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Weekly Roundup Episode 66; #FreeKyrie

Welcome to another edition of Weekly Roundup!

How many times have we heard in the past few months or so the words “I Respect Your Decision.”?! A whole lot have we. Now how many have we heard that statement, followed by no action behind those words?! A whole lot, but worse… A strong opposite reaction.

Take Kyrie Irving for an example: The man made a decision in life. Within that decision Kyrie thoroughly explained why he went on with this route, as he addressed the issues revolving his decision that affects the lives of thousands of Americans currently. Kyrie’s response appeared to be genuine, as he didn’t disrespect not one single soul that didn’t align with his view on the subject matter.

What was the response for Kyrie?! Well ya know: They said they “Respected” his decision… However they follow up that response with foul behavior. All I’ve been seeing from the media, athletes, former athletes, celebrities, and headlines… Is never ending attacks on Kyrie. Jay Williams whom used to be a former pro basketball player, now an ESPN analyst… The man respected Kyrie’s decision though they were different pathways and what was the response Jay Williams received?! Death Threats.

I’m neutral on this whole ordeal: If you want to do it good for you, if you don’t want to do it good for you. All I care about is everyone to be the least expected thing in humanity and that is to be a decent human being, whom respects others views/opinions regardless if they’re different from yourself… It’s not hard at all, it’s honestly very easy.

You see why the treatment made on Kyrie is problematic. If you’re going to influence one another to do something they’re not 100% confident in doing, the worst way to go about is bullying and harassment. When you approach someone with a very uncomfortable and hostile attitude… It doesn’t feel welcoming at all. So chances are: They won’t trust what you’re influencing on them, how can anyone trust one that acts like an angry lunatic?! Just be a normal human being, explain your stance, and move on regardless if they’ve taken your side or not… It’s not the end of the world if they don’t agree with your views or if they’re not exactly the same as you are.

The thing I am going to say to those not only harassing/bullying Kyrie, but to anyone that is harassing/bullying on this topic at hand… Would you feel a sense of guilt if anything goes wrong?! Well think about it for a minute: If I were one pressuring someone to do something they’re not 100% confident in, as if anything goes wrong… Wouldn’t I feel responsible? I could’ve just left them alone and let them deal with their own lives, but because I made them do something they didn’t want to do… I should feel responsible. To anyone that is going around Pressuring one another relentlessly to do something they don’t want to do: I expect all of you to do the right thing and actually cover any cost if anything goes wrong. “But that’s not my fault!” OH YES IT IS! You could’ve just been a reasonable human being, “Respect” their choice, and let people be… So I suggest everyone to shut their damn mouths on this subject matter and move forward.

What’s also problematic is Words are powerful, however if they’re not handled correctly… They can become utterly meaningless. The way human beings are following up after saying the word “Respect”, do you think they’ll be certain you actually meant those words?! Absolutely not. We’ve seen how others treated Kyrie while following up “Respect” and that’s a damn shame… Why destroy a beautiful word that has a great amount of meaning behind it?! Now more than ever the phrase “Actions speak louder than Words” is now more powerful than ever before… There’s not a single human being that’ll make people convince they care about one another by just words, you have to actually make a valid effort in making them believe it’s sincere and genuine.

It’s a shame how society has mistreated Kyrie, but then again anytime someone comes across differently, acts differently, or thinks differently than the average norm is more than often mistreated. All the man did was go on about life the way he feels comfortable with and to those whom are different than himself he expressed love and respect to them… Why can’t y’all do the exact same thing?! I know following Kyrie is a complicated relationship, however when it comes to this… I respect him for what he’s doing and I genuinely mean that. It takes a lot of courage and bravery to walk away from millions to live the life you feel is right for you… You may call him stupid, however there is more to life than just a piece of paper, it’s by standing up for what you believe in and following the vision of Christ. #FreeKyrie, brighter days are coming soon, you’ll be back on the court in no time, keep the faith strong. Time to talk about movies!

QueenPins Grade: C+

One of my fav daily activities of the day is checking the mail… Ya never know what you’re going to get when it comes to mail, especially when coupons come as you hope something comes of value. My favorite coupon growing up as a child was the buy one, get one free at the Las Vegas 51’s baseball games… They need to make a comeback next season for the Aviators.

QueenPins features a couple girls whom are experts on the coupon field, as when it comes to savings they go beyond the average norm. Especially in the beginning, where our lead character Connie (Kristen Bell) saved almost a hundred dollars off many coupons… I’m not gonna lie I was impressed.

QueenPins has an unusual based on a true story, that can appear to be intriguing. Watching these two gals make their way, to acquiring free coupon vouchers for many common everyday products, as they make a business out of it… It’s quite fascinating I must say. It’s a crime story in which you’re actually rooting for the gals, as though they’re doing something illegal and making a decent profit, they’re also helping out the community by offering these coupons at a reasonable price, to help people out.

QueenPins does drag here and there, I wasn’t much of a fan on how the film looked from a set design and cinematography standard. Also some jokes didn’t quite land for me here and there. QueenPins felt content with the idea of being a perfectly average film, it succeeded on it’s purpose to come up with an intriguing story, as it’s reward fulfilled a satisfied viewer.

Overall, QueenPins was a perfectly fine film. I recommend checking this one out, was found on Paramount Plus.

Voyagers Grade: C

As the trailer for Voyagers began to play over and over while at the cinema, the only thought I have would be how terrible this film looked. I avoided this film at the theaters, as I would check it out someday on the Telly.

I feel if I watched this film upon it’s theatrical release, I probably would’ve not liked it at all. Turns out… It’s not great, however it’s much better than expected.

Voyagers somehow can feel relevant to what is going on in today’s world. Feeling robbed of actually living life to the fullest, as we’re conditioned to be isolated and to disregard our sense of feeling as these young adults we’re robbed here. At least in this film it’s understandable, as the leader of this ship is trying to complete his mission to get everyone on this ship to their new planet, without any harm or foul. However what’s the point if you’re not able to create your own identity?! As you can see no one in this ship has any sense of enjoyment whatsoever or has anything to say of worth, so it feels pointless?!

You can also say in the third act, how it’s very easy manipulate one another into believing something that’s not true or real, than it is to lead one to the truth when evidence is revealed. It’s happening all the time now a days, as this film is a nice little example so at least I can understand the theme of it all.

Voyagers can feel a bit boring some. The characters at hand are pretty dull, there’s also not a whole lot of excitement going on in terms of everything happening. I also felt more screen time should’ve given to the leader of this ship Richard (Colin Farrell), so we could a much more established relationship between him and his crew mates. Richard is like a father figure to all the ship mates, as I wish more time was spent to where we can have an emotional connection with him and his mates.

Overall, Voyagers was just ok. I recommend giving this a watch, it’s watchable at least. Can be found on HBO Max.

There’s Someone in Your House Grade: C

Patrick Brice director of this film made a couple solid horror films with Creep and Creep 2. With There’s Someone in Your House he takes on a terrifying threat: Cancel Culture mixed with a serial killer.

One has questioned why this film was called There’s Someone in Your House, even though majority of the deaths are occurred outside of a house?! It’s a metaphor towards today’s society and social media, meaning we’re particularly in everyone’s house, where we no longer have the luxury of our privacy because our personal lives are plastered everywhere for everyone to see. So I thought that was a unique title for what this film is trying to say.

There’s Someone in Your House also has some well executed death sequences, which delivers the much needed entertainment value this film needed to have. From a visual sense: This film looked pretty good, I also enjoyed the old school title credits as well, it’s got a sense of style. I also found the whole mask ordeal in which the antagonist makes before he kills his victims, to be pretty cool.

The thing with There’s Someone in Your House is majority of the characters are unlikable or bland. Patrick Brice tries to mimic today’s youth which in a way he succeeds, however there’s not a single character worth caring for as when we’re feared one of them is likely to be next… We just don’t care at all. Didn’t care for the romantic chemistry between the pair Makani (Sydney Park) and Ollie (Theodore Pellerin), didn’t felt like a real couple as their scenes together bored me… However the actors playing them reminded me of myself and this one girl in high school, so I guess that’s a plus?! I don’t know it was weird.

I didn’t quite understand just why the antagonist was going on and about killing these kids?! Like I understand the whole thing with exposing their secrets and all, to where they’re not perfect… But why kill them?! His reasoning behind killing these kids made no sense at all, I get his issue within himself, but is there a actual point in why to murder them?!

Overall, There’s Someone in Your House was ok. I would check this one out if you like horror films, it’s at least has entertainment value, can be found on Netflix. -Mitch Smietana

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