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Weekly Roundup Episode 88: 9YearStrong

Welcome to another edition of Weekly Roundup!

John 13:34 - A New Commandment I give unto you, That Ye love one another; as I have loved you, that Ye also love one another.

Before I start: All Glory to God, in which I’m so grateful and appreciative for all he has done for me. Today is a special day to not only myself, but to also to my family, friends, acquaintances, and of course all those whom I’ve made an impact on their lives over the years. To everyone who is still currently in my life today or whom I came across with these past 9 years: I truly love and appreciate all of you.

July 10th truly is a celebration of life, but even a celebration of growth and progression. You see: True Growth is where you look at a certain moment in the past, as you no longer see value in talking about the events in which didn’t result in love and happiness. People, including myself, often hold themselves back from their true potential, because they are constantly thinking about all the terrible things that have happened to them, that are already set in stone. They’re momentum in wanting to go after their desires such as careers or relationships, is often slowed down because we keep ourselves back by consistently reminding ourselves we can not be loved nor accepted, as we are broken or been betrayed in life. When you’re primary focused too much on the past, rather than focusing on progression that you are currently in the present… A Promising Future is unlikely in your favor, because you are still not over the past as you can simply not move forward until you let it go.

I used to enjoy sharing the details of this day, in order to achieve motivational purposes so another person can relate and have motivation in order for them to move on another day. But the thing is as I’m discussing about this day: I often felt extremely terrible about myself. Reminiscing about pure pain I’ve gone through as a seventeen year old… It’s heart aching. Thinking about that moment, constantly reminding myself of what mental state I used to be in, doesn’t help my development as a human being. I don’t have to continue reliving that moment over and over again, as it’s set in stone as it can never be erased nor altered. I’m no longer that seventeen year old boy anymore, nor do I wish to claim that is me anymore, as I’m in a much better place in mind today.

I ask of everyone to please not allow this make believe idea from society, that whatever you said, done, or whomever you were in the past is your identity that you can not escape from. Christ and God loves you all dearly and forgives of whatever you have done in your life, as you shall continue to be whomever you want to be going forward. Every Human Being ever created is flawed as Jesus is the only one to remain perfect, as Human Beings can evolve, progress, and change for the better.

I mentioned a bible verse in the beginning of this discussion, which was brought to my attention at a Wednesday Church service, as it aligned with my message.

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned these past 9 years: The Only thing Worth Value in our Existence, is our Relationships. Relationships with your Significant Other, your Family, your Friends, your Acquaintances, and even those who you have just met… That is the only thing worth of actual value. 

The moral purpose of everyone’s existence in life is simply to Love One Another. The beauty behind every relationship you have with people whether it be minimal or longevity: Expect the unexpected. At any point you can feel a great amount of sadness, as out of nowhere someone whom you hardly know can make you feel right at home, by just taking their time to care about you and genuinely wanting to see you feel better. It’s amazing how people don’t understand their true value, power, and how much of an impact they can make on other people by simply just loving one another.

I believe all people were once purely genuine, kind hearted, and open to give and receive love... Every child created was made by the image of God. Sometimes people’s genuine loving spirit they once had, typically is tarnished by what the world claims to be valuable, mistreatment from other human beings, and especially pride in selfishness. Especially in today’s society where we give more attention to non living objects, hatred, greed, and being close minded; than giving our attention on selflessness, love, togetherness, community, and being open minded.

Every human being has a mind of their own, as eventually it will differ with every single person you come across with, that’s life. So why are people allowing relationships with other people, be abandoned because they differ with each other?! It’s perfectly fine to stand firm and strong on your own morals, standards, and views… But it’s not fine to allow relationships to be tarnished because of it. Your purpose is to love one another unconditionally regardless of differences and such, not love one another unconditionally if they think the same way on every single topic at hand. It’s important to love unconditionally regardless of differences, because your love for one another truly has immense value in this world, as that within itself can make a massive difference in civilization.

People NEED to shift away from this divide amongst others on differences or engage in a political divide, as they need to shift to being more involved with their relationships with people. Imagine all the time that is spent on expressing frustrations or on politics on the internet, that could’ve been spent on each other?! Doing the bare minimum by reaching out to someone, can potentially make a massive difference… People need to remember that they are loved and essential in this world, as we often forget that our love can really make a massive difference, as we take our power of healing for granted.

I hope that we can bring ourselves back down to earth, as we allow ourselves to do what is right as we come back down to Loving One Another. Life is too precious to not make others feel good, as that is the best form of medicine for our minds, hearts, and souls. Remember: Following the Vision of Christ which is practicing Love, Positivity, Peace, Patience, and Acceptance for all will a create a much more secure and happier version of yourself.

Grateful for all the relationships I have made over these 9 years and especially my entire life. You have all made me so whole as a person, taught me a great deal of life lessons and created so many wonderful memories during my time here, as I’m looking to make much grander memories going forward with who I have right now in my life and whom is bound to come in the near future.

Happy 9YearStrong indeed, I shall continue to follow the vision of Christ, while also being a reliable living source for comfort, love, and especially to all regardless of differences for as long as I’m alive on this earth. Some may ask: Why did you celebrate a day earlier?! Well: I have another memorable moment on this day, that I would rather give all my undivided attention towards instead. Love and Growth is a beautiful thing… It’s time to talk about movies!

I Want You Back Grade: B

This unique romantic comedy tale, featuring a pair of broken hearts whom form an alliance to hope to sabotage their past significant others current love lives… Was genuinely enjoyable.

The film starts off with a great opening, as it was laugh out hilarious. The comedy material was pretty consistent, as it had me laughing multiple sequences as the film primarily focused on being funny, while also creating relatable content in which those whom suffered a broken heart would do anything in the worst way, to get their significant other back.

The story at hand despite featuring a couple petty individuals, t’was sweet at the same time. I will say when the friendship slowly developed between Peter (Charlie Day) and Emma (Jenny Slate), it was honestly quite touching. It showed two individuals who genuinely cared about their well being, had confidence in their vision despite being stuck in a not so great career, and enjoying their company… It truly shows that anyone can be worth of value to someone where it’s unexpected.

The romance portion of the film yet was executed fairly, however I can’t help to think the main flaw with this film is a romantic pair in which I didn’t believe they could develop into liking each other. Don’t get me wrong: I think they developed themselves as friends, but nothing more than that as when the film revealed at the end they would eventually escalate to being a couple… It was oddly confusing since the story didn’t really made it seem like, they could potentially be an item.

Overall, I Want You Back was a solid romantic comedy film. I recommend checking this one out, can be found on Amazon Prime, this is a cute stay home couples or gals night in.

Lux Aeterna Grade: B

2022 is a year is which can be described as a headache or especially an immense struggle… HOWEVER, we’ve been fortunate to receive two new Gaspar Noe films. Earlier this year Vortex dropped which was a solid film, now we have Lux Aeterna. I’ve kept this film on my radar for quite sometime, it was a surprise release at Cannes a few years back, as ever since then I’ve been researching and patiently waiting for this 50+ minute film to finally be released. Now in 2022 we finally get it, as I must say it’s my least favorite film of Gaspar Noe’s career, however I felt this was another quality watch.

The film is centered around a film set, as this film set let’s just say is a complete disaster. There’s just problems left and right from just about every angle, even problems in which people are just downright petty and unprofessional. Like a studio head trying to do their best, to get rid of their current director because she has no experience in directing, so they’re trying to frame her, so they can fire her. No one seems like they’re in the right state of mind on this production, as it’s really just a bunch of self centered pricks, who can give two shits about the art form as they only care about themselves really.

It felt as if Noe was trying to describe what a typical film set is now a days: The pride in being passionate of delivering art appears to be lost. Again: Noe delivers some quality dialogue moments. I felt the best sequence was Beatrice Dalle and Charlotte Gainsbourg conversing on the couch, as there is a striking moment within the conversation.

I will say even though I wasn’t too fond on the spilt screen choice this time around… I can however understand why Noe chose this style to shoot this kind of story. Basically being on the film set, it’s hard to really remain focused on one particular voice, as there is so much going on around a film set, so it’s extremely difficult to maintain full focus. So in a way the style actually benefits to the story, it fits well.

Normally I don’t enjoy warning advisory before a film plays, just because it gives a detail of the film away. HOWEVER: This maybe the only time I’ll allow it, as the strobe lights warning was MUCH needed. The last ten minutes was non stop strobe lights, that formed into different colors as it really was a bit excessive much. It could be aligned with the whole film set ordeal, however we gotten the point as soon enough it over stayed it’s welcome.

Overall, Lux Aeterna was a solid film. I recommend checking this film out, nice quick little hour watch.

Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between Grade: C-

My homie had a relationship back in high school, that ran I believe from his Sophomore Year to his Senior Year. I thought for sure they could perhaps be high school sweethearts, they fit the great looking couple narrative while also they were inseparable, as they did a lot together. When they broke up at the end of his senior year… I and probably everyone who knew him was shocked. I guess they didn’t want to go further once they were done with school, I don’t know if it was fear of long distance or feeling their love couldn’t mature past high school, but their relationship reminded me of this couple in this film.

Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between for the first few minutes, looked like it was going to be a bittersweet adorable film, about a high school couple ending their relationship due to the fear of commitment to long distance. So I was curious to see how’ll the last date turn out to be?! Will there be a mutual agreement to move on like they agreed upon in the beginning, or will it be a last likely attempt to show the significant other that HEY…. I can see a future with us together, let’s continue on.

I will say while I did adore the whole little romantic montage… I can’t help to think considering the run time, that this story will possibly be under developed. That is a problem with this film: It feels as if it’s a bit rushed and not thought out. I mean considering the fact the main character Aidan (Jordan Fisher) constructs a date plan, reliving the past dates he and Clare (Talia Ryder) had which consists of what?! Three dates?! If we’re going on an adventure where we’re revisiting a relationship, surely there would have to be much more involved than just three dates, especially in a ten month committed relationship. Just feels way too rushed and not a lot of thought put into it.

Speaking of not a lot of thought: This whole last date plan by Aidan, in which to make Clare reconsider her choice of moving on from this relationship is utterly horrendous. If you want to make a lasting impression on Clare, to where she can reconsider and continue on this relationship… It must be centered around what you can offer and provide for her in the future, as a long distance partner. Perhaps a date in which where you two can travel to a place she’s never been before, as you can show her if she sticks with you, expect a future in which you two can travel the world. Perhaps a date where you can provide a whole new experience, as if she continues on with this relationship, her life will be an endless experience of love.

I understand where Aidan is coming from in terms of this date plan… But this date plan in which the moral purpose, is to make a lasting impression on Clare, to where she should reconsider as it’s worth investing a future in terms of a long distance relationship… This is the LAST date you should go with. Basically this date will indicate to Clare that you’re stuck in the past, as Clare is so far gone from the past as she’s only focusing on the future. Sure the date is flattering and cute, but in terms of actually wanting to save your relationship and continue on going forward… I’m sorry Aidan is a complete idiot with this date plan, I mean you can’t be serious if this is the best thing you can come up with?!

I feel this romantic drama is tolerable for the eighty-four minute run time. It’s got a couple/few adorable moments, with a lovely opening. Other than that… It feels too plain for my taste, like we seriously needed something to get the audience to stay on board caring about this relationship. Oh yeah: The Fart conflict… Did a five year old wrote that?! That was pitiful to sit through that moment as “The First Fight”, let alone be repeated to us a few times over.

Overall, Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between was downright mediocre. I don’t recommend this film, watch a much better romantic drama or romantic comedy, this wasn’t it.

Girl in the Picture Grade: B

I can’t believe there’s an actual law, where it’s perfectly legal to kidnap a child as long as your married to the mother/fathers child… Maybe that law should perhaps change?! If it hasn’t already.

Girl in the Picture style wise follows the same exact style of every other typical Netflix documentary film, however substance wise this surprisingly held up on it’s own. The story is quite devastating, but also engaging from start to finish as it continues to unwrap many reveals about the main individuals involved in this crime story. Within each and every like twenty to thirty minutes: Something unexpected comes out of this story, where it has the audience in total shock, as even the FBI whom are covering the case were also stunned by how many horrific things were taken place what thought was a simple father/daughter relationship.

Ending was bittersweet, though it was truly saddening it however was oddly moving as it brought a second chance for one who at the time wasn’t able to take on the challenges of being a father.

Overall, Girl in the Picture t’was a good documentary film. I recommend checking this one out, can be found on Netflix. - Mitch Smietana

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