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Weekly Roundup Episode 86: Chicken Wars

Welcome to another edition of Weekly Roundup!

When you think of Food in America, the first two things that pop up in one’s mind is Burgers and Chicken. Chicken has become unexpectedly popular over the last decade, especially in the Fast Food world. I believe over the years people have become much more equipped to choosing Chicken over Burgers at Fast Food chains, simply because Chicken is much better suited for your digestion system but more importantly there’s an assumption it’s much more healthier for you. I do believe Fast Food Chicken is a healthier choice than a Fast Food Burger, however it’s not as healthier as you think it is, compared to actually cooking chicken from home or consuming chicken at a restaurant.

I’m not really much of a fast food person, however I do prefer consuming Chicken over Burgers when I do eat Fast Food. I feel my likeness towards a Fast Food Burger has gone downhill over the years, as I really only eat a Fast Food Burger at In-N-Out, Fatburger (Red Rock Casino Location Only), Ted’s in Buffalo/Arizona, Matt’s Red Hot in Fort Myers Florida, and the occasional Quarter Pounder from McDonalds but that’s only a last resort option as I only go with the fries there now.

There’s been a craze when it comes to Chicken as of today, especially in the Fast Food world. Especially the Chicken Sandwich: It seems like almost every single Fast Food chain is trying to compete with one another, as they all glamor and heavily advertise their own Chicken Sandwich… It’s been pure insanity in recent years, as Chicken Wars has been heating up. So we often discuss and debate amongst ourselves, in terms of the topic of Best Chicken in Fast Food. I want to discuss a few categories on this subject matter, all relating to what is the Best Chicken in Fast Food in my personal opinion .

When I think about the Best Regular Chicken Sandwich, my mind, heart, and soul is all looking towards Chick Fil A. In terms of overall consistency and taste, Chick Fil A continues to win my heart every single time. It’s always served hot, the breading and spice is flavorful, the bun is perfectly buttered… You always feel immense joy consuming a Regular Chick Fil A Chicken Sandwich, which makes sense considering they are the founders of that concept to begin with. I feel the closest competitor has to be Shake Shack in my opinion, we all know they’re most known for their burgers, but they have such a sneaky great Chicken Sandwich that NO ONE EVER TALKS ABOUT.

I’m new to the whole Spicy Chicken Sandwich game, however my money for now is on Dave’s Hot Chicken. Dave’s Hot Chicken has gotten a lot of unexpected attention in the Chicken game, as even mega superstar rap artist Drake has even invested in this company. Which makes a lot of sense if one were to try the Spicy Chicken Sandwich. I’m not into saucy like sandwiches, more of a personal preference as I don’t enjoy holding on to a mess. However: Dave’s Lite Mild Chicken Sandwich knows how to get the job done, in terms of executing a high quality Spicy Chicken Sandwich. The spice is executed perfectly as it’s flavorful, the chicken is tender… It’s been the first Spicy Chicken Sandwich that actually gets the requirements done right, as the past Spicy Chicken Sandwiches I’ve tried left me dissatisfied.

Raising Canes Chicken Fingers achieves in executing two Best Chicken Categories: Best Chicken Tenders, but also Best Meal with their own Box Combo. I feel there’s not really a single competitor remotely close to Raising Canes in terms of Chicken Tenders, as almost every single time you are left fully satisfied. Why the Box Combo is the best Meal in this Chicken Wars, is not only terms of quality, but more towards in terms of leaving your hunger satisfied. More than often when you have a meal at any Fast Food joint, you’re left being hungry, as often enough you would have to get the exact same order twice in order to satisfy your hunger. The Box Combo however is not only reasonably affordable (T’was Incredibly Affordable, Till the Biden Administration forgotten the Core Values of Economics), not only does it put your hunger to the dust, but the value in the meal is truly out of this world. You have Four Decent Sized Fingers, Texas Toast which is hot and simply delicious, Fries, and ColeSlaw or if you hate ColeSlaw like I do you substitute it for more Fries…. It really doesn’t get any better than this, if you’re looking for an actual real fast food meal not only for Chicken but for any other Fast Food item.

Well there’s only one way to conclude this discussion: Eat Chicken and Watch Movies… The American Way of Living, let’s talk about Movies!

The Bob’s Burgers Movie Grade: B

Before heading off to California for vacation, I was determined to watch two indie films that way I can for sure see them before they leave the theaters, as of course The Bob’s Burgers Movie would likely still be in theaters when I come back from vacation. But considering the mood I was in and the fact the one indie film’s genre was centered around War/Drama… I figured I rather see The Bob’s Burgers Movie, as I needed to see a film that could possibly brighten my mood, as I needed a laugh.

I’m not really a fan of The Bob’s Burgers show, I think I’ve only seen about two episodes as it didn’t interest me at all, as I preferred Family Guy. However… I’m not going to lie, The Bob’s Burgers Movie was a massive surprise, I didn’t expect to have a such a good time in which I needed one. Can we all just agree that the opening song montage of this film Sunny Side Up Summer, deserves a Oscar nomination?! Throughout that entire sequence, all I felt was pure joy and laughter, as I loved the goofiness of the song as the lyrics were heavily delightful, and even perfect fitting for the Summer Season since at one point it discussed having a Summer Boyfriend/Girlfriend.

The comedy material was a surprise… There are actually many sequences where I bursted out laughing in multiple moments. The humor is a bit silly and even at times dumb by the way the characters express themselves, but it’s done in a way in which is very effective as I was thoroughly enjoying the humor in this film. The story was actually not half bad for a film adapting from an adult cartoon series, was almost up to par with The Simpsons Movie. The conflict at hand made you cared about our main characters, as they are immensely struggling to keeping the business from closing down, as rent and a late loan payment looms their way… It was kind of presented as an unlikely Underdog story, mixed with a little murder mystery as well.

I do believe the main issue with The Bob’s Burgers Movie it does suffer from pacing issues, as I felt the momentum did slowed down especially a good chunk in the third act, possibly the run time was a bit too long.

I will say the film does however redeemed itself in the closing twenty minutes, as it delivered a very satisfying conclusion. It was exciting, it was funny, it made your heart a bit full as our characters were able to achieve their goals they set in the beginning… It was a lovely conclusion indeed.

Overall, The Bob’s Burgers Movie was a solid film. I actually recommend this film, it’s an enjoyable feel good summer movie theatrical experience, take a date, take your family, gather up your friends and have a good ass time.

Jazz Fest: A New Orleans Story Grade: B

Here I thought I couldn’t receive any more joy out of my theater going experience after watching The Bob’s Burgers MovieJazz Fest: A New Orleans Story says otherwise.

This documentary film centering around the historic Jazz music festival known as the Jazz & Heritage Festival… You talk about comfort food, this festival is it. You got great music, great food, and exploring many beloved cultures and such in all one setting?! What more can you possibly ask for out of music festival?! Why is this the first time I’m hearing about this festival?!

What I love about this documentary is it’s a full blown experience. You get to experience the history of the festival, your ears get to experience the tremendously wonderful music, as your heart and soul get to experience people from all across the board sharing their cultures with one intention as that is to provide genuine joy and togetherness. It’s 94 minutes of pure joy… What a nice follow up feature for a double feature along with The Bob’s Burgers Movie, turned my whole mood around as I felt happy.

Overall, Jazz Fest: A New Orleans Story t’was a dope film. I highly recommend seeing this, I would also highly recommend watching this film along with Apollo 10 ½… Talk about the best therapeutic experience you’ll ever have while watching cinema.

Crimes of the Future Grade: C-

Before I was heading into seeing this new David Cronenberg film the day before I left for my vacation, I got an Instagram notification from my love that she missed her flight back home to Cali… One can assume my mind may have been altered a little bit as my mind was way more concerned in something much more important, however I feel it didn’t affect my viewing experience much at all.

The concept at hand metaphorically speaking… I can see what David Cronenberg is trying to say within this bizarre weird film. It kind of feels like in a way is speaking volumes for human beings odd love for plastic surgery or surgery even, as the grand spectacle has elevated itself to extreme dangerous ground into this world. You can see how it’s glorified in this one gigantic event, where it’s become quite an amazement to damage the human body into new heights, to even where one can’t even consume solid foods properly. Not to mention in this world the act of sex we currently see on an everyday basis is old news, as the new way of having sex is to lay next to each other, while cutting yourselves up… I’m not joking, that’s an actual sequence in this film. So I kind of get what Cronenberg is trying to say and in some way it kind of works, it does execute shock value in a couple sequences as well, especially the one sequence involving a bunch of ears.

Unfortunately for me I just couldn’t get into this film at all, as I found it quite dull to be honest. I think the fact this film establishes zero likable characters or even zero interesting characters made me a bit turned off by this film, without me caring nor interested in a single person how am I supposed to really be engaged with what’s going on?! Sure the one dad character whom offered up his dead kid to Saul (Viggo Mortensen) maybe the only thing going for, since he was trying to prove his kid had some kind of special organs, where he can consume plastic. But other than that: Everyone else was just a blank page to me, as I really have 0 idea what kind of intentions they had or what exactly were they trying to accomplish in this completely idiotic world.

The thing that’s a bit annoying with this world is it’s hard to comprehend the rules and such. Like I don’t understand exactly why in some sequences Saul had to use some kind of whacky machine, in order to eat, meanwhile when he’s up and about he operates normally… I don’t get it. Another weird movie that was just way too weird for me to fully grasp and understand, as by the end of it I don’t have much motivation to explore it any further, as it just doesn’t interest me much at all.

Overall, Crimes of the Future was meh. I don’t recommend this film, I could’ve waited till I gotten back from vacation to see this, as my mind would’ve been much better off encountering the high I gotten from The Bob’s Burgers Movie and Jazz Fest: A New Orleans Story just a day ago. -Mitch Smietana

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