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Weekly Roundup Episode 55: The Dysfunctional Weather of Florida

Welcome to another edition of Weekly Roundup!

On a day job I work at, I notice that one of the things we sell is Florida Wetlands. I question the term Florida Wetlands and what it meant? Well almost this entire week from a weather perspective... I understand it all clearly now. Everyday just about sunshine appears, however we experience many clouds. As later on in the day, darker clouds appears as soon enough you’re encountered by a couple hours of rain fall.

But it’s not just any rain fall, the rain fall switches up during the course of these couple hours. At first it’ll start off gently sprinkling, as you think to yourself you can continue your day as normal. But then moments later, it starts pouring more, as you encounter some fairly developed rain drops. But then moments later.... It then becomes a freaking storm. The rain pours harder and harder, the wind eventually gusts up to 30-40 miles an hour as rain drops hit directly right at you and it doesn’t matter if you’re under a ceiling cover, trust me you’ll get HIT with water. Then you encounter the sky being extremely furious, as you hear loud thunder, as a giant cast of lightning comes about... Like SHEESH.

Then after those grueling couple hours... All is well, as sunshine reappears again. I’m from Vegas and how the weather works over there, you get a forecast and whatever that forecast is it’ll start from the beginning of the day until the end. If it’s Sunny: It’ll be Sunny from morning till dawn. If it’s Windy: It’ll be Windy from morning till dawn. If it’s Rainy which is rare because it’s a desert: It’ll Rain from morning till dawn.

In Florida: The Weather out here is played off on Shuffle of any ordinary music playlist. It’ll be Sunny, then it’ll Rain, then it’ll be Windy, then it’ll be hot and muggy, then it’ll be cool... Like this place doesn’t know how to set their mind, when it comes to weather I tell ya.

The homie Travis from years back, posted this rap song called Florida Water by Young Thug once. I gotta tell ya: I understand the meaning of the title now. There’s nothing like Water in Florida... It just keeps on coming and coming and coming and it never stops, which is great because we’ll never run out of water here.

This will be something to get used to, I mean my movie plans were wrecked today because of the freaking weather. At least the movies that were playing this weekend aren’t at all must see movies, I mean Conjuring 3 and DreamWorks butchering Spirit as some kind of reboot?! I can hold off for another day. I’m just happy I didn’t have a date to attend to, I mean can you imagine being entirely drenched by the rain?! It would be a rather odd first impression I will say. Until I’m out and about again against the dysfunctional weather out here in Florida, let’s talk about movies!

Son Grade: D+

Son reminiscences towards the likes of Let the Right One In, with a cult aspect to it... Midsommar really brought back the cult vibe into films again.

I don’t think Son by any means is a bad film, but I will say this is going to be the most forgotten film by this grading, as I found this quite bland, to the point where I was dozing off a good quarter of the movie. The story itself like I said feels familiar with the film I mentioned earlier, only it doesn’t really do anything interesting at all. Like yeah I guess adding the cult aspect is kind of new, however the entire time I was just hoping this would end much sooner, by just how dull it is.

Overall, Son t’was crap. I don’t recommend checking this one out, watch Let the Right One In or the American remake Let Me In.

Plan B Grade: C+

Two girls going on a road trip, to avoid a mistake known as teenage pregnancy... Didn’t we have two films like this last year aka Never Rarely Sometimes Always and Unpregnant?! I think it’s time to mix it up a bit.

Plan B started off extremely strong in the beginning, in terms of comedic value. There were several occasions, I was laughing my ass off, great comedic scenes indeed including of course the losing virginity in the bathroom scene. I do believe Kuhoo Verma and Victoria Moroles both had solid performances and solid chemistry together, it was very believable these two were best friends. I would also like to point out, one of the characters reveal t’was done extremely well, making it an effective plot twist. Like no one saw that coming at all, so I’m quite impressed they were able to pull it off well.

Once the plot comes into play, as you find out Plan B is another film like Never Rarely Sometimes Always or Unpregnant only they’re on a road trip to get the Plan B pill rather than getting an abortion... It felt quite stale to me. The road trip within itself just felt kind of flat for me, don’t get me wrong there are a couple good comedic gags, some heartwarming character moments, some character development is done just fine, but it doesn’t compare to the energy it brought in the beginning not even close.

I think this film tried to display a message, in which for people to accept one like Sunny and Lupe, from families that have strict morals, values, including some religious ties as well. I think the attempt at that message just didn’t quite execute, the way the film maker hoped for, unlike what Never Rarely Sometimes Always did. Felt like it was easily to be forgiven, but in all fairness it’s not as quick and easy, felt too unrealistic. I guess the stereotypical religious character was funny at first, then after awhile it was just... Annoying. Not all people who are very into religion don’t act as annoying as that, felt too over the top. Still I think Plan B was at least much better than Unpregnant so I’m thankful for that, but I just wish the plot within itself didn’t feel oh so familiar like the rest.

Overall, Plan B was a perfectly average film. I recommend checking this one out on HULU, got some great laughs I must say

Riders of Justice Grade: B+

A lot of critics been ranting and raving the new Mads Mikkelsen film, so I had checked this out for myself. Riders of Justice reminds a whole lot of something Edgar Wright would make: Has a bit of everything regarding action, heartfelt drama, and most certainly some odd ball humor all in one. The only difference between this film and an Edgar Wright film would perhaps be editing skills, not a complaint at all thought the editing was just fine in this.

Riders of Justice was a bit of a surprise for me, as I honestly throughly enjoy this film A LOT. The story of Riders of Justice is well written, as though it has some brutal action sequences, it does nail the coffin extremely well in executing a truly heart felt meaningful drama, about going through the aftermath of tragedy and how poorly some of us respond. I think it’s typical we tend to lean forward towards vengeance in most cases such as the one going on in this story. However as you can clearly see: Everyone is truly suffering mentally and no one really knows how to find closure during these circumstances.

The whole little twist in the end maybe rather confusing some, however it kind of gets to the moral point of this entire film. Our assumptions can indeed feel misleading, as we could put on more weight than what we already have on our plates currently. Yet again: Vengeance is not the best solution to our problems, as it is an unhealthy way to take on those problems. This film does a really good job with it’s moral message and could be help some to those, who constantly refuse to get professional help. I know I’m against professional help due to the sinister of it all, however this film really did spark a chord in me, very effective.

The performances were all really good by everyone, Mads Mikkelsen gave out a great emotional performance as Markus. I say the action sequences were all done pretty well, fairly done on a choreographed standpoint, as I enjoyed every single one of them. Surprisingly enough, for a film that’s dealing with a very serious dramatic story: This has some pretty good humor. Like the comedic standpoint in this film felt very odd, however how it was executed... I gotta say it worked very well, quite humorous I must say at the right moments. This feels like another potential slept on film in 2021, which is rather a shame because man it’s one of the better films of this year most certainly.

Overall, Riders of Justice was a pretty damn good film. I highly recommend checking this one out, definitely worth the rental price.

Blue Miracle Grade: C

Number One Dennis Quaid fan here, taking in on the new Dennis Quaid Netflix film Blue Miracle, which was brought to my interest because who else... DENNIS QUAID! Netflix has advanced in the film industry in the past several years, heck a fair amount of their films went on to be nominated for Oscars and such. If this film was released back when Netflix original films weren’t taken seriously at all, then Blue Miracle would fit perfectly in that category.

Blue Miracle does have a pretty basic simple premise: A person, family, or organization in dire need of money, gets a chance in saving their valued possession or business in the most unlikely situation possible... You’ve seen this many times before, even in comedy such as Happy Gilmore.

The story itself wasn’t entirely bad at all, however one major flaw within this film is how predictable it was. The film indicates when things are bound to come from a mile away, as you know exactly what is bound to happen next, which makes the film barely interesting. There’s also a few gaps that are not entirely filled in properly. Especially with the main character Omar (Jimmy Gonzales), as we see his dark past come across several occasions, especially in many unnecessary dream sequences. I guess something happened with his father back when he was little, however it doesn’t quite make much justification as why was this even in here in the first place?! I mean Omar doesn’t show really any fear to partake in fishing, until the very end at least, I felt it should’ve been constructed properly.

There’s also one side plot dealing with Omar’s “Brother” that felt unnecessary, he was introduced briefly for a couple minutes and never returned again... Ok then? I honestly hated how this film was shot, felt like a TV set and I felt it looked like it was shot mainly on a Go Pro.

The finale of this film was quite bizarre actually. A great amount of confrontation comes about just by almost everyone, yet all was forgiven in a matter of seconds, heck even one who avoided being in the orphanage finally came around... Felt very goofy and just strange. What is goofy is how one event in the finale, came out to be accomplished... Like are you kidding me?! The whole setup leading to that particular moment was just so freaking goofy, that it doesn’t make much sense towards what kind of message Omar was stating in the very beginning.

Some may say this film felt “Heartwarming” as I can kind of agreed in some extent. I mean saving an orphanage, so kids won’t be let loose in the dangers of the streets made you at least want them to succeed, so these kids can be safe. It is based off a true story, so I do respect Omar and his passion for children. I just wish the film wasn’t so predictable and was just much better, this felt very rubbish to me.

Overall, Blue Miracle was mediocre. I don’t really recommend this film, for Dennis Quaid Super Fans... You’re not missing much. -Mitch Smietana

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