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Weekly Roundup Episode 64: Birthday T Minus 12 Hours

Welcome to another edition to Weekly Roundup! Ah my birthday has arrived once again, as another year of life has fortunately been completed, as another year of life is awaiting for me to live it out.

I’ve come to receive questions as to why should I feel excited like a child would, knowing the age I’m turning is hardly celebrated by others or even by everyday human beings themselves?! It’s because the feeling of knowing all the hardships life has to offer in a whole year, the fact you manage to pick yourself forward to another year is worth celebrating… Each and every one of you that continues to live year in and year out are strong individuals.

Often times human beings struggle to purely focus on the bright sides of life, as human beings are conditioned to only think of how awful everything is. The News Media shouts out death, but whispers life. Your politicians scream fear, but whispers hope. Social Media heckles darkness, but is silent on brightness. It’s no wonder why we’re in a mental health crisis: Human beings purely don’t understand the blessings that are right in front of them, because they were only taught how to hate everything around them.

2020 should’ve been a meaningful lesson in which you should never take anything for granted, that you should live out every day like it’s your last, as by doing so to be more prideful, joyful, and appreciative while doing it and to latch on to your loved ones closely. I don’t see that much today and the reason is people are so caught up on certain individuals or platforms that don’t know they exist and quite honestly could give two shits if you’re dead or alive today. Majority of you in this country alone have a whole life in front of you, in which you are mostly able to think how you want to feel and do whatever you want to do… You know how many people wish they were able to have that luxury, from all around the world?! None of you have any idea how GREAT you have it, even with the hardships in front of you, you still have a life filled with countless amount of blessings than most do in their entire lifetime. I know the troubling circumstances going on, however believe it or not… At least you have the choice to make a difference and fight those unfair circumstances, when others don’t even have that option amongst themselves.

Believe it or not my mind attempts to get in the way of how I’m supposed to live and feel. I feel thoughts which constantly tells myself that life needs to wrap up, as I’ve lived a completed life and feels I need to go home already. I completely understand that feeling, especially knowing the individual God has created by design has been through a lot of pain and turmoil over the years. We’re going home soon enough and when that day comes, it’ll be a wonderful conclusion and people who have known me will be extremely happy knowing I’m free from that pain.

However while we’re alive and breathing… There is a great amount of room for reason, as to why we should continue forward. I believe within trust in Christ, there is a whole lot of opportunities in life to explore the craftsmanship by God and to still develop relationships with the children of Christ. It’s a beautiful world and there are so many individuals to come across that’ll bring significance in our existence short or long term, sometimes all it takes is to shut down all the lies and noise the world constantly feeds you, as to let the mentality of Christ run through your body, mind, heart, and soul.

I’m going to continue living life how I’ve been living it for all these years: To be myself, to do whatever I want to do, and to continue to love those around me. My acquaintances give me a reason, my dogs give me a reason, my friends give me a reason, my family give me a reason, women give me a reason (It’s really hard to not appreciate life as a whole, when you’re surrounded by the greatest creation God has to offer), my God and Christ give me a reason… Why I should be celebrating life as a whole each and every day. This year is a significant big year for me, I’m going to be a little emotional for this next month, while doing so we’re going to be joyful and to celebrate a little harder this month and most importantly this year on. Give every reason to be joyful for every year you turn, there is so much to be grateful for and to be excited for. Well until my B-Day comes in less than 12 hours… Let’s talk about movies!

Fear Street: 1994 Grade: C

Hip hip hooray Halloween season is here: A time in which people express their basic Horror film taste, their love for pumpkin products, and who can forget when the bad tings come out with their Halloween costumes… Super Like Vibes yas. Fear Street: 1994 is a part of a horror film trilogy Netflix has done in a span of three weeks, I was hoping to do one gigantic review of all three, however given the fact this film is mediocre… Eh never mind.

Fear Street: 1994 given the fact it was based off a novel series done by R.L. Stine explains why it has this pre-teen vibe as due to the fact this author who has made The Goosebumps books. It feels like I’m watching a children's like horror film, however there’s gore and sexual like content made more suited for adults as I question… Who is this really made for exactly?! The tone switch feels odd, like the horror content is made for children however I’m experiencing a couple having sex in a classroom, followed by brutal gore sequences… It kind of felt like IT (2017), however I can say that film has way more to offer in terms of style and costume/makeup design, as this did feel like a television film.

The thing with Josh (Benjamin Flores Jr.) and Kate (Julia Rehwald) is yes the whole cliche of the younger individual or the less attractive individual, securing a once and a lifetime moment with the hot girl in school has been done many times before… However, how it was constructed is the problem. You see Josh and Kate had a moment in the bathroom, where Kate was literally half naked as there is an indication Josh may have made out with Kate. Then the film later on tries to create an emotional moment, where Josh kisses Kate as if it was this epic moment of him finally securing the K from Kate. Did this film forget this dude was with his crush in a bra and panty more than likely making out with her?! Because at that moment I could honestly care less because Josh already had his moment with Kate, so it didn’t make me feel anything at all.

Overall, Fear Street: 1994 was ok. I don’t recommend this film, I may finish the other two films but I don’t know, this film doesn’t motivate me to give much effort to complete the trilogy.

Rita Moreno: Just a Girl Who Decided to Go For It Grade: C

The life of Rita Moreno, who is one of the rare few actresses to win an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony)... Why haven't I heard of this actress till now?

The life of Rita Moreno can be inspiring to many up and coming actresses, especially in the Hispanic community as well. Rita came to America from Puerto Rico by her mother, who hoped to secure a better life for her and Rita as America had many opportunities for success. Rita made her way into show business, as she strove through success despite all the difficulties were in place for her. Especially given the roles she was offered to play, as Rita actually had to make a strong stance to get the roles she wanted to play, to where she can be taken seriously as an actress. I can say Rita’s life is something worth of inspiration, as if you truly believe in your talent and ability… Fight for what’s fair and right.

However as I’m watching Rita as an individual… The film didn’t make me want to be a fan of her. When success came to Rita often times she showed a great amount of cockiness rather than gratitude and humbleness. When Rita was hitting bumps in the road… She cried and blamed all her problems on everyone. The lack of gratitude shows as there was a moment where Rita found a difficult time to show appreciation towards anyone in her whole life, when you question why not her mother?! If it wasn’t for her mother who risked her life from fleeing Puerto Rico, you would’ve never been in this position in show business at all… As a mothers boy and given where Rita is in life, I took offense to it.

Visually this film looks boring, bland typical documentary style of filmmaking. Other than Morgan Freeman who delivered the best part of this entire documentary… I didn’t care for majority of the guest speakers, as I thought majority of them were much of a distraction from Rita’s story. Especially Lin Manuel Miranda, who claims he takes offense of others telling stories of other nationalities, but doesn’t take offense when he and his people tell their stories… Yet he cried out apologizing when people on social media complained about how he told his own story with In the Heights… As a wise man would say in Season 3 Episode 8 on Family Guy, “YOU’RE A PHONY!”

Overall, Rita Moreno: Just a Girl Who Decided to Go For It was ok. I don’t recommend this film.

Kate: Grade: B-

Kate was… Cool.

The best thing going for Kate was the action, I thought the majority of the action sequences were pretty cool. I also thought the story was a little bit intense, of a trained assassin going through her final hours of life, while taking down a powerful antagonist. Cool visuals as well.

A couple things that irked me about this film. Apparently you can get away with anything in this world, with no sign of law enforcement anywhere. Like the entire time seeing all these deaths and incidents, you tend to question where the hell is the cops or anybody?! They felt nonexistent. The film starts out as a bounty was set for Ani (Miku Patricia Martineau), as if she gets murdered… All the family assets will then shift to this party. However… That part was just never mentioned again, as now they tend to keep her alive and to make her a trained assassin as well?! Why?!

Overall, Kate was a fairly decent film. I recommend checking this out, it’s cool fun. -Mitch Smietana

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