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Weekly Roundup Episode 60: Be Consistent on Mental Health

Welcome to another edition of Weekly Roundup!

When Mental Health is trending, I get sick to my stomach every single time. How can one like me whom actually is passionate about Mental Health, would feel troubled by it being discussed on media like platforms?! The reason why: It is in no shape or form genuine at all. The harsh truth is people would only ever discuss Mental Health on social media or journalists discussing it on articles, is if it has any benefit to them. If one can go viral, get Retweets/Likes, or get Clicks off the articles they wrote... Of course they'll partake in it, not because they give a crap about Mental Health, it's because they can benefit off it. I understand this is human nature and that selfishness is always going to be around. However: When it comes to the importance of Mental Health, I wish those who speak on it, would actually be consistent on it. Meaning when circumstances aren't entirely comfortable for them to speak on the importance of Mental Health, that they would be there for every single living being. Mental Health is something you can't just pick and choose, in which you express the value of importance for certain people or circumstances, it's needs to be important for EVERYONE and at ANYTIME!

How can you tell a blatant lie that you care about Mental Health, yet I don't see any of you care about Mental Health for a group of people by the millions that are being verbally attacked on Social Media on a 24/7 basis?! We have a group of people whom choose to operate their life differently, amongst the majority of people. There's a ton of good decent people within this group, people in which don't want any trouble at all, all they ask for is to let them be.

But at last: People can not let these people be. All I ever see on a 24/7 basis, is these people being harassed, bullied, shamed, disgraced, and threaten because of how they want to operate their own lives. What troubles me is this behavior done on this group of people, is treated as perfectly acceptable behavior, even by people whom hold a title of power... What the hell is wrong with y'all?! Here I am encountering the countless amount of articles, captions, comments, and tweets about the importance of Mental Health, yet not only do I not see any of you helping these people claiming this behavior is unacceptable, but I see some of you contributing to this behavior to this group of people... The audacity of any of you claiming you "Care" about Mental Health is absolutely appalling. People that partially "care" about Mental Health when it's perfectly convenient for them, are the reason why people themselves tend to struggle with reaching out for help, as they immensely struggle with their Mental Health... None of you genuinely care about everyone, you can't say you care about Mental Health but hold exceptions on others by how they think, what they look like, or what they do with their bodies, none of you have any right to speak on Mental Health whatsoever.

To this group of people: I relate to all of you. How one can be a perfectly fine human being, whom can do no wrong, as they just want to be accepted as they remain true to themselves. Yet: People will have a problem with you because you're not like them, they'll do whatever it takes for you to be like them or to end your own life through unnecessary guilt and shame because of the fact that you are different, that because you're different they make you feel like you’re a disease that needs to be dead. To this group of people: Don't ever cave in to people that can't accept you the way you are, never believe in the disgraceful lies that they tell you, as truth be told no matter what you do... They could care less that you're dead or alive the following day, don't ever please anyone worth pleasing.

You are perfectly fine the way you are and the way you are can never harm a living being. The truth worth hearing: Jesus Loves You the Way You Are, Jesus Accepts You the Way You Are... This truth alone should give you enough strength, to continue moving forward and to remain true to yourselves regardless of what anyone says. When expressing my passion towards Mental Health: I will always stay consistent with my vision, I know what it feels like to be in these battles alone, as I will always speak out on it... People need to be heard, cared, and healed. I pray that this group of people will rightfully get the help they rightfully deserve, that all bullying, harassment, and threats will no longer be condone to this group of people. Shift the world away from negativity, hatred, violence, death, doom and gloom, division, ungratefulness, and doubt, bring them closer to God's vision of Piece, Patience, Positivity, Love, Forgiveness, Togetherness, and Hope. I'll always be here for everyone regardless... Time to talk about movies!

Slaxx Grade: B

Slaxx isn't the only film recently, that has tried to make an entity out of a non living object, most notably 2019's A24 Horror Film In Fabric, a film about a killer dress.

With Slaxx about a killer pair of jeans... Slaxx is actually what I wanted out of In Fabric. Don't get me wrong: In Fabric visually is way more stunning than Slaxx, but in terms of delivering a horror concept that can be described as fun... Slaxx delivers just on that. Slaxx knew exactly what it was in it's 77 minute run time: Make an entertaining film, about a killer pair of jeans that is subtle and creative... As this film just that.

I liked the whole backstory as to how the jeans became cursed in the first place, as it felt like a jab on most of these clothing companies, that thrive off of child labor or inhumane labor from other countries. They also made a jab to companies whom claim they don't do such a thing in the process of making their clothes, however those claims are just marketing tools in order to sell the product even more... Even if this is a silly horror concept, I can at least appreciate it delivering a simple yet effective deep meaning behind it all.

Surprising enough: This film is also an effective comedic horror film. You got an over the top goofy concept with the killer pair of jeans, in which delivers some gruesome horror sequences. On the other hand: It delivers on it's comedic material, as there is some well executed jokes on the stereotypes of working in the retail business. As one whom has worked in retail: The jokes aimed at retail and the bosses especially was well done, creating solid laugh out moments. For what Slaxx is: It's def a horror comedy film worth watching, it's entertaining, funny, and flat out fun.

Overall, Slaxx is a solid film. I recommend checking this one out, can be out on Shudder.

In the Earth Grade: B

In the Earth was written and made over the course of 15 days in August of last year, during the pain in the ass. Which is why while watching In the Earth, you can tell similarities as this film also takes place during a deadly virus, where it does feature a couple scientists that have lost their damn minds.

In the Earth is a bit weird, but a good kind of weird. The story itself is quite engaging from start to finish, even when you can't quite comprehend as to what is occurring in the forrest and the whole stone placed in the middle of the ground... It still is fascinating, as it delivers such cool Neon acid like visuals.

The horror side of In the Earth to me was effective, has certain moments that made you feel unsettled, especially what one scientist does to the couple whom goes on about in the woods. Great usage of sound as well, I enjoyed the electronic feel to it as it felt reminiscent to the likes of Annihilation. This film can honestly compare to the likes of Blair Witch: Where it does take place in the middle of woods, where it has mythical tale being told, as a haunted entity can be around... Feels about the same, although I prefer this one much more. Cool neat little idea, maybe weird but I dig it.

Overall, In the Earth was a solid film. I recommend checking this one out.

Pray Away Grade: B-

We've dealt with a couple fictional narratives, that is centered around conversion therapy recently The Miseducation of Cameron Post and Boy Erased.

Pray Away is a documentary centered around Conversion therapy, as we get a close look behind The Pray The Gay Away movement, the church organization's involved, people whom supported and ran it, people whom were brought into it, and how it's kind of making it's way back as of now?

Visual and Substance wise felt pretty standard: Not wow'd by it, however delivers an engaging documentary that makes the viewers learn a bit of knowledge about the topic of the matter. Most of the speakers in this film honestly did a solid job, retelling their experiences, owning up to their mistakes or learning to accept their true self for whom they are, as well as they continue expressing the importance of following their faith... Was kind of surprised by that. Not much to talk about here honestly, felt pretty standard.

Overall, Pray Away was fairly decent. I recommend checking this one out, can be found on Netflix. -Mitch Smietana

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