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Weekly Roundup Episode 83: NFL Schedule Release

Welcome to another edition of Weekly Roundup!

Yesterday was a special day for NFL fans! Could it be that the season has started? Could it be that free agency has started? Could it be that the NFL draft has started?! None of those are happening to make yesterday a special day for football fans, as all the hype and anticipation is all based around… A Schedule Release for all 32 NFL teams! Isn’t it crazy just how popular the NFL is compared to other sports?! Not a single sport can actually compete in terms of hype and popularity the league generates, to where every single aspect is like a major event. I mean we’re talking about a schedule for crying out loud and yet, it’s talked about EVERYWHERE whether it be on television, social media, or out in public.

The NFL schedule differs from the rest of sports leagues, considering the fact the NFL is limited to just 17 games. Within those 17 games announced: Each date plays a significant role to the average fan. Fans get excited about who’s the home opener, what times are the games being played, how many prime time games will be given to one’s team, will their team be playing on an important holiday say Thanksgiving or Christmas.

But of course the most important thing fans look forward when the NFL schedule is release, is what games will they attempt in attending. Whether it’s attending games in the city they live in or planning out a trip to their fav team's city or a city in which their team is playing, or planning to seek out multiple games… The schedule release indeed brings out the adrenaline and excitement in fans, as their passion for their team and the game makes them want to invest their hard earned money to enjoy a ball game.

Do people get too carried away in this whole ordeal, knowing damn well they have other priorities to take care of, than to blow it all away on football?! Sure, eventually most people come to their senses when planning out all these game day trips, it’s nearly impossible to complete all of them as they aren’t working with Elon Musk money ya know. Most fans will come into reality, realizing they can only just about afford one game trip, as they have to choose wisely, as hopefully enough funds will come into their favor and hopefully be granted time off with their jobs.

Does it really matter if people get carried away, in enjoying the idea of being able to get an opportunity to go to a football game and to support their team they ever so love?! Of course it doesn’t matter… GET EXCITED, THE NFL SEASON IS ALMOST HERE. Sometimes as human beings: We need a moment like this… A moment in which we have something to look forward to. When you have something to look forward to: It makes the hardships, stress, and the anxiety of life a lot easier to handle. I don’t think it’s ridiculous that people make out a sport to be their everything, what I do find ridiculous is people having a problem with people being joyous about something that makes them extremely happy and excited about life. Considering all the problems we currently have in the world in today and especially what our country is going through: Let people have a moment in which they are given a reason to keep on moving forward, even if it’s a bit odd that football is the reason, at least it’s better than being completely hopeless and miserable right?!

Though my Chicago Bears are bound to be average, as I’m only expecting a 7 win season at the most considering we’re at the first year of a total rebuild: I’m still excited about the schedule. As far as attending or planning out NFL game trips: I have a few in mind.

Depending on how long I’ll be living in Vegas, who knows I might want to attend a Raiders game as I was robbed the Bears game last year, due to standing firm on my beliefs of not supporting discrimination as the Raiders indeed had a discrimination policy in place last season. Whether you’re for or not for the drug that was heavily recommended in order to gain access to attend a game: Any form of discrimination is not okay of any kind, as I couldn’t support that inhumane and disgraceful policy, I hope the Raiders will indeed get rid of that discrimination policy for this upcoming season.

Debating on if I want to plan out a trip to go to a Bears game this season. Really depends on my whole living situation: Considering the Cowboys game, Falcons game, or heck maybe experience a game in Chicago… Although I’m skeptical about going to Chicago. Considering Chicago is unsafe and all, with regards to the whole crime going on there… It’s a damn shame what’s been going on there, as mayor Lightfoot lacks any of kind responsibility in actually providing solutions to the problem.

Again: Depending how long I’ll be in Vegas… Apart of me wants to check out a Chargers game, over at that lavish new stadium they have. Eyeing October due to the fact I want to try and go to Universal horror nights. Who knows: I’ll prob wait till 2023 when the Bears actually play there. DON’T YA JUST LOVE NFL SCHEDULE RELEASE DAY?!!? SO MANY IDEAS!!!

I guess I’ll conclude this by saying: Best of luck to everyone this upcoming NFL season! I hope all of you get an opportunity to go experience a game this year, it’s been a tough year for everyone, everyone deserves an experience unlike no other. Anyhow: Let’s talk about movies!

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Grade: D+

As you may well know: I’ve had a joyous history with Sonic the Hedgehog. I grew up with the games, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle on Gamecube is one of my all time favorite games, as I used to play that game ALL the TIME at my friends house when we were little kids. So knowing this sequel was going to bring in iconic characters such as Tails (Colleen O’Shaughnessey) and Knuckles (Idris Elba) along with Sonic (Ben Schwartz)... I was thoroughly excited to see this on the big screen.

Again like the first Sonic film: The film’s animation team did a spectacular job, making sure the design of the characters look exactly like the games/cartoons. Knuckles looks like a bad ass, not to mention Sonic has his moments where the animation looks AWESOME, as Tails still looks adorable like he does in the games. Also want to point out Kid Cudi’s original song for the film Stars in the Sky is an absolute banger, as it should be an Oscar nominated song… I don’t care if I sound foolish, this song is extremely enjoyable.

I’m kind of stunned just how in 2020 I actually enjoyed the first film, yet this time around when it came to this sequel… I felt majorly annoyed, frustrated, and irritated with this film.

Quite honestly the film’s story and tone was just so OBNOXIOUS, as it didn’t help this film literally had a run time of two plus hours along with. Jim Carrey whom revises his role as Dr. Egg Man… This time around his performance was extremely obnoxious, where it was hard to even sit through to be honest. The amount of cringe in his performance was getting utterly ridiculous, especially that whole Floss sequence… You know I now understand why Jim Carrey wants to retire after this film: I would do the exact same thing if I was embarrassed this badly, it felt like watching a mid life crisis unfold.

Sonic was extremely unlikabe in this film too, as he’s equally worse with Dr. Egg Man, as it’s nothing but a pure and utter cringe fest. Knuckles… I don’t recall him being a bumbling moron in the games. Knuckles in the games was intelligent and crafty as he knew how to dig up hidden gems and such. In this film not only did they not have one single moment where he digs up hidden gems, but they also make him out to be this brainless meathead… I ain’t gonna lie I felt insulted there, it was ridiculous.

The human characters this time around gotten much worst, as there is this whole ordeal with a wedding and those sequences were a MESS! Especially when the human beings get involved with Sonic’s situation… Those sequences were pure awful, as one can clearly tell their watching a movie and know for a fact none of what is going on is believable, the cinematography was BAD.

Only reason why I would want to see a third film, is the character revealed in the end credits… As a Sonic fan, you gotta be hyped to see that character be seen on the big screens. But man this was a total let down for me as a Sonic fan.

Overall, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was crap. I don’t recommend this film. This is a type of film in which parents fear their life for… Sitting in a theater being completely miserable, meanwhile the kid has an incredible time running around the entire theater.

Along for the Ride Grade: B-

I can’t be the only one whom thought Auden was being played by Jenna OrtegaJenna Ortega has had a busy year in cinema, wouldn’t be a surprise really.

Along for the Ride is exactly what this hopeless romantic needed: A Nice Teen Chick Flick. In all seriousness: Along for the Ride has a cute and simple story, of a young woman named Auden (Emma Pasarow) whom doesn’t necessarily fit in with the kids at her school, her hometown, or even in her current household with her mother (Andie Macdowell). As while going to her father’s beach house for the summer to work for her step mothers retail shop, what Auden hopes to accomplish not only a summer she won’t forget, but to find a spark within herself to where she doesn’t feel awkward around others.

Indeed this film did a nicely done job executing this simple narrative, along with executing a nicely told romantic story of finding an unexpected significant other after midnight… Not sure how one like Auden could get away with being out that late in the boardwalk, but that doesn’t matter. I like how Auden not only develops more and more as the story goes, but also how she helps others along the way such as her father being there where he needs to be there for his family, or how her significant other Eli (Belmont Cameli) needs to overcome his fears due to grieving over his past friend’s death, as he needs to live life to his full potential.

Also what’s different about this teen chick flick compared to the others, is it provides a nice subtle experience to the table. Like it felt relatable during my time living in a small town that offered a beach… Where one doesn’t feel normal around people, where they don’t fit in at all, you can always count on a small beach town as everyone is super friendly and such… I need move back to Florida immediately.

Overall, Along for the Ride was a fairly decent film. I recommend checking this one out, t’was a nice watch.

Choose or Die Grade: F

Oh great: Another repetitive cursed horror film… Why do they still make these films?!

I guess one particular reason why they keep making these films, is the fact these kind of films generate laughs. Like the film has several baffling moments, where it’s suppose to be disturbing and scary… But it comes off so ridiculous, that you can only laugh your ass off. When Kayla (Iola Evans) attempts her first level on this game, as this random man wakes up and does this weird scream effect that resembles a horror game… How am I suppose to take that seriously?!

Horror material is pretty awful, of course the repetitiveness doesn’t help but also there’s not a single moment in which anything could be scary at all. But the worst part of this film is the narrative… Like it’s so atrocious how much of a mess this film is. Like when you’re introduced to this main character, whom is living in not only a trashy apartment, but also living with her crack head mother… Are they really serious?! Like the way it’s presented feels like a major insult to those whom live with people, that suffer from drug abuse… Especially the whole “Rat” game in level 2, so painful.

I think you have to question our main character Kayla, as why would she get involved with this game in the first place?! I get that there is some kind of “Prize Money” if you complete the game, since Kayla is obviously struggling in funds and wants to get out the trenches… However the game is so old and outdated, there is no freaking way that whole prize money ordeal can’t be real, how gullible do you have to be?! When the story progresses, as we learn the whole backstory of this cursed game, as the rules and regulations of defeating the game… None of it makes any kind of logical sense at all. To top it all off: The ending is just absurd, especially where our lead character ends up, like NONE OF THIS MAKES SENSE!!!

Overall, Choose or Die is a horrible film. I don’t recommend checking this one out, unless you’re looking for a laugh then go ahead, you’ll def get a laugh out of this film. -Mitch Smietana

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