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Weekly Roundup Episode 7: Spring Cleaning

Welcome back to another edition of Weekly Roundup! Third month into the new year, everything is going quite well in personal life and of course the films are starting to catch on. Let's discuss these three films shall we?!

The Last Thing He Wanted Grade: D-

Dee Rees Mudbound back in 2017 received a few Oscar nominations, now she's back with another Netflix original film The Last Thing He Wanted. Good thing this was restricted only on streaming devices because boy oh boy, this is the last thing movie theaters wanted... A COMPLETE DUD! The only praise I can give it is Anne Hathaway giving it her all in this film, she really is the only thing that works about this film. Other than that this film is flat out dreadful to watch, whether it be the lifeless characters, a dreadful script, or how anything really doesn’t correlate to much of an understanding of what the hell is going on?! Not much else to say other than to turn around and walk far far FAR away from having an idea on watching this atrocious mess. Overall, The Last Thing He Wanted was completely terrible and I do not ever ever EVER recommend this film.

All The Bright Places Grade: B

Nothing says "I'm going to have a great day!" than watching a nice depressing chick flick. All The Bright Places brings back the goodness chick flicks have on those that have a soul. Our lead characters are fully developed, as we understand why they are the way they are, and how they need each other in order to feel complete. Elle Fanning and Justice Smith do have solid chemistry, they do look adorable in many scenes together. I will say Elle did have a much better performance than Justice, as at times Justice Smith's acting was kind of bad at times. But at least Justice Smith didn't ruin the movie, as he complimented the romantic interest with Elle Fanning's character so all can be forgiven. Some may say this feels a bit formulated which it does, however it was a nice simple told romantic drama that made you feel something, whether it be the bight places or the dark places. Plus the enjoyable theme music was just delightful, smiles all across the board for me. If you're looking for a film to make you feel some emotions here and there, All The Bright Places will do so for you. Overall, All The Bright Places is a solid chick flick and I do recommend checking this one out on Netflix.

Once Were Brothers Grade: B

I've seen this new music documentary film in theaters, but since there's not much to discuss for a full written review, might as well plug this here and quickly discuss. So Once Were Brothers is a documentary of a band called The Band. They were literally like brothers as they had their own band as kids, to backing up Bob Dylan, to end up forming their own group ironically called The Band. This was a simple documentary that visually looked good and as far as substance it does enough to keep you interested based around the content. The music from this era is just outstanding, like man oh man these people were blessed to grow up with this era of music compared to now I can tell ya that for sure. Some old stories about the humble beginnings, the triumphs, and disappointments of the band were also interesting per say. It won't wow you or anything, but it's a simple good doc. Overall, Once Were Brothers was a solid documentary and I do recommend checking this one out. -Mitch Smietana

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