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Weekly Roundup Episode 67; The $500,000 Football.

Welcome to another edition of Weekly Roundup! On Sunday October 24th, 2021 I attended the Chicago Bears vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers game! I was robbed of seeing this game last year in Chicago due to the pain in the ass, I had my flight and game tickets ready to go, only to realize from the start of the season Chicago was not going to allow fans in games… Which is a bummer since my Bears won that game and Khalil Mack had two sacks in that game as well.

In 2021 I redeemed myself, the game was a couple hours away from my house, so I took an all day trip. Not only is it a luxury to see your favorite team playing, but it’s also a major luxury to watch your favorite football player of all time and arguably the greatest football we’ve ever seen in the history of the game… Tom Brady. I’ve been a huge Tom Brady fan since I was small, my dad practically influenced me to be a fan of his and why wouldn’t one be a fan of Tom Brady?! The man is a winner, works extremely hard around everything in his life on and off the field, a great family man, and who can forget a great man as well… The only people I can see hating Tom Brady are those that are jealous of him or are miserable pricks.

Anyhow, I was looking forward to this game, as I hoped I would receive a competitive battle between these two teams. Well… It was pretty much set in stone by the freaking first quarter. I was experiencing a slaughter fest, the Bears offense was atrocious while Tom Brady and the Bucs offense capitalize on almost every drive they had whether be running up the score or taking time off the clock.

Though my Bears got smoked by 5 touchdowns… I surprisingly had a swell experience. As far as having a fun experience: Tampa Bay is the place to be. The stadium is located near a bunch of restaurants, has some luxurious food truck options as well, and a nice friendly environment for a tailgating experience. I’d actually recommend it for the experience and the stadium itself was nice as well. For someone who has always wanted to see Tom Brady play in person: He didn’t disappoint. Not only did I get to see him throw 4 Touchdowns, but I also witnessed history as he's the first QB in history to throw 600 touchdowns in a career… That’s freaking insane!

Which brings to my next segment: The Bucs fan who FUMBLED the BAG! After Brady secured his 600th TD on a standalone Touchdown reception by WR Mike Evans, it’s tradition for Mike Evans to hand off every TD he has to a fan. Mike Evans gave a Bucs fan wearing a red Mike Evans jersey the ball, as the man was happy as day. However: Mike Evans didn’t realize that was number 600th for Tom Brady, as Mike Evans made a major mistake. Not only does the football mean the world to Tom Brady, but market value… The fan was holding a minimum of a $500,000 football.

One may think: If one were holding that ball after the game day announcer announced what the milestone of that ball meant, one would immediately run far far away like Charlie holding a golden ticket in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. You know everyone and their mom wants that ball as you’re holding on to gold, so best believe you need to leave and secure that bag.

The fan however was met with a gameday staff employee, as the staff employee intentions were to negotiate how to lure in the ball so Tom Brady can have it back for his personal collection. Within a little time… The fan and the staff employee reached an agreement, as the fan handed over that $500,000 ball. So what did that fan receive from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization, that he had to pass up on $500,000 minimum?! According to Sportscenter on Facebook, the fan received: Two signed jerseys and helmet from Brady, 1 Signed Mike Evans jersey and game cleats, $1,000 Bucs team store credit, 2 Season Tickets for the rest of the 2021 Season and the whole 2022 Season, a Gameday replacement ball, and 1 Bitcoin.

So I’ll give the Bucs credit: They at least upgraded the deal to where it can be presentable, I’d still give that gameday staff employee a raise for securing that ball, it takes hell of negotiation skills to secure that bag. The fan received some awesome gear, tickets for the rest of the season and the whole season next season, and whatever a Bitcoin is that could be of some worth someday. However: I would’ve declined this deal, as the face value of this deal is not even close to the potential deal of minimum of $500,000 even.

What would it take for me to hand over a treasure of a football like that to Tom Brady?! It would take a whole lot for me to give it, not only because of face value but because of safe keeping… I take pride in holding materials that are valuable to me dearly, from photographs, autographs, my high school jersey, and even tickets I’ve attended.

Here’s what my deal would consist: I want one signed Tom Brady jersey, Season Tickets for the next Five Seasons for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, for each season of the five seasons I want one game where I have sideline access for the entire game on the Bucs sideline, Dinner and Golf with Tom Brady for the next five years, Tom Brady will have to be attendance for any sporting event I choose for the next five seasons (All Sporting Events Would Have to be Paid For), and lastly Tom Brady would have to be my best man at my wedding… If I’m handing off a $500,000 ball, I want a $500,000 experience.

That’s what I would envision my deal would be, what deal would you like to receive if you were given the opportunity to have this ball in your possession? While you’re on the StrictlyFilms website, send us your kind of deals by going to the “Let’s Chat” icon located on the site. When you go on Let’s Chat, send us your deal and sign up to become a member of the StrictlyFilms website, in order to get a reply to what we think of your deal. Without any further: Let’s Talk About Movies!

Justin Bieber: Our World Grade: C

Justin Bieber was set to go on Tour after the release of his newest album in 2020 “Changes”… Then the Pain in the Ass made that tour disappear. Keep in mind: Changes is by far Biebers worst album to date, so maybe that Pain in the Ass was trying to salvage Biebers career. I mean without that Pain in the Ass, who knows: It might not have given Bieber inspiration and drive to create a MUCH MUCH better album with 2021’s Justice.

Justin Bieber: Our World brings us to New Years Eve in Los Angeles in a Beverly Hills hotel, where Justin Bieber is ready to put on a live show outside of this hotel and to be streamed by millions of viewers worldwide. This film not only gives us the full concert experience, but also takes us behind the scenes of how this production was put together and the challenges ahead via Pandemic.

Justin Bieber does put on a fairly decent show, as the superstar talent still delivers a great amount of vocal range and shows off some well choreographed dance moves. There’s a couple nice moments within the show, perhaps my favorite is when Bieber debuted his new single Anyone to start off the new year.

Since Bieber is performing some songs off Changes… Of course that’s my biggest peeve with the show, as those songs being performed were very meh.

Normally when it comes to these Bieber concert films, the behind scenes stuff is usually as good as the live show. Bieber really brings you into his world and makes you learn about his life and such. In this film… Not so much. The behind the scenes stuff was not really interesting at all, they quickly went through the stage setup, some rehearsals, and who can forget the repetitiveness of letting the audience know they took the protocols at hand seriously… Even though you can point out many sequences that contradict the rules within themselves, but lets not get into it, we all damn well know in this case there is no such thing as consistency and common sense.

Overall, Justin Bieber: Our World was ok. I wouldn’t recommend this film, even if you’re a Bieber fan I still would suggest skipping it.

Intrusion Grade: D

Nothing hurts a mystery/thriller more than being predictable filled with unnecessary loud jump scares… Especially if you’re obviously predictable.

Intrusion is a basic standard LifeTime Television film: A Film showcasing the true horrors of the male gender. The film never once tries to be clever with it’s twist at all, as it screams to the audience “YES HE DID IT! HE’S THE CRIMINAL! HE’S CRAZY!” You knew where exactly this film was going on the half an hour part, as you just sit there and let it stretch out longer than it should have been, to get to the reveal.

The reasoning behind the antagonist crimes… I mean it really is LifeTime Television quality stuff right here. It’s so freaking corny and lame, like why would Netflix even bother in involving itself with this kind of schlock?! Not only were the jump scares were obnoxious, but the music especially like the music choices in this is horrendous! It’s tries to go for this hard rock metal nonsense and it doesn’t align with the tone at all. I don’t get the reasoning behind the camera angles and odd zooms, it felt extremely weird more towards the third act. Was there a reason behind the whole dog fighting crime story?! Doesn’t really lead to anywhere.

Overall, Intrusion is a bad film. I don’t recommend this film.

Afterlife of the Party Grade: C

Victoria Justice whom has been an iconic TV star in classic teen Nickelodeon shows Zoey 101 and Victorious, is now a leading lady in this new Netflix comedy film… I’m kind of surprised she’s had a longer lasting acting career than Jamie Lynn Spears.

Afterlife of the Party follows a familiar storyline, where one dies as they have to redeem themselves in a limited amount of time. Though the story perhaps isn’t completely original, I would like to say this was honestly a lot better than expected.

Within the storyline, I felt the film fulfilled the purpose with our main character Cassie (Victoria Justice). Cassie has learned her faults she has made, with not only the people she loves but to also learn the art of forgiveness for her mother whom abandoned her at a young age. I believe Cassie learned how to be more selfless with her other loved ones, as it should be about them than it should be about herself. I guess I liked the little turn this film made at the end, where you would think “Oh it’ll end up in this direction” turns out it went a different direction.

The way our character Cassie dies in this film… It’s not believable at all. I don’t believe for one second, one would die the way Cassie did, I believe it has to be positioned differently in order for one to believe she died in that fashion.

As far as the rules go for Cassie in the afterlife… It doesn’t entirely make much sense. Ok people around her can’t hear her, objects can’t hear her, and nobody can feel her when she touches them… Yet she can move things around and is able to write things down, to where people can read them?! Come to think of it: Why doesn’t she just write on a piece of paper, in order to communicate with those that can’t see or hear her?! There needs to be more consistency because there is definitely plot holes within these rules their setting up.

The film drags here and there as well, some scenes ran on a bit too long… Especially the ending.

Overall, Afterlife of the Party t’was ok. I guess check it out if you have a night in with your girlfriends. -Mitch Smietana

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