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Weekly Roundup Episode 77: How I Almost Died After Valentines Day 2013

Welcome to another edition of Weekly Roundup!

Valentines day is one of the happiest times of the year. It’s a holiday in which represents the greatest gift God has given us and that is love. Without love, there’s really no moral purpose to our existence, so everyone continue to love your significant other, striving to love someone else, or even work on loving yourself. I love this holiday very much so as it brings out the joy within my soul. I’ve had some grand memories with this holiday in the past, but one Valentines Day memory that stands out from the rest and believe it or not… I didn’t necessarily have a Valentine.

Back in early 2013, I had a crush in my junior year named Taylor. In the beginning of 2013, Taylor and a former acquaintance whom was now a foe of mine, made it official as they were now dating each other. I’ve made it clear to Taylor from the start that I did not approve of this guy she was seeing, as he’s had a history of doing girls wrong in the past, as I was trying to keep her safe from having her feelings hurt for the future. Taylor did take my opinion of him to consideration as she did appreciate the fact I was looking out for her, however she went ahead and dated him anyways over me. Even though I was quite baffled with her choice, I still was able to be extremely supportive of her relationship, as I hoped he was able to prove me wrong. After all: Her happiness meant the world to me, as if I wasn’t able to be the guy in her life to make her happy, I only hoped someone else would be able to bring her joy and love to her life.

Well a few weeks into the relationship: Taylor had broken it off with him. I recall Taylor confirming the things I’ve warned her about him were right, plus the breaking point was a harsh comment made on one of her family members, as Taylor truly valued family in her life so she couldn’t let that relationship go on any further. Not going to say I was shocked or stunned by the outcome: This sort of thing happens frequently in high school relationships so it was kind of expected.

As Valentine's Day was approaching, I thought to myself now that my crush is single… This is my opportunity to shine. So I texted Taylor if I can come over to her house on Valentines Day and kiss her on the cheek? She replied with laughing emoji’s, as she asked why?! I told her it’s because it’s Valentine's Day and that it would mean a great deal to me, if I can kiss her on the cheek. Surprisingly enough: She said Yes. I was honestly extremely thrilled, hyped, and excited that I gotten the opportunity to kiss my crush on the cheek, like it was rare enough that I got a hug from my crush but to actually get a chance to kiss a crush on the cheek?! I must be dreaming.

So on Valentine’s Day I came over to Taylor’s house with a small gift and all. After conversing with her for a good five minutes about life and such, I headed over to where she was sitting at by the dining table, as she got her phone out ready to capture this epic moment in a teenage boys life. I recall her smiling ever so brightly, while I kissed her cheek as she captured the moment through a selfie.

One may take this moment as being an awkward moment while reading, honestly it wasn’t awkward at all, it actually felt nice on both sides even. In fact this one of the rare times I’ve been in Taylor’s presence, where she actually enjoyed my company… Which was odd considering she found myself annoying. Both Taylor and I really enjoyed not only that moment, but just the day as a whole. I mean when you have Taylor actually giving me a fair amount of praise, for actually keeping up the conversation as she has criticized me for being quiet at times… You know did something right. Also the moment must’ve been some significant to Taylor, as she too posted the photo on Instagram.

When Taylor posted our photo together… All hell broke loose. Well her ex-boyfriend… Did not take this picture lightly, as he was pretty pissed off. On a Sunday morning while working at my first job, I posted lyrics from a Drake song called Started from the Bottom, as the lyrics read, “Ima worry bout me, give a fuck about you.” I posted the lyrics because I liked the song, it’s fun energetic club banger of a song, plus of course I was bored at work too. Well for some reason the ex-boyfriend assumed the song lyrics I posted were about him, as his friend tweeted out my tweet to him. Then the ex-boyfriend threatens me out in daylight Twitter, that he’s going to beat me up in school sometime during the week… I was so confused because the last thing I thought about in my mind when tweeting out these lyrics was him, can a Mitch just enjoy tweeting out Drake lyrics in peace?!

Well unfortunately seventeen year old Mitch was a bit concern, as he made sure he hit up all his homies hoping to provide some security against a man who wants to beat him up, over kissing his ex-girlfriend on the cheek while they were broken up. Surprisingly enough: Almost every single friend of mine was willing to provide me protection, I even recall a friend of mine by the name of Luis who was willing to take a knife stab for me… The amount of love I had from people didn’t feel real, I was getting bullied a lot in school however the fact people were willing to have my back in this circumstance meant the world to me honestly, I wish my depression didn’t get in the way of being more grateful.

On a Monday, I was making sure I was safe going around the hallways and such. There was one point where he almost came into my direction, as my friend Bobby Bender made sure I was protected at the time. Things escalated to where it gotten very disturbing. On this Ask Questions App, the ex-boyfriend anonymously made death threats to me… I was getting extremely stressed out at that point. It was him because his tweets following those questions were quite obvious. I mean the whole beating me up over kissing your ex-girlfriend on the cheek while you’re broken up to me is silly enough… But now wanting to kill me over it… People are just whacked.

On a Friday I gotten called over to the counselor, as it turns out Taylor’s mother had reported this situation to the school. I found it quite surprising that Taylor would actually care about me enough, to where she would actually go out of her way to address this situation to her mother, where they both would report it to the school… I guess her not loving me back the way I wanted her too, had me believe she didn’t care about me, when in fact she did care about me, I’ve always appreciated that moment.

So me and the counselor discussed about this situation, which then led me to the Dean’s Office. The Dean quickly sorts out this situation, as this ordeal was no longer to be a concern as the ex-boyfriend wouldn’t try to hurt nor attempt to murder me. I was going to be thankful for the Dean’s help, until an hour later I saw the Dean talking with the ex-boyfriend and they shared a laugh together while I was at lunch… That honestly crushed me. The fact that the Dean was laughing with one whom threaten my life… How low can you be as a person honestly?! Like I felt not only betrayed, but it also felt like someone shot me, it still hurts to this day as I have 0 respect for this man as I’m glad he’s no longer working for the school… It’s best he stay far away from any school.

This situation at hand should’ve never been a situation where I should’ve felt worried, stressed, or having fear of my own life… It should’ve been a moment where I should’ve been laughing my ass off. I mean think about it: Someone that is so butt hurt over the fact you kissed their ex-girlfriend on the cheek… WHILE YOU’RE BROKEN UP WITH, where you want to beat or take their own life for it?! It’s so pathetic and embarrassing, like there’s nothing hard or gangster about it, if anything it makes one look like a sissy.

I feel the ex-boyfriend felt embarrassed that this moment concur, because a year later while on Prom night: He was man enough to apologize to me. That apology meant a lot to me, I appreciated the fact he went out of his way to apologize to me, and I have nothing but respect for him as I hope his life is going well.

Happy Nine Year Anniversary to that Valentine’s Day. Do I regret kissing my crush on the cheek, which led to all that drama?! Absolutely not, if there is a chance of dying, you might as well die for who you love right?! Hope all the couples and all the women have a fantastic Valentines Day, and let’s talk about movies!!!

Home Team Grade: D

I feel like Home Team was a complete joke from the start, where the role of Super Bowl winning coach Sean Payton is casted by Kevin James… Like how is anyone suppose to take this seriously?!

Home Team delivers a couple laughs here and there, I say more so the beginning. That’s about it for the positives: This film is just a bad knockoff version of Little Giants… It’s literally Little Giants all over again, only this time it involves a real person like Sean Payton partially basing this around an actual true story that’s executed around a completely false narrative. The whole idea of taking on Sean Payton and what he did during his suspension could be a good film, more so a compelling drama… But unfortunately for some odd reason, this film taken itself as a dumb Happy Madison approach as I don’t understand why they had to go about it like this?! It’s just so bizarre.

Not to mention this film tries to create out dated jokes, including an individual hurting themselves over and over or a gross out sequence of people puking… When has people puking ever been funny?! This joke needs to DIE! There’s nothing really much to say, a very odd start to start off the new year indeed.

Overall, Home Team is a bad film. I don’t recommend this film, not even fans of Adam Sandler and his squad.

The Fallout Grade: B

The Fallout from what I assume was going to be a lovely coming of age film from the first few minutes, then turns the script around and becomes a heart aching drama of teenagers encountering a mass shooting… I really did not see that coming at all.

The Fallout perhaps is a slow paced drama as we endure characters going through the motions after encountering a school shooting, however I felt it was effective. Like I feel this film gives the viewer a much better understanding just how traumatizing this circumstance is, as it can take a heavy toll on children more so mentally as they come to partake in unhealthy habits such as drinking and doing drugs. The sudden and unexpected romance aspect to this film can get on some people’s nerves as it can feel unnecessary, however considering both of these characters have developed a deep mutual connection in which they both know exactly what they’re going through… I give it a pass because the way it’s developed makes a whole lot of sense, sure it can be described as unnecessary however I feel it’s understandable why the film maker chose this. It also pretty much shows as our main character attempts in kissing someone else, that people in a troubling mindset tend to go find closure with just anybody that gives them the slightest attention.

I felt the performances as a whole were solid, Jenna Ortega was lights out in this film as not only delivered in her crucial saddening moments, but also delivered a fun filled performance as her character had tons of energy and had an outgoing personality. Most of the kid performances I found very matured especially in this sensitive subject matter.

I really didn’t like the closing shot of this film at all. Considering what our main character has been through, as this event truly has haunt the living hell out of her… I don’t really understand why she has a news app on her phone?! If she’s trying to avoid reliving that moment, then it’s best to stay far far away from any news outlet, didn’t felt realistic to me at all.

Overall, The Fallout was solid. I recommend checking this one out, can be found on HBO Max.

Sex Appeal Grade: F

I know it’s January and all, where new film releases go to die… But it is WAAAAAY too early to already have a potential worst film of the year candidate. I thought Sharp Stick scared the hell out of me for having any desire to have sex… Sex Appeal makes me want to go be a nun, what a nightmare this film is.

Sex Appeal is one of the most absurd obnoxious films I’ve seen in a long time. The story of this film is centered around a “smart” teenage girl, who so happens to have a long distance boyfriend even though the film doesn’t actually establish in that long opening till the character afterwards announces she’s in one, while speaking to the guy. The boy has informed the girl he wants to have sex even though it’s not quite clear how long they’ve been going out, if they actually have kissed before, or perhaps established any kind of connection. So the “smart” teenage girl panics because not only does she not know how to have sex, she’s also panicking due to the fact for an assignment she must create an app in which helps better herself, and ya know she feels she has no flaws whatsoever. What does she do next?! Well her app is all about mastering the perfect sex because that’s basically her only flaw, followed by hooking up with a childhood pal as she hopes he’ll give her step by step instructions on every single thing to do while having sex… Oh No.

Sex Appeal is one of the most cringest films I’ve ever seen. The dialogue in which these teenagers and especially adults are delivering… It’s the most unrealistic but most baffling thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life. It’s quite clear whomever wrote this film or whoever is behind the camera, has not a single clue about today’s youth at all or how they speak the English language… I mean the conversations spoken was all a bunch of nonsense, but it’s to the point where’s it’s extremely painful to sit through, as I had to shut it off half way through as I couldn’t take it anymore. None of this felt real, none of the characters felt like real characters at all, the plot is horrendous… Like my God what a flat out embarrassment.

Overall, Sex Appeal is one of the worst films I’ve seen in awhile, as it’ll take a film a great amount of effort to defeat this one for worst of 2022. I don’t recommend this film, they really making my job harder to endure now a days.

The Tinder Swindler Grade: B

It amazes me how I can’t execute a single date on Tinder in which I’m willing to cover the funds of the date… But this man in this film not only secures dates with countless amount of women, but also convinces them to be willingly give him six figures?! The world can be extremely confusing I must say.

The Tinder Swindler follows the same documentary style we’re so accustomed in seeing from Netflix documentaries, so it doesn’t do anything unique in terms of style and film making. However the substance at hand: Solid. It’s quite fascinating to see these women somehow being persuade to give up a shit ton amount of money, to someone whom they’ve known for a month… I understand these women are not from America where the world would end if an American girl gave any man that kind of money, but to have that amount of trust in someone you only known for a month to where you’re willing to loan six figures is just… I don’t know what to tell ya.

I enjoy the fact this story not only is entertaining due to being extremely baffled by the women at hand, but also the fact this story is entertaining to see just how these women can secure justice against a truly cowardly douche bag of a man. It’s definitely a Netflix documentary in which will have the internet and people buzzing about it over discussion whether it be over coffee or a kick back with the girls… Rightfully so, it’s entertaining content.

Overall, The Tinder Swindler was solid. I recommend checking this one out, can be found on Netflix. -Mitch Smietana

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