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Weekly RoundUp Episode 5: A Fall From Grace, Horse Girl, Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made

Welcome to another episode of Weekly Roundup!! Once again 2020 has been underway, so let’s discuss some straight to streaming movies shall we?

A Fall From Grace Grade: F

My mother begged me to watch this film, as she claims it was really good. When I did, I realize why I rarely ever invite my mom to the movies as often... Woo Wee this movie. Now listen: I root for Tyler Perry to be successful, he’s a good person whom works hard, I respect this dude and he does have a few good movies under his belt. But given the fact this film was made in five days... The quality in acting, cinematography, score, story telling, and especially characters really shows. “ASH TRAY BITCH” Quoted by our antagonist... More like ASS-Tray. I can’t think of one redeemable thing this film does honestly, like everywhere you turn, it reeks shame. Tyler Perry typically writes protagonist’s that you can somewhat relate to, have fun with, or root for. In this film our protagonist the Jasmine the Lawyer.... I kid you not, this maybe the worst lawyer I’ve ever witnessed in my entire existence. First off she’s extremely lazy, before Grace she never took on any case and just did write offs. Secondly she has no idea what’s she doing or knows any basics of her job... I find it baffling she has a job in law in the first place. Lastly she never blames herself, but blames others for her faults. Jasmine listen really good... EVERYTHING IS YOUR FAULT! You have no business in being a lawyer whatsoever, you have no idea what it takes to be one, and even at the end of the movie I still wouldn’t grant you your job back because you honestly almost made the law firm a complete embarrassment. The entire story absolutely makes no sense. It’s a lifetime story, mixed with twists and turns that make you go... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! It’s like Tyler Perry is working with a story board and throwing everything he can possibly think of, throw it on the board, and hope that it works. Like Ash-Tray Bitch, the dialogue in this film is atrocious. Netflix just gave Tyler Perry a ton of money to half fast a movie and you know what?! Tyler Perry’s finessing skills deserves an A at least because he robbed Netflix, but one thing that pisses me off is the fact I had to waste two hours of my time watching this. I can’t tell who to be more mad at: Tyler Perry or my mother begging me to watch this garbage?! Overall, A Fall From Grace is complete garbage. I don’t recommend this film at all... Damn it Perry, I kept backing you up all these years and you drop this dud on me?!

Horse Girl Grade: D+

In 2017 Jeff Baena gave us a solid indie comedy film The Little Hours. Three years later Baena returns with his newest comedy/sci-fi/thriller Netflix original film Horse Girl. Now there is a few positives about Horse Girl. I thought Alison Brie had a great performance as the lead character Sarah, she showed excellent commitment and bravery for this difficult bizarre role of a socially awkward arts and craft woman. I do think this film does have interesting set pieces and really good cinematography, visually it's looks very nice. But unfortunately Horse Girl didn't sit well with me at all, I just didn't like this film. The comedic material in this film I thought was extremely weak, which is surprising coming from Alison Brie whom is usually hilarious and from the man whom made The Little Hours. The story itself is quite absurd, where I just keep asking myself over and over again multiple times, "What the hell am I watching?!" I can understand the character Sarah and why she's acting this way, due to the fact she just doesn't quite fit in with society, as people think she's sweet but just abnormal... But the sci-fi elements are just WAY too extreme, that it's hard to get behind this film. Overall, Horse Girl was a disappointment. I appreciate Baena attempting something completely new with each film, just this didn't land with me at all. I don't recommend this film.

Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made Grade: C

Disney Plus has a new original film on their streaming platform, directed by the man that brought you Best Picture winner Spotlight... 2020, anything goes. You know me and Disney have our feuds together time to time, but I'm happy to report this film is not actually terrible. Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made teaches kids a valuable lesson, of owning up to your mistakes and keep on living life to the fullest. Plus there are some laughs here and there, while majority of the performances by the cast were good. Now do I think this is a good film?! Well... It's alright, let me explain. Do you recall those Rugrats episodes, where the kids use their imagination as we see what they’re imagining?! Well to be honest besides a rare few, whenever those episodes come on, I skip them. That's exactly what Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made is, it's acceptable entertainment that I just don't care for. Also the characters in this film are EXTREMELY ANNOYING. The main character especially Timmy Failure, honestly I can't stand this kid every time he's on screen. Much blame is for the dialogue he's given, he says the same four words a thousand times over and over again and it's just insanely annoying. Russians, Affirmative, Agency, Mistakes Were Made... You hear these words a thousand times over and I'm just receiving a pounding headache, it's like WonderPark all over again. Some of Timmy's imagination sequences made me cringe at times, especially involving the little girl, whom Timmy thinks she's a Russian spy... Leave the poor girl alone you prick. I'm just happy this film didn't suck and I can somewhat appreciate this for what it is, finally Disney you did something remorseful for once. Overall, Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made is just ok. I recommend this film for children, little more sophisticated for them, but I think they can enjoy some of this. -Mitch Smietana

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