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Weekly Roundup Episode 31: Two Weeks Notice

Welcome to another edition of Weekly Roundup! Well well it’s been awhile, as I have some rather big news to tell. A couple days ago on a Monday night at work, my mind, heart, soul felt the need this was time. Quickly typed up my Two Weeks Notice on the computer, as I print it and placed it down on the desk in our office. At first I issued my last day to be two weeks from the Monday I sent it, but since my GM is going to take a weeks vacation the week I leave and could use the help, I decided the finish out the entire week possibly ending on October 1st.... I’m a nice guy, I know he would do the same for me.

Honestly this was an extremely difficult decision I’ve ever made in a long time, felt like a breakup as I extremely despise being a heartbreaker because that kills me inside, the thought of hurting people... I hate that feeling man. I’ve enjoyed this job very much so considering this was my dream job as a kid. Surprising enough I extremely enjoyed the people I worked with, almost every single one of them have been extremely enjoyable to be around.

A fair amount of factors went into this decision. Personal reasons I can’t quite share just yet played a significant factor. The idea of my heart wasn’t in it anymore, as I’m not enjoying it like I used to, as I’ve come a tad depressed inside. When you don’t enjoy your line of work anymore, the best thing to do is to certainly move forward, as you put your attention towards your mental health. I know for a fact I’ll be ridiculed and criticize for this reason, because leaving a job because you’re sad is “Weak”. But to those people I respond: Do you honestly care about me? You obviously don’t because when ones mental health is at risk, you would understand that’s a serious issue, that means more than just maintaining a job. I’m still a human being at the end of the day, I take full responsibility of my mental health and will always put it first above anything, including a worthless piece of paper. So instead of criticizing me, why don’t you instead support me? Anytime when this factor comes to play in anything in life, you’re all absent as I can never get help when I need it the most, as you make excuses on why you can’t help me mentally. I’m very proud of myself as always and will never let anyone tell me otherwise, no matter how much they make of me as a failure, my life has been successful and doesn’t need to keep moving on, but I do it for the people I love so... Love me why don’t ya, like I’ve done for all of you?

Lastly: I haven’t had much time to do the things I want to do. With this job it takes a lot out of my time and day, as I struggle to do the things I want to do, including these reviews. I don’t really have much desire, to be constantly occupied in something I don’t necessarily want to put in all my time and effort for anymore. I want to be able to have enough time for the things I’m truly passionate about. Whether it be my reviews, but more so create stories of my own as I have a few in the works as we speak. I realize theres more to life than just being stuck at a job all day and week long, we have very limited time as I want to be able to have a chance to create. This was certainly a wake up call I needed. This doesn’t mean to full out disregard a job by any means, it does however mean don’t feel completely obligated to a job, as you put many things on hold as you’ll end up feeling regretful as time passes on.

I’m going to miss this job very much so, it’s always something I wanted to do and I’m extremely proud I was able to achieve it for that young kid that wanted to do ever so much, as I’ve done an absolutely fantastic job as well. I’m feeling extremely guilty and upset as we speak, but I’m going to enjoy these last days there rightfully so, it’s going to be ok. Alrighty alrighty time to talk about movies!

Body Cam Grade: F

I can’t believe it’s not Blumhouse? I didn’t know anything about this film, other than assuming from the looks of the poster that it was going to be a typical exciting action cop thriller. Instead I got the complete opposite, as I received a horror film, as it tells an entity haunting cops from the dead due to a senseless police brutality situation... Well then.

I guess the concept at hand isn’t half bad as an idea, considering the ongoing situation we’ve been going through in society, so why not make a cheap horror idea out of it?! The reason earlier I said I couldn’t believe it’s not Blumhouse, because of how it’s presented, how it’s acted, and how the horror aspect goes... Feels all similar to a typical trash Blumhouse film.

The horror aspect of this film was absolutely terrible, typical cheap jump scares as the looks of this entity looked absolutely ridiculous. Don’t you just hate, when you receive a jump scare consisting of a child that does nothing but scream very loud?! Are we seriously going back to the early 2000’s?! I thought we were done with this useless jump scare tactic. Though the idea isn’t half bad, the story itself is pretty ridiculous, as well as it’s extremely boring. We barely know much about our protagonist Renee (Mary J Blige), other than the fact she lashed out on someone in the past, but it’s not provided in specific detail so she’s just a Good Cop character and nothing else. The cast all around was terrible, followed by bad dialogue in which wraps up nicely to a great laugh in the third act. I’m honestly shocked the director of Imperial Dreams worked on this, at least that film was solid, I’m not sure what happened here.

Overall, Body Cam is a terrible film. I don’t recommend this film at all, but I do recommend we all make better choices as human beings moving forward.

Bacurau Grade: B+

I believe MUBI had something to do with the distribution in this film, so that’s what brought my attention, plus got really good reviews.

Bacurau can be oddly relatable to what’s currently going on in the states. As the country official of this small community which is located in Brazil, claims false promises of delivering fresh clean water to the people, yet comes empty handed each and every time which is why this community hates this man. Kind of relates to a past problem of Flint, Michigan where they’ve been struggling to have clean water, yet nothing was done for years as they claim they’re going to get it solved. The abuse of power is also a relatable theme, compared to what’s going on with those in power during Covid-19 as well.

I really enjoyed Bacurau very much. The story was engaging from start to finish, followed by hard hitting themes, as a surprising killer third act no pun attended. Performances from across the board were all great as a cast, the film is shot well, lovely location. One flaw I do want to point out is I don’t understand the towns nurse, getting heated over the passing of a beloved figure in the town. Where it did felt something was developed to a thought revoking theme, yet became nothing as it was disregarded moving forward.

Overall, Bacurau is a pretty damn good film. I highly recommend checking this one out, I rented this at my public library but it’s available to rent on streaming services.

Resistance Grade: C

A World War Two story, consisting of the most important mime in history.... Interesting.

I think what kills Resistance for me, is the casting choice of Jesse Eisenberg playing Marcel Marceau. I did not once believe this was a charming young lad, who can make children and even adults smile through his act of being a mime. In fact during his act especially when he first performs in front of the children, I found rather more disturbing as I can’t seem to understand what would make anyone flee in joy?! It’s not a terrible performance by Eisenberg does have a couple nice moments, however for this casting choice it felt off as I couldn’t believe it, which is a major problem in your “The Most Important Mime in the History” story.

Though this is an important story to tell, considering Marcel and the resistance what they’ve done to save many children from the Holocaust. However the cliches and tropes are too familiar, from past World War Two films, only they’re done much much better than this. I also didn’t care for the conclusion, again this is the problem with not believing your star is the most important historic mime figure in this film. I appreciate Marcel and what he’s done for the many children God Bless his soul, just wish the movie that’s based around him was a lot better.

Overall, Resistance is just ok. I’d say watch if it’s lying around in a streaming service, but don’t pay money for this. -Mitch Smietana

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