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Weekly Roundup Episode 45: I’m Going to be an Uncle!

Welcome to another edition of Weekly Roundup!

I have some great news to tell you all: I will officially become an Uncle around July, as my sister and her husband are having a baby. Extremely happy for my sister and her husband, not only are they a powerhouse couple, but they are loving individuals that take great care of their three dogs, so I’m looking forward to them accomplishing a new milestone towards their marriage and lives.

Am I excited to becoming an Uncle?! Sort of. In the beginning I’m not as excited till later on, as truth be told as some may know from my The Wretched review... I’m not a fan of babies. I find them extremely annoying and I also don’t find any of them adorable as well, even myself included... I can’t even look at my own baby pictures, they creep me out. It’s honestly hard to find much enjoyment out of babies... I wish they were like puppy dogs, I love puppy dogs. But who knows: The only baby I ever gotten along with in my entire life was my Cousin Tommy’s daughter, which I do have photographic proof, so ya never know. I’ve already gave the little one a Drake outfit... If I’m going to be an Uncle, I’m going to do it the right way. But for now... I’m looking forward to when the kid is a few years older.

Now that my sister is becoming a mother: Do I have plans on becoming a father in the future?! As of now... I’m not sure. I’ve thought of having one as young teenager, but always have had more of an interest of adopting than having one of my own. Like I said earlier: I’m not a fan of babies, so adoption is not only better suited for me in that regard, but I’m also helping a child in having a home so it would all work out well. But as of now... Eh. But who knows: Women are always the best negotiators, so ya never know, life is full of surprises.

My sister is partaking in her decision of who will become the GodFather/GodMother of her child. If I’m not chosen... It is what it is, hopefully I’ll be chosen for the second child if there is one, after all being the number two option is sometimes better than being the number one option. If I ever have a child... My sister would be my number one choice for GodMother for sure, followed by Taylor Elhami for my second child. GodFather?! Casey J, followed by my sisters husband for my second child... I’m pretty confident in these choices.

Well it’s time to talk about my pride and joy of a child.... MOVIES!

A Good Woman is Hard to Find Grade: C+

This low budget suspense thriller brought back a similar vibe I had with 2018’s Bad Samaritan... Though it’s a serious thriller, it does have charming over the top acting moments.

The story is unusually unique, it’s something I really haven’t seen before and I gotta give some valid credit towards the writers making something new to this genre. Like I’ve never seen a criminal just causally invade a home because the mother is consistently afraid to stand up for herself, then becomes a whole different person when she finally stands up to herself, as drug dealers are then after her... It’s different, but it works just fine. My main issue with the story is lack of background information towards the woman’s past lover, it’s described briefly but really comes out and about in random moments.

The cast was entertaining, even the over the top performances were extremely enjoyable and most certainly entertaining. Especially Edward Hogg playing the antagonist in the film... I mean it’s so over the top that it doesn’t fit the tone of this film, however he manages to shine and deliver a fun performance. Enjoyable average films have a soft place in my heart, though it’s not perfect by any means, but at least it brings something new to the table and delivers entertainment.

Overall, A Good Woman is Hard to Find is a perfectly average film. I recommend checking this one out and do give Bad Samaritan a chance as well.

Herself Grade: B+

Was kind of cautious partaking in Herself, due to the fact the film maker behind this film doesn’t have a good track record, however the producers behind this film has been involved in many acclaimed titles, so who knows what I might receive. I believe this film maker has redeemed herself as a film maker, as Herself was honestly a surprise.

The story isn’t anything particularly new, as you sense a resemblance towards other films in the past, regarding one in a difficult situation, taking upon a difficult challenge so their self and their own family can live a better life moving forward. However how the characters were written makes us emotionally engaged towards this little family’s journey, in building their own home so they don’t have to keep on living in a hotel complex. I say emotionally invested due to the fact it’s a single mother Sandra (Clare Dunne) carrying a lot of baggage, not only the hotel situation, but recovering from her abusive husband, taking care of her children, and working two jobs. So obviously you cheer and root on this mother, as she hopes to bring a brighter future for her beloved children.

A flaw I want to point out about the story itself is the scene involving Sandra, trying to cover up her house as it’s pouring raining... I didn’t see much of a point, considering the rain didn’t do any damage whatsoever to the house, seems like they did it to bring tension to the story however it was pointless. Also want to point out the performances as a whole were absolutely strong, especially from Clare Dunne!

Overall, Herself was a pretty damn good film. I highly recommend checking this film out, can be found on Amazon Prime.

Tiger Grade: B

Tiger Woods’ Golf Career and Personal Life has been a long time wait, to receive a well deserved documentary of the most popular golfer of all time, in which we may never see one of his liking in this sport ever again. I think many assumed this was bound to be a 30 for 30 documentary, but turned out to be a HBO original two part film which is surely a treat that was certainly worth the wait.

Substance wise it did not disappoint one bit, as this was a truly engaging documentary from start to finish. Whether it’s exploring the birth of Tiger Woods love for the game of golf, to the competitive nature, to rise to glory and fame, or his highs and lows from his personal life... I mean you couldn’t ask for a perfect candidate to center around a documentary. Though I know quite a bit of Tiger Woods’ life before seeing this documentary, as I’m well aware of his golf game and cheating scandal, however this documentary made me learned a great amount of information. Especially regarding the strict parenting from his parents, as where his troubled doings originated from due to what his father had done early on in Tigers’ life.

Film making was fine but nothing really spectacular about it. Some flaws coming from this documentary is some elements felt a bit repetitive, as well as some guest speakers making some truly ignorant statements that wasn’t really needed. You can also say from the guest speakers that they were reaching a tad bit at certain points, making major assumptions that honestly weren’t even there to begin with.

Will Tiger change people the way they view Tiger Woods?! I believe so. Tiger had insanely high expectations that honestly shouldn’t have been made in the first place, regarding being this flawless cultural figure that is supposedly going to change the world and better our world, when in reality expectations should’ve been only made on his golf game and just try to do the right thing. Tiger has done many great things in his life that goes beyond winning gold tournaments, though Tiger has indeed messed up in the past... He has certainly strive forward, learned from his mistakes, become a much better and even happier person, as he learned how to live again.

Overall, Tiger was a solid documentary film. I recommend checking this one out on HBO.

La Llorona Grade: B

Back in 2019 The Curse of La Llorona from the Conjuring universe, came and scared everyone to pure boredom. Now the following year we have yet another film centered around La Llorona from Shudder... That is surprisingly getting a fair amount of praise from critics and audience?! Well at least something progress in 2020 I will say.

The boring, uneventful, and lame jump scare nature of The Curse of La Llorona is thankfully completely stripped away in this new adaption. In fact genre wise... Both are completely different, while one is a horror film, this time around is more of a dark family drama centered around a war criminal. La Llorona is indeed present in some capacity, but is not present as some lame entity, she’s shown as a real person as we’re discovering her origin story of this urban legend.

The story of La Llorona t’was fairly enjoyable, as we’re witnessing this war criminal simply rotting away, as we discover his wrong doings and why this random woman comes along in their home, as she simply haunts this man with visions that are simply not there. The cast were all solid as a whole, enjoyed majority of the performances, even when not much dialogue is given to Alma (Maria Mercedes Coroy), they still deliver. Oh I almost forgot: LOVED the Cinematography in this, a visually stunning film with lovely set pieces, it truly has a personality from a visual standpoint. I think many people are going to be very satisfied with this adaptation of La Llorona this time around, a fair amount of elements to like and admire from.

Overall, La Llorona t’was a solid film. I recommend checking this one out. -Mitch Smietana

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