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Weekly Roundup Episode 50: We Have Two Ears, One Mouth for a Reason

Welcome back to another edition of Weekly Roundup. Have you ever heard of the term of compromise?! It's when two sides come towards a mutual agreement on a particular topic, despite having differences. Compromising may seem unheard of nowadays, as in today's society it's either one way or nothing, which as a result leads to nowhere but consistent arguing, confrontation, and especially leads to no effective change... It's a embarrassing mentality.

Sure we would all like to live in a world, where everyone thinks exactly like us... Unfortunately that's not how life goes and you know what?! That's ok. Truth be told if we did live in a world where everyone thinks exactly like us, then life would be completely boring.

How so boring? What exactly is there to talk about, if everyone thinks exactly the same way?! How exactly can you form a conversation, already knowing the end result of the conversation?! Human beings tend to drive away from predictably because there is nothing interesting nor exciting about knowing where things are headed, especially within a narrative let alone a person. Life is all about an experience, within that experience we would like to explore our minds further beyond our own perspective. That's what makes human beings in some form of capacity special: You have no idea what exactly you are going to receive, from each and every person you meet, that's what makes us special because in some form we are all unique in our own way.

We always want to be right, however it doesn't hurt to hear what someone who thinks differently has to say either. Sometimes people have something valuable to say, in which not only can compete to your own perspective on a certain view, but could also make you learn something new of value as well. When in a debate or argument: Your moral objective is to work together on a reasonable agreement or a reasonable conclusion even, rather than partake in an endless war. At the end of the day: We're all human, human beings we're meant to work together, we should all strive that even though we think differently... We can in some capacity come to a reasonable understanding. If people tend to be difficult in the discussion you're partaking in, then it's best to move on. As long as you truly try to be as reasonable as you can with one another, do not continue to beat yourself up just because they don't want to reason with you.

Sometimes human beings can be valuable in our own personal growth, as within each human being we learn more about each other, learn more about life in general, and learn how to react to one another in a proper manner. You should always speak from your mind, however have an open mind and let the other one speak in a respectful manner. From a wise phrase from my cousin Jason, "God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason."

Truth be told: You'll not be loved by everyone for who you are and how you think and you know what... That's ok. What truly matters is how you personally feel about yourself, not what others think personally about you. If you're fully content with how you live, how you think, and are fully secure about yourself, as you feel you're doing all the right things... Fantastic. We're all flawed in some capacity, as our moral purpose in our existence is to continue personal progression and growth, while living by the narrative of "What Jesus would do?" as we continue to love everyone around us regardless of differences. Embrace the fact that you are special in your own way because no one can be you and only you can be yourself. Cherish every single experience you have with one another, as you're eternally grateful in some way: That person little to big, has made an impact on your progression in life.

I'm not sure why exactly this world has turned out this way, where people are way too accustomed in selfishness, as they immensely fail to compromise, let alone listen. All we're consistently doing is taking many steps backwards than taking steps forward, as mentally we aren't growing up as adults as we continue to still be the same ole punk kids we were in grade school. We need to abandoned the way our society of today thinks, as it's not bettering any of us let alone not making much of an impact towards our futures. Learn to Listen, Forgive, Work Together, and Love... That's how we make a better tomorrow. Well then well then: Time to talk about movies!

Yes Day Grade: C+

Been awhile since I've seen a live action kids film, that was made for kids and to entertain kids.

Yes Day maybe be a bit cheesy and extremely goofy, however it's a film in which my younger self would've enjoyed, as it reminisce to Daddy Day Care in some capacity. I enjoyed how Jennifer Garner and Edgar Ramirez were genuinely having a blast, playing the parents of these kids. They're also believable as a strict mother and a considerably relaxed father, like they almost remind me of my parents in a way, especially the mother character.

I like the whole Yes Day narrative, of kids having a whole day going their way... Would go wrong if it were to happen in real life, however in a fictional perspective delivered some fun entertainment. I thought how the little brother Nando (Julian Lerner) learned his lesson, of being appreciative of his parents was fairly done. However the oldest sibling Katie (Jenna Ortega)... How she received her lesson to appreciate her parents, was poorly done. The events going on in which Katie is freaking out, is not only believable, but there's not anything going on into resulting of danger. I mean compared to what goes on in the events Katie is currently in... I've seen a lot worst, Katie is SOFT! Yes Day may not be the best film around, however for a kids movie to entertain the kids and to entertain adults due to the absurdity of it all... This was kind of fun.

Overall, Yes Day was a perfectly fine movie. I recommend checking this one out, don't expect fine art.

Come True Grade: B-

“Are you watching Harry Potter?"- My Uncle drunk at two in the morning.

Come True t'was a weird, yet cool experience. Watching characters encountering shadow like entities in their sleep, that can come alive outside of their mind onto the real world was kind of interesting. I enjoyed how it looked visually, set design was cool as well, as the narrative had you engaged from start to finish. There are a few elements that are quite confusing, especially the ending as well. It's a quality low budget horror film, in which has a fair amount of charm to offer despite it's weirdness.

Overall, Come True was fairly decent. I recommend checking this one out.

American Skin Grade: C

From the opening shot I was kind of surprised, that this film was shot as a found footage film. I will say the found footage style lost it's edge as inconsistency follows, however for a narrative like this one... I thought the found footage style was a neat idea. I will say: I thought every single fake media news footage was horrendous, as it never once looked remotely real, especially one news anchor that looked like it was shot in a basement. I would've cut them off completely, I understand Nate Parker was trying to make something of it, but it just looked unnecessary and extremely goofy.

The narrative itself wasn't half bad, taking on this sensitive subject matter. I wasn't expecting our lead character Lincoln (Nate Parker) to take that dramatic turn, into kid napping a cop all the way to the police station, and get his point across in this hostile hostage style environment. Some of the dialogue was engaging and sparked some powerful conversations, however some felt like a reach too. I was enjoying how this film was wrapping up, especially the moral point of the message... However I really disliked, how predictable the final shot was, like I saw it coming miles away as it kind of defeats it's purpose of delivering a striking message Parker had intentions to make. May not be the best film ever made on this subject matter, however wasn't necessarily bad at all, as it actually had something to offer trying something different.

Overall, American Skin was just ok. I don't recommend this film, but will say I liked this more than Birth of a Nation.

Breaking News in Yuba County Grade: D

Tate Taylor surely has digress since his fantastic film The Help.

Breaking News in Yuba County perhaps is my least favorite film from Tate Taylor. On a positive note Breaking News in Yuba County narrative speaking is far from dull, however narrative speaking it's perhaps one of the dumbest things I've watched in a long time.

The main achilles heel of this film surely was the comedy aspect, as it desperately tries to be funny. Where the film wants me to laugh, I just look at every single comedic sequence, with a confused look wondering if I'm back in the early 2000's?! Like seriously it has that bad 2000's comedy style, in which this comedy style died off years ago, but has suddenly returned and it doesn't return in a delightful cheerful matter, it returns as in I thought this died off years ago matter?! It kind of makes sense since we do have a couple has beens, who were successful in this comedic style Wanda Sykes and Mila Kunis.

Another thing that kills it for me towards the narrative, is every single character is unlikable. Sure Sue Buttons (Allison Janney) is unlikable for the wrong reasons, however as time goes on... We honestly can't stand the sight of her. All she is a soulless manipulative liar, who just wants attention and doesn't care about anyone but herself. Not to mention all of the supporting characters are unbearable to sit through, that go beyond the dreadful comedic chops. This film is quite an unusual discovery, since we have a talented director and a talented comedic actress on board.

Overall, Breaking News in Yuba County is a bad film. I don't recommend this film at all. -Mitch Smietana

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