectedly but leave a smile on your face every time you randomly think about it. I feel when July 22, 2017 comes to mind… I only feel joy, especially considering all the unexpected happiness that day brought me.

That summer day in 2017 was centered around a concert at the Brooklyn Bowl that I was eager to attend, which would be Khalid. Khalid at the time was coming off a highly successful debut album American Teen, as him performing at this small venue it would immediately sell out as I was fortunate to grab myself a ticket. My whole intentions was simply due to the fact my friend Charles was going and also this one lovely acquaintance of mine, who I was friends with her best friend as I was trying to have her set us up.

Anyhow I was originally going to have my father drop me off at where he works which was on the strip, as I was going to venture out before the concert, plus I like to get in line earlier so me and Charles can have a better spot since it was general admission and all. But fortunately: My sister who had her friends Corrine, Alex, and Skye come and visit from California, decided to invite me out to lunch with them on the strip. We all went to Margaritaville as I recall the food being mediocre, but the vibes was chill. Plus this was the first time I ever met Corrine and Alex’s friend Skye, as I was simply blown away from how extremely attractive she was… She definitely fit the Cali girl narrative that’s for damn sure SHEESH!

Anyhow afterwards I ventured out the strip, going to place to place simply enjoying the scenery and window shopping as well. I recall this was the first time I ever gambled, which I played $1 and lost .75… For whatever reason I was happy to have a quarter. Anyhow I waited around the venue for a bit, but didn’t get in line due to the fact Charles told me to not wait up in line as they’ll get there when they get there.

So during the free time I had venturing out the venue, I was hoping to meet this lovely acquaintance of mine, we’ve been hyping about this day for a good minute as we were extremely excited to meet each other. Luckily I got to meet up with my cousin Ella for a bit and also officially met my friend Melly whom we’ve been friends for a couple years as well, so that was kind of cool. 

So later on in the day… I finally noticed this lovely acquaintance of mine, walking along with her friends awaiting to enter the venue. There was my chance to finally meet her, introduce myself, as who knows maybe this is the beginning of romance. Well unfortunately… No dice. There were a couple significant reasons why I chose to not talk to her. 

One I froze under pressure, as I had no clue how to actually introduce myself at all, plus she was with friends so I didn’t want to bother her. Second and honestly this was the main reason… If I joined her in line, compared to where Charles and his friends would be placed in line, then I would’ve been far away from where they were standing, which means I wouldn’t likely have an opportunity to spend time with Charles. As much as I want to pursue romance and all… Yo having an opportunity to not only spend time with Charles, but especially an opportunity to attend a CONCERT with Charles rarely ever happens. Love will find my way eventually, but these rare moments to spend quality time having fun with your best pals… Can not leave your buddy behind by any means. The Bros Before Hoes narrative… Heck if anyone was going to get this treatment, it’s gotta be Charles, I know that dude would do the same for me, especially at a concert where this is our second home.

So finally Charles, Kevin, and Charles’ friend D’Mon who I’ve never met before showed up at the nick of time, as we headed in the back of a long line, to enter the venue. Normally I would care about being near the stage especially at a General Admission style concert, however considering I’m not a super fan of Khalid and you’re attending a concert with your friends… Doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you’re having great vibes with a few fly guys.

Indeed that was the case: I was having a ball with them all. Charles was on a whole other level that night, that man got drinks at the bar, as he was dancing up a storm on the dance floor before the stage area. We all were dancing and have a grand time during the DJ set before the show, as we didn’t cared too much if we were going to be in the far back, I already knew this was bound to be a dope night regardless.

But man what an unexpected surprise was Charles’ friend D’Mon… Now this man was THE MAN. Unless it was fictional characters in movies/television shows: I’ve never seen a man who had so much game in my entire life. This dude was spitting game left and right at so many girls, plus showing off messages sent by girls from his phone… This was flat out inspiring, as I was thinking to myself… Who is this guy?! I need to be friends with this guy! Not to mention this man loved wrestling as he just randomly spotted a wrestler after the concert was over, so this guy was the real deal. This was the birth of our beloved friendship: D’Mon randomly asked for my social media even though I recall not saying much to him, as ever since then… It’s been a dope 5 years of friendship. See what happens when you don’t leave your homies hanging?! You receive good rewards like a dope friend like D’Mon, forever grateful for Charles bringing this unexpected blessing through.

The Khalid concert within itself… I tell you if it wasn’t for Charles, there is no way that concert wouldn’t have been as fun as it was. As said earlier: Charles was on a whole other level that night, he brought a new wave of energy that crowd needed. Especially during the slow sad songs Khalid performed… Charles made everyone get into it as we were all laughing and having a good time. Charles brought a vibe we all needed: A Vibe where we were all careless, dancing, and having the best time of our lives. Khalid put on a good show, but Charles put on a great display of energy as once again he delivered as the most exciting dude to attend a concert with. This was the only time in my life where I thought to myself… If I were to drink with anyone, it be with this man, that man knows how to have a great damn time.

Where I thought the day couldn’t get any better… It surprisingly did. I honestly forgot exactly what was occurring that night, but I recall venturing out on a car ride with my sister and her friends for whatever reason. I was on this high considering having a fun time at the concert with my bros and all, which then led me to non stop talking with Skye that entire car ride and back at our house. I felt D’Mon brought a whole new level of inspiration that night, to where I have the spirit needed to non stop talk to this extremely attractive girl from Cali. Even my sister was confused considering we didn’t speak two words since she’s been down here… That man D’Mon will change a person for the better, I tell ya. 

T’was hoping me and Skye would escalate further, as they all planned a day out at the Hard Rock Pool, where my friend Casey got them all a Cabana… Unfortunately my sister decided to let me sleep in and not have me tag along, I think she was intimidated by the idea of being a fifth wheel. To this day I always wonder… If I attended this pool gathering, would me and Skye be a potential item of some kind?! Whether it be a one day pretty boy/pretty girl shin gig thang or something further? These are questions that keep you up at night. Fortunately for Skye she ended up marrying a fly G a few years later, as I’m happy she found someone that loves her.

But man July 22, 2017… That was a SUMMER VIBE. Thank you to everyone involved with that day honestly, that day brought a lot of happiness that still brings a huge ass smile to my face. On that note: Let’s talk about movies!

The Valet Grade: B-

When Antonio’s (Eugenio Derbez) ex-wife Isabel (Marisol Nichols) confronted to Antonio about moving on with a divorce, that one of the reasons is because Antonio doesn’t believe he deserves much out of life… It felt like a reality check for my life currently. Could this dorky comedy film be the film that changes my entire life around?! Time will tell.

The Valet is indeed a dorky comedy film, centered around a valet driver who is a scapegoat for an actress and an extreme wealthy businessman’s affair, as the actress and the valet driver will pretend to be a couple for a bit till the wealthy businessman’s wife believes they are a couple.

This film when presented at first I was afraid it was going to be a purely unfunny stupid comedy film, that would certainly aggravate me to death. Turns out: The Valet isn’t half bad, it actually is better than this years Marry Me which follows a similar plot line like this film.

Where assumption that this film was going to be unfunny, surprisingly enough turned out to be quite funny, as there were quite a few laugh out moments this film had to offer. Especially by our lead actor Eugenio Derbez playing this socially awkward Hispanic fellow, who isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to the romantic field, as he comes off as a deer in headlights. His awkward moments with the actress were extremely funny, as seeing this poor man trying to figure out how to pretend to be flirtatious or play it cool that he’s dating this actress was hilarious as he has zero clue how to do that.

Surprisingly enough this film does have a wholesome compassionate side as well. There are some well executed emotional moments in this film, especially towards the third act where I kid you not I was feeling the immense sadness these characters have to go through during this difficult time. Especially for our main character Antonio where he’s nothing but a humbled hard working sweetheart, yet at times struggles to receiving love he desperately needs to feel like he’s worth of value in this world.

I’m happy the ending didn’t deliver a typical cliche route we’ve seen a bunch of times with this storyline, however a couple moments did irk me a little. Especially an unexpected romance sequence that occur which I never thought could be an item and another bromance situation that was pretty stupid to endure.

Overall, The Valet was a fairly enjoyable decent film. I recommend checking this one out, can be found on HULU.

Senior Year Grade: F

You know I’ve had a rough high school experience myself, where I’ve experienced bullying and severe depression. With all that being said: I and probably many of those whom have had rough high school experiences themselves, still would rather live through their own high school experience they’ve had, than attending their high school years created by this psychopath Principal Martha (Mary Holland)... This woman should be locked up in a prison, strapped up in a stray jacket for crying out loud. 

Senior Year feels like a Billy Madison reboot, only this film has some kind of coma side plot added on. When you think of Billy Madison: Despite it’s pure goofy premise, it at least knows how to entertain the audience, have the audience express laughter, and to have a fun time. With Senior Year however… It’s literally the complete opposite of that, as all it has to offer is just pure misery and a nightmare.

I will never understand the appeal of Rebel Wilson as a leading lady or as a matter fact an actress working in comedy… She is just extremely unfunny in this role. I feel the casting choice isn’t terrible and the performance isn’t terrible, however we are experiencing a comedy film as Wilson has no sign of comedic chops in her bones whatsoever, as you’re constantly just begging for some kind of enjoyment as she continues to butcher every single comedic scene she’s in.

The story itself is just plain torture once the plot is introduced. Within the first twenty minutes, as a grown up version of Martha is introduced as she was one of the first to see Stephanie (Rebel Wilson) wake up from her coma.. You instantly forget who she was, as you thought she was some gal twenty years ago dating her father. When you already forgotten an important character: Your film is in deep trouble, as that’s exactly where this film is clearly heading. There’s really not a single likable character in this film, they’re all extremely annoying, aggravating, and sometimes don’t feel like real people. When you have writers whom are out of touch with how everyday teenagers act, you’re in for an obnoxious experience as that’s exactly what it felt like.

This story takes place in 2022 where everyone is talking about Gender Fluid stuff, as yet… There are no overly anxious and anxiety filled teenagers wearing a mask. Now I’m not a supporter of masks by any means, as it has done more damage than good, especially for young children's development in communication skills… But if you’re going to create a world in which is up to date in terms of gender stuff, then you might as well try to keep up with the times, as you gotta have kids still terrified of the pain in the ass ya know.

What’s with this whole Cheerleaders can’t properly cheer and execute dance moves?! You do realize not a single school would ever do this, as a matter of fact… A SCHOOL IN TODAY’S TIME PERIOD, HELD A STRIP CLUB THEMED ASSEMBLY, schools have gotten worse for kids in terms of keeping it classy. So this whole “Ah we gotta have a complete G Rated School Environment” is so damn stupid and unfunny, it’s just irritating to watch.

You know what irks me about this story, in which I finally had to give up during the last sixteen minutes of this story: The over exaggerated treatment Stephanie gets. Stephanie wakes up twenty years later, still with a mind that she’s still an eighteen year old girl, getting ready to graduate, while wanting to win Prom Queen. The way these older characters are treating her, is if she’s having a mid life crisis, where she needs to grow up because she’s not a kid anymore… I don’t think these characters quite understand her situation at all. She’s not a thirty-seven year old woman, who’s been wasting her last twenty years doing absolutely nothing with her life, as she constantly only thinks of the past… SHE WOKE UP FROM A DAMN 20 YEAR COMA! Nothing in which these characters are trying to communicate with her, doesn’t correlate with her situation whatsoever at all, the treatment she’s getting is beyond ludicrous. “How could you throw an after party for your own prom, in which you’re attending high school with actual high schoolers?! Don’t you know you’re thirty-seven and need to grow up, you’re not a kid anymore!”... OH WOULD YOU JUST SHUT UP AND LET THE WOMAN ENJOY HER PROM IN PEACE.

Overall, Senior Year is one of the worst films I’ve seen this year, Sex Appeal still retains it’s crown. I don’t recommend this film at all, Netflix better stop with their whole needing to be greedy approach with their platform, because making movies like this is going to make the decision leaving much easier for users.

The Killer Grade: D+

What brought my attention to this Korean action film was Regal Cinemas was marketing this film on their FaceBook Page, plus the poster looked kind of bad ass, as you assume it’ll be a fun time.

The Killer in the beginning and somewhat in the middle, does deliver some entertainment value. It features some well crafty choreographed action sequences, that are truly bad ass at times. I feel like our lead performance helmed by Jang Hyuk actually did a fair portrayal, as one untouchable killing spree hit man, who literally can not be stopped by any means. His stunt work in his action scenes were at times fun to watch, especially when he’s in situations fighting off like thirty men at once, as his technique and maneuvering of getting out of these situations unharmed was indeed cool to watch. 

The Killer plot wise feels very reminiscent to the likes of Taken in a way, only this time around our lead character Bang Ui Gang (Jang Hyuk) is taking care of a teenage girl that isn’t his daughter, that it’s merely a babysitting assignment. If Bang simply succeeds in terms of having the girl untouched, then Bang will receive a free three month pass from his wife… I don’t know what that exactly means, but in Bang’s case considering all the hard work and effort is done to protect this girl, that free three month pass must be something special.

The Killer really felt like a B-Rated, straight to streaming like action film, as soon enough this film became quite stupid to watch in terms of plot. The way the story goes on became much goofier and even at times it feels like the writer just kept throwing more and more ideas on the floor, just hoping they all stick, which led to this film to be dragged on a bit longer despite it being 90 minutes. The third act despite featuring an action packed conclusion, it manages to become dull as action sequences went on way too longer than they should’ve, especially the epic duel between Bang and some other bad guy. 

The plot twist at the end… Listen I know this can happen in real life as heart breaking and evil as that to believe, however the way it’s presented in this film felt unnecessary. You don’t feel disturbed by the reveal because after experiencing an action packed film that is mostly light hearted, that plot twist shouldn’t feel presented as some comical reveal in any way as that’s exactly how it felt. There are some poorly edited moments, especially how the camera moves in some sequences, as it truly showcases the whole “Straight to Streaming” narrative.

Overall, The Killer was meh. I don’t recommend this film, I would just rather watch Taken instead. -Mitch Smietana

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