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Weekly Roundup Episode 69; R.I.P. Nancy Sundell

Welcome to another edition of Weekly Roundup!

Growing up and going to Elementary school at Marc Kahre, they’ll always be one mother and daughter duo I’ll never forget… My dear friend Abby Sundell and her mother Mrs. Sundell. We often times hear how a pair can be attached at the hip… When it came to Abby and her mother, they were most certainly attached at the hip. It was a mother and daughter duo in which we all hoped to have that same connection with any parent of our own, a connection in which would not only help develop ourselves to being great individuals for the future, but also make ourselves right at home in this big world with unconditional love and support.

The first time I would come about Mrs. Sundell’s existence, would be at Mrs. Davis’ third grade class where we had our field trip in some kind of old Western museum. Mrs. Sundell would volunteer in which our field trip did requested volunteers to help. This would be a theme that would be often repeated: Where a mother would make time out of her day, to be there for their daughter. Mrs. Sundell was in attendance for many of Abby’s activities in her young life, she would be there for field trips, her choir performances, her dance recitals, her D.A.R.E graduation ceremony, and even our elementary graduation ceremony… If there was a time and place that Abby needed her mother there, you can always count on her to be there for her every single time, that’s what kind of mother Mrs. Sundell was.

Mrs. Sundell truly cared about the well being of her daughter, as she always wanted to do her best to make her daughter happy. I recall a time before 5th grade started, there was an open house for parents and their children to come and meet their new teacher and such. Me and Abby would have the same class for the third year in a row, when Abby and Mrs. Sundell got to our new teacher Mrs. Gemmer’s classroom… Mrs. Gemmer arranged a seating arrangement to where me and Abby were assigned desks together side by side. Of course this would be a dream of mine as I had a major crush on Abby… I gave her unconditional love every single day, to the point where it can be described as being suffocated to death... Youth in love can be a very contagious thing. Abby was upset at this seating arrangement, however Mrs. Sundell worked it out with Mrs. Gemmer, to where her daughter would not be dealing with the nightmare in which she would be dealt with me talking about my feeling for her 24/7. I believe Mrs. Sundell has done many great deeds in making sure Abby was dealt with the least amount of stress as possible, as that’s the kind of mother she was.

Speaking of having Abby as a crush… I was hoping someday I would have the honor and privilege to meet Mrs. Sundell in person. I know I’ve been partially around Mrs. Sundell in third grade and even having seen her at Abby’s recitals/choirs, but to actually meet her and getting a chance to talk to her would be a highlight of my young life, as hoping I would be someday be her son-in-law... 11 Year Old Mitch had grand big dreams. That day were to happen at a picture day ordeal in 5th grade, our school had many of those as our parents were often gifted with great photos that’ll last a lifetime.

On this day Mrs. Sundell was actually there in person, waiting in line along with me and Abby, we had last names that were very close in terms of alphabetical order, so often times me and Abby would be waiting in line for a lot things together. Meeting Mrs. Sundell for the first time t’was a memory I still remember it like it was yesterday. I recall myself being ever so happy talking to Mrs. Sundell about her daughter and about some dance recital she performed at, especially the dance number “I want to Ride my Bicycle”. We all three were having a grand time conversing with each other… Mrs. Sundell was enjoying it especially, as she had the biggest smile on her face, casually laughing at how I presented myself like I was the most outgoing energetic person out there. It was a grand moment in life I must say, Mrs. Sundell treated me such kindness and respect… Despite myself giving her daughter a hard time, I believe she found no harm in it, as she knew I just really liked her daughter and wanted to give her the world.

The last time I think I saw Mrs. Sundell, could’ve been either at the movie theater in 2007 or maybe Magical Forrest in December of 2013… I think it’s more so 2007, 2013 was such a blur because so much was going on that night. On a summer day in 2007, I’ve noticed Abby, Mrs. Sundell, and the rest of the family attending Evan Almighty as were all in the theater together. I still remember getting so excited seeing Abby and Mrs. Sundell as I spotted them at the theater, as Abby was quite embarrassed knowing I was there. For some reason I ran to the bathroom after the movie, as I was then too shy to talk to Abby and Mrs. Sundell after the movie… A lot of times I don’t understand myself either, however this would be the last moment in which I encountered Mrs. Sundell’s presence.

I always get incredibly sad about leaving Vegas behind in 2007… I believe I left more potential memories of spending them with Abby and Mrs. Sundell. Of course I love Abby always have and always will, but I also enjoyed seeing Abby and Mrs. Sundell together in the same room. When they’re in the same room together, I get so inspired by the energy of their mother/daughter bond. A bond in which is so pure, a bond in which helps better each other when one is becoming a better mother or one becoming a woman of the future, a bond in which is so whole and there is not a single thing in this world that can ever break them apart… It was a wholesome thing to see and hear at a young age.

I was sadden to hear the news of Mrs. Sundell’s passing on Friday when Abby posted it on Facebook… I’m not gonna lie it sucks. There is so such more awaiting for Mrs. Sundell to experience with Abby… I’m just in shock that the day she would be coming home to Christ, would be now.

Mrs. Sundell was not only a great individual, but she was a tremendous mother. The amount of greatness Abby has achieved in such a short amount of time, a great majority of that is credited to Mrs. Sundell, as Abby’s character is heavily reflected and influenced by her mother’s character. You have created/raised one of the greatest human beings I’ve ever came across with in my entire life, fully disregarding the whole falling in love with Abby aspect, I still have never met a more intelligent, matured, and as gifted as a person than I have with Abby… Thank you ever so much for bringing her to this world, she made a great influence on a lot of us and it’s all thanks to you Mrs. Sundell.

I really wish I could say more about Mrs. Sundell… But I will appreciate and be grateful for the fact that I got to at least know your existence and to have shared a happy memory with you in my lifetime, as that’s all you can ever ask for in every person we come across with in this story of life. Thank you Nancy Sundell for all you’ve done for your family, friends, and to everyone else in your lifetime. You have lived a great long life, filled with a great amount of success and to be loved by many those around you… God and Christ has received a great one up there, I hope you enjoy being home as you await for all of us to join you someday. Rest In Peace to Nancy Sundell, May God Bless her dear soul, as Prayers go to the Sundell family. Well it’s time to talk about movies.

A Man Named Scott Grade: B+

A Man Named Scott is a documentary film centered around recording artist Kid Cudi, whom has become a major influence in the genre of rap and even an influence on a whole culture. Here in this documentary gives viewers what inspired Cudi to really create a whole new unique sound in the rap genre, to where he is such a unique presence in the art of music.

This documentary not only caters to the many die hard Cudi fans out there, but it’s also a documentary that also brings knowledge to viewers about not only the musician but the person himself. Sure we get to learn some very cool details about Kid Cudi and his musical journey, but also go through a roller coaster of a journey with Cudi in terms of his personal life, as he’s dealt with substance abuse and depression. What I really enjoyed about this documentary is how truly personal of a story it is, as well as trying to teach the viewers lessons of how to overcome this battle at hand, and let them know you’re not alone or some kind of freak for feeling upset at times, very moving stuff.

I like the whole guest speakers segments, as you can tell all of them really love Cudi and can heavily relate to the problems he was going through as a person. The documentary also has some rad stylistic choices as well, whether it be the animation or even a short story segment put off to the side that comes in and out… Cool stuff. I think my only issue with the documentary is more needed to be told regarding other conflicts Cudi has dealt with in the past, maybe that’s just the fan in me talking, but it did however played a part in his complications with Mental Health so I felt it should’ve been in there.

Overall, A Man Named Scott was a pretty good documentary film. I recommend checking this one out on Amazon Prime.

Home Sweet Home Alone Grade: F

I watched this at home opening weekend as it feels mandatory to do a full review… However this film didn’t make any valid effort in trying itself, so why should I make an effort in giving this pile of dog shit a review?!

Home Sweet Home Alone not reveals the sinister of Disney property remakes of today’s society, but also does it in the most laziest way possible, to the point where it’s not hard to notice what exactly their intentions were the whole time. Home Sweet Home Alone is hoping chyme in on the whole “Well they recognize and love Home Alone, so we cap off on the IP and not construct a narrative whatsoever, bringing no sense of creativity at all right?!? Right?!?!” That’s exactly the experience of Home Sweet Home Alone is: A Film that doesn’t give a flying shit about quality, as it’s only intentions is to produced streams and nothing more.

Home Sweet Home Alone is by far one of the most offensive films of our time, as it not only disgraces the original but also brings absolutely nothing to the table. It follows the same story line and same gags as the original, however the way this story is told… The film doesn’t even try to develop anything, that it would be an insult to say it was “Rushed”, it wasn’t rushed at all it just wasn’t thought out at all. Our main character Max (Archie Yates) dilemma is he’s bored being home alone within the first hour of being home alone and believing a couple strangers want to kidnap and sell him… Like you couldn’t even try actually developing how awful it is to be alone at a young age, with no responsibility, not knowing how to gain a proper nutrition, no one to talk out your feelings with?! A kid who looks twelve is crying because he’s home alone for one hour and is too stupid to understand that NO ONE and I mean NO ONE would ever purchase a kid in freaking America?! There’s no way anyone actually sat down for five seconds to even come up with this laziness.

How about the antagonists who aren’t antagonists at all?! The film would’ve been over an hour ago if these two MORONS know how to communicate. They just assume this little dumb twerp won’t give back the potential $200,000 doll if they just ask for it back… HOW ABOUT YOU ASK HIM FIRST, IF HE SAYS NO THEN PROCEED, BUT YOU DON’T EVEN TRY TO COMMUNICATE IN THE FIRST PLACE!

The film is easily the worst comedy of 2021. What annoys me the most about the comedy material, is the film making Jeff (Rob Delaney) unaware of today’s technology and the running gag of the “Cloud”. It would be funny if Jeff has no experience in technology and especially data… But he does actually have experience with technology, so I don’t get how he can be so dumbfounded by the “Cloud”... Does this film not understand how stupid it is and not in a way where it’s suppose to be funny?! It’s extremely painful to watch from a comedy perspective, this is why we must let standup comedians do whatever the hell they want in terms of telling jokes, to prevent comedy from dying… You can use this film as clear evidence as to why you should leave standup comedians alone and you would win every single damn time.

Don’t you just love the ending?! Spoiler alert: WHY ARE THEY FRIENDS AT THE END FOR?!?! I don’t get why these two idiots want to be friends with Max and his mother, and I especially don’t know why Max’s mother would want to be friends with those whom WRECKED THEIR HOUSE OVER A DOLL!!! It makes no damn sense, it’s just stupid, everything about this film is awful.

Overall, Home Sweet Home Alone is one of the worst films of the year. I don’t recommend this film, would Disney just do us all a favor and leave perfectly fine things alone?! No one asked for this, go put up contests and get some new original ideas to the table.

Drunk Bus Grade: C

Drunk Bus has a neat original concept: A Campus Bus Driver, Driving the Night hoping to lead drunk college kids to safety, it’s a cool idea.

I feel a lot of people can relate to a story like this, going into college having a promising future yet you’re stuck with a dead end job for many years now as you feel directionless. I like how this story is in fact unpredictable, I feel that’s exactly what is bound to come with a job role like this, though some things are repetitive, sometimes you’ll come across some very random and absurd occurrences out of the blue. Early on I liked the humor in this film, thought it was kind of funny in some moments.

Unfortunately the comedy material does die out eventually, as the humor becomes very lame to me. There is some decision making behind the main character Michael (Charlie Tahan) that I just can’t quite understand. Especially the whole losing his virginity part… Like why does he lose it with that girl, knowing they have no connection as she appeared as a weirdo?! It made absolutely no sense at all. Plus I don’t understand why Michael’s friend was mad at him, like there is no established romantic connection between the two of you before he slept with this girl, so why get mad at him like he cheated on you?! Lastly: I don’t like the ending at all. The closing shot was just… Meh.

Overall, Drunk Bus was ok. I would try checking out, it’s a cool concept and maybe you’ll find it much funnier than I did.

Coda Grade: B+

I had intentions of seeing this film that played thirty minutes away from me in a theater, but time got the best of me… I mean I held off this film for so long, knowing how critically received it was. For some reason I thought watching this film on a plane was the perfect setting to see it… I’m kind of bummed out I didn’t see in a theater, as I found this extremely enjoyable.

The story itself is a feel good story and also can be described as a heart felt message, if you love to do something that doesn’t necessarily feel approved by your family… Go out and do it anyways, you only live once, you deserve to be happy. I like the whole original concept of a non deaf person, living with a family of fully deaf people as what kind of complications comes with it and also some insecurity comes with it as well. I mean if Ruby (Emilia Jones) isn’t present, sometimes her family can get taken advantage of in their line of work or inability to communicate with those whom don’t know sign language at all, as Ruby plays a key role in their lives to where it’s more manageable for them to live everyday life in the real world.

Was surprised with insecurities that came with it as far as the deaf people in Ruby’s family. I mean there was one moment where a family member was disappointed Ruby could hear… It was quite shocking because I wouldn’t think anyone would ever wish that on anyone, even including people of this community. However how the mother explains it made a lot of sense, despite it being a cruel request at least her feelings made sense.

Ruby is a great character to follow, whom is a tough gal that does care deeply about her family. A heart warming moment was definitely in the finale, where Ruby gets her family involved in her singing performance, despite they can’t hear… It was a very adorable powerful moment I will say. Emilia Jones was pretty great in her performance, but I was quite surprised with Eugenio Derbez as the choir teacher as I thought he was excellent, showed a lot of raw power in his performance where he did felt accurate as an aspiring mentor. I really enjoyed the humor as well, thought this was a pretty funny film.

One major flaw I would like to point out is Ruby’s choir teacher lacking understanding in Ruby’s situation. I would understand if Ruby didn’t give him no notice as to why she was bound to come late to his session, but considering what her family is going through in terms of finances and their fishing gig… Have a little compassion, at least she’s reaching out to you instead of not even bothering to reaching out at all, she’s got a lot on her table man. Also found the bullies of this film to be irrelevant to the story, would've rather them be cut off as they made no impact on the story whatsoever.

Overall, Coda is a pretty damn good film. I highly recommend checking this one out on Apple TV Plus, definitely an enjoyable film for the whole family. -Mitch Smietana

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