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Weekly Roundup Episode 81; Coronado High School, Kids Be Ballin Like Jordan’s Flight School

Welcome to another edition of Weekly Roundup! Nine years ago on April 11, 2013, during my rapping days I dropped a new song/video on YouTube titled Coronado High School. In this epic two minute and fifty second video recorded in a garage, Mitchy Mitch dressed in a Red Sox hoodie and a Chicago Bears SnapBack, was dancing with his signature “C’s Up” dance, as he rapped about a high school in which he only went there for a week. Mitchy Mitch highlights the key factors of why Coronado High School is the best school to go to. Which includes women, athletics, and who can forget about academics?!

Coronado High School X Mitchy Mitch without a doubt is a classic Vegas Rap tune, not only because of the song or the entertaining dancing involved, but it’s a memorable tune just because of the emotion the young rapper puts into this video.

You can clearly tell just how passionate this kid was to rapping about a school in which he only went there for a week: From the moment you witness Mitchy Mitch rap “CORONADO WE GETTING THAT PAPER!!! SHOUT OUT TO THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WORLD, TAYLOR UH! WOOOOOOOOOH! THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!”… It’s clear Mitchy Mitch is in a whole other world. But it doesn’t stop there with regards to the passion: From passionately talking about his crush Taylor, to birthday shout outs to his friends April and ShareBear aka Sarah, to shouting out Coronado High School, to letting everyone know he “DOES THIS FOR HIS TEAM MAN! SWAG TEAM ROLE MODEL, THAT’S HOW WE DO MAN, I KILL IT!”… If there was anytime you felt depressed and needed a pep talk, this is the video to go to because clearly Mitchy Mitch has the answers to get out of the hole you’re in.

I feel there has been a great amount of curiosity behind this video, as why one would make a rap anthem for a school he went to for one whole week?

The reason this song was even made is I was currently not off of my high, of how much fun I had during my one week experience at Coronado High School. I had so much fun meeting everyone I wanted to meet from Kiana, to ShareBear, to the hottest girl at Coronado April Cinco, to Josh, and of course T Rose. I had a blast ditching class with the help from April and ShareBear, as that was a main highlight of my entire experience without a doubt. I had a joyous time being much closer to my crush at the time Taylor, we would have lunch together and briefly see each other after school as well. I was thoroughly enjoying myself there, as it felt like a mini vacation that I most certainly needed at the time, from all the abuse I was taken at Sierra Vista.

I had to unfortunately transfer back to Vista for multiple reasons. First being school work wise… Coronado is super freaking hard. Just about every class was more challenging than my classes over at Vista, I had it pretty much made in Vista when it comes to school work. Second being I felt there was a great amount of guilt being placed on me, as my parents driving me back and forth thirty minutes away from my house everyday for school, was a bit much as I felt extremely terrible, which added a little bit of stress along with the difficulty of my school work. Last being… My crush Taylor not being happy with me being there. As much as I wanted to be closer to Taylor to where I be a lot more happier being around her presence, hoping to develop a better connection between us, which hoping to lead us to being in a relationship and all… I couldn’t help to satisfy her needs, as I just had to fulfill her desire of me not being in the same school as her. Ironic enough: The moment I told her I was leaving Coronado, she was upset because she started to enjoy my presence… Taylor will tell you herself that she sometimes didn’t make any damn sense during her age, but all is forgiven I love that confusing woman.

So you can say that song was made by how much appreciation I had for the school, during my time there, along with showing appreciation for my friends out there as well. Other than one lousy prick of a dean, who got mad at me because I used the “Staff/Faculty” bathroom… Coronado was the place to be man. Happy 9 Years to a certified gem: May that song/video never die, on that note… Let’s talk about movies!

Deep Water Grade: C

Deep Water felt like Gone Girl did a full 69… I mean that’s the best way to describe this film.

Deep Water on paper could be presented as a entertaining thriller, as this married couple constantly torturing each other in a marriage they can’t get out of, due to the fact each side has creditable blackmail on the significant partner. Like it’s kind of hilarious how the wife Melinda (Ana De Armas) constantly goes out of her way and openly cheats on her husband Vic (Ben Affleck) in front of EVERYBODY, knowing damn well he can’t do a thing or she’ll rat him out on past dirty deeds he has done. Meanwhile Vic on the other hand does as he pleases, by murdering every single man Melinda goes out with… It’s a perfect example of a TOXIC relationship indeed.

Main issue with Deep Water that this bizarre storyline is not that entertaining. It doesn’t really go for entertainment value, as the film consistently repeats the same exact scenario over and over again, as it becomes a bit too repetitive however it just doesn’t do much with it. The film should’ve went about like the last twenty minutes did… The last twenty minutes is so bizarre and hilariously bad, however at least it provided something worth of entertainment value to the table, as why couldn’t the entire film be like that?!

Overall, Deep Water was just ok. I would check it out on HULU, especially if you’re in a relationship, it should make you be a little more appreciative your relationship isn’t as toxic as theirs.

Kimi Grade: B+

Steven Soderbergh has been on a solid streak since going over to HBO MAX with his films Let Them All Talk and No Sudden Move. Kimi not only continues the solid streak of Soderbergh, not only is the best film he’s done with HBO MAX, but it’s also the best film I’ve seen from Soderbergh since Unsane.

Kimi is a well crafted suspense thriller, as once the plot is presented… It’s non stop enjoyment from here on out. The main highlight of this entire film for me is the character arc done with our lead character Angela (Zoe Kravitz), as it tells a very moving message for those overcoming the stress, fear, and anxiety one has encountered with the pain in the ass (Covid). I enjoyed the finale of this film very much so, brutal sequence yet effective and truly bad ass. I had a lot of fun with this one as Soderbergh actually nailed it with this one.

Overall, Kimi was a pretty damn good film. I highly recommend checking this one out, can be seen on HBO MAX!

Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood Grade: B

Speaking of overcoming the pain in the ass: If one were to recommend a film that can potentially help one feel better about the world they’re currently living in… The new Richard Linklater animated film is the film to go to.

Apollo 10 1/2 is a type of nostalgia film in which doesn’t pander to the common audience wants out of a nostalgia film, but it delivers what the audience NEEDS out of a nostalgia film. It’s a beautifully told tale of reminiscing on the good ole days from growing up in Houston in the 60’s, describing every little vivid detail to where it can come across majorly significant to others.

When the film is centered around young Stan (Jack Black) describing what life was like in his younger days, it’s honestly extremely fascinating but more so therapeutic. It’s therapeutic because not only do you gain extreme joy from watching an era where life had a lot more meaning to it, but also it’s therapeutic because where we are now it’s not too far off to where we once were almost sixty years ago. Like despite what our world has become in current day: This film made me realize that the hard times shall pass in due time like the hard times in the 60’s did as well, as you continue living life to the fullest knowing well enough there are brighter days ahead… I genuinely felt a lot better after watching this film, it was good for the soul indeed.

The film when it’s centered around the space mission wasn’t as intriguing as the nostalgia portion, don’t get me wrong it was fine to watch, but it didn’t had me glued onto the screen like the other portion did. Adored the simply told story, adored the animation, just a satisfying feel good watch.

Overall, Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood was a solid film. I recommend checking this one out, can be found on Netflix.

Turning Red Grade: B-

It’s a beautiful time we currently living in America: More than half of the population now hates Disney… Beautiful music to my ears, keep it going everyone.

Turning Red was a slight step better than Luca I suppose. I mean there are a couple effective messages for kids. Learning how to control emotions as it’s perfectly ok to feel a wide variety of emotions, that it’s perfectly normal to be human as you have learn to live with it and just continue to progress on handling your emotions. The whole family dynamic message of wanting to satisfy your parents by trying your very hardest to be perfect, knowing damn well you should just do your best as your family will soon learn to love you as you are… It’s nice I guess.

Turning Red from an animation standpoint… It felt uninspiring. Like the animation dealt with in this film feels so bland and unoriginal, that really did absolutely nothing for me, other than the sequence where Meilin (Rosalie Chiang) is in this mythical place, hoping to get the Red Panda out of her… That sequence was the only thing I actually liked about the animation, others than that for a Pixar film… It really did absolutely nothing for me. The film gets a bit too carried away, as the silly moments become bizarrely stupid. Especially in the finale when it becomes full bonkers, to where Meilin as a Red Panda is twerking and spanking her butt in front of her mother… That sequence was just weird and out of character for Meilin. Like I get Meilin likes boys and all, but when did it become apparent that she likes to do grown woman at the club dances?! Also to everyone that cried and complain about Cuties: Total silence from y’all when an animated thirteen year old girl twerks… I mean if you’re going to speak out on anything, you gotta be consistent or else no one will take you seriously.

Overall, Turning Red was fairly decent. I would check this film out, make sure you use your friends Disney Plus account (Which I did thank you Aaron) or use a free rental from RedBox from your perks so you don’t have to give these bastards any support if you’re on that wave. -Mitch Smietana

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