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Weekly Roundup Episode 28: Da One Date Back in Summer 15

Welcome to another edition of Weekly Roundup! I love Asian girls. Ever since I had a crush on Andrea Salazar back in 8th grade, Asian girls just have a special place in my heart. I love the fact I can admit I had a crush on someone, without feeling the need to make a soap opera out of it. In the city of Las Vegas, I’ve been acquainted with so many Asian girls, as my heart sings to the heavens up above. God Bless Asian Girls, better yet God Bless ALL WOMEN, SPREAD LOVE TO ALL WOMEN 24/7 B A B Y!

Story Time: On this day five years ago, a young man went on to live out his dream: Going on a date with an Asian girl. We texted each other non stop for a couple weeks during the summer, even when I was out of town at my family reunion, I could always make time and lose sleep to Gods creation known as Asian Girls. As we felt an emotional connection and attraction for one another, we planned out a date as soon as we got back from our vacations.

Here I was at DownTown Summerlin, nervous as all heck roaming around Dillards waiting to meet this angel sent up above. A couple minutes later while speaking to her on the phone as she tried to find me, she found me as I finally met my fine Asian Ting. We were certainly not alone, as we were acquainted by a few of her other friends... Nice friends she had. We walked around DownTown Summerlin talking about life and such, followed by a gorgeous day out, as she treated me Ice Cream... Tears of Joy I must say. I was enjoying the vibe of this date, more so I saw a couple of my own friends along the way Preston and Casey Take Your Bae Johnson; where me and Casey discussed our future arrangement of going to the Chicago Bears vs San Diego Chargers game in November.

The date was going well... Then a little hiccup came about. Apparently there was beef going on between my date, her friends, and some other individuals during our mid afternoon stroll. As one whom is a laid back fellow, who doesn’t really care nor tend to drama... This occurrence felt completely random to me, in fact I didn’t witness what was going on. Whether I was walking or in the car during the altercations, I really didn’t know what the hell was going on. Her friends left shortly, as me and my fine date continued with our date with a movie, as we watched Straight Outta Compton. Before heading into our movie, I ran into another friend of mine Vanessa... Man everyone wanted to be apart of history I do say?!

As me and my date were partaking in this film side by side, she felt the need to make a move as she wrapped her body around my arms. Here I am not only living the dream of going on a movie date with a fine Asian ting, but now I am cuddling with one?! I was the luckiest man on the planet. It was then on that I raised my hand up in the air, pointed up in the ceiling of that theater, as I thanked God for this blessed moment. We departed our ways right after, as you would only see a jolly happy individual, skipping around the Casino.

Unfortunately that would be the last time I would ever see her, as nothing escalated more than just one date. Though surely the feeling would be a little disappointing, I do however live by this motto: Always Remember the Good Times, Rather than Focusing on the Flaws or What Could’ve Been. Human beings never really cherish good times these days, especially times when you actually received happiness from someone, it’s a selfish attitude I do say. It was not only a solid date overall, but surely a date I would never forget, as it made my younger self proud to have lived out a small dream. A Big Thank You to Trisha Nicole for giving me a chance and a memory I surely will always cherish. Do wish her a great amount of success, happiness, and love as well, God Bless. It’s time to discuss new MOVIES!

Capital in the Twenty-First Century Grade: B

The documentary gives us the run down of Capital dating back to the 18th century and so on. Indeed progression has been made over the course of time, however it feels we’re declining moving forward to the 21st century, as it’s only the beginning. It all starts with creating stability within capitalism, as we tax the rich fairly like the middle and lower class. The way the rich get away from fleeing away taxes is a crime itself. The film also suggests the rich do more to help others, rather than keep the riches to themselves. In my opinion: I don’t feel the need to tell people what they should do with their money, no one should be dictated how much they should make. However you come to ask one like Bezos, what exactly do you need 189.8 billion dollars for?! Surely employees at his business could make more or have bonuses during this difficult time at least.

The documentary has taught me a great amount information regarding the subject at hand, as I did enjoy the film examples they included in this film as well. One speaker in this documentary kind of had a delusional theory, that most of the rich people earn their wealth by just luck. Some luck is provided of course, but that’s not necessarily why they’re wealthy in the first place. They did put in a great amount of time, effort, and hard work into their ideas, which made them rich in the first place. I don’t fairly enjoy people discrediting other’s wealth, I get that you envy their wealth and wish better on others less fortunate, but totally discrediting their success is not good either.

Overall, Capital in the Twenty-First Century is a solid documentary. I recommend checking this one out, can be found on Kanopy.

Afterward Grade: C+

Sensing history class, fill in the blanks assignment vibes here. I like the concept alone, as it explores those whom experience trauma, from past events that they weren’t even alive to experience. Did felt there was some very powerful striking moments, that can certainly trouble viewers while watching, as it’s very heartbreaking to see. Couple moments in which delivers a nice message of forgiveness and moving forward with your life, as you shouldn’t carry so much baggage in guilt, especially towards events in which you weren’t even apart of nor were alive during that time. It’s certainly a common trend in today’s society, as they seem to never escape the past as they never came close to experiencing those kind of tragedies themselves, as they hold themselves back into becoming more secure peaceful individuals.

A fair amount of substance in this film however can be extremely boring. The way the documentary is presented is nothing special, as it can certainty make people fall asleep, as myself was getting bored at times, which is why I bring up the history class vibes earlier. Also the main figure in this film, who is a woman and happens to work in the physiology apartment, I thought did a poor job in helping those featured in this documentary. Especially when those were talking about why the Palestinian’s act in violence were justified, as the woman didn’t even try helping them learn that acting in hate/violence absolutely does nothing in return for change. The man featured at the end of this documentary felt more useful in providing common sense, than this woman does. For what it’s worth: Least this documentary taught me a fair amount of information, I didn’t know before.

Overall, Afterward is fine. I guess I recommend checking this one out on Kanopy, but most certainly would recommend history teachers to use this film in their future lesson plan.

Work It Grade: D

There was a time in my life, in which I was a dancing sensation on YouTube. Performing hot dances of the early 2010’s such as Jerking, Catdadding, and who can forget the John Wall. White Kid Jerking was certainly a breakthrough, for up and coming dancers.

Work It is another typical romantic comedy schlock we’ve come accustom to seeing, regarding Netflix originals. It carries the same ole cliches and familiar beats, we’ve seen a thousand times over. Regarding the dance numbers I found majority of them pretty basic, none of them felt genuine or special. The music choices were beyond obnoxious, feels like I’m hearing the same stupid song over and over again, that doesn’t have any soul. To film makers moving forward: Can we please STOP reusing the same conflict at hand, regarding one not being qualified to be accepted by their college of choice, just because they’re concern is the child is not passionate about anything?! How many times do I have to sit through this same exact plot line, over and over again?! ENOUGH.

The romance side of the story feels entirely rushed, the comedy material was honestly dreadful as I chuckled once. Majority of the characters feel like cartoon characters and not real people, especially with the guidance counselor or whatever her title is at Duke... I guarantee you, nobody talks like that. I thought of giving this film a D+, but then I remembered this film ripped off an iconic scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, so it’s definitely not worthy of a + at all.

Overall, Work It is another bad dance movie. I don’t recommend this film, instead watch better dancing films such as Climax and Suspiria (2018).

Selah and the Spades Grade: B-

I ran for treasurer in fifth grade where I lost to Kakela Smith by two votes... Probably could’ve won, if I did a better job marketing my campaign, putting up “Vote For Me” posters in the hallway. This Amazon Original film felt accurate, to how serious students whom were involved with a role in student body actually were. I liked the concept at hand, even though the elements of drug dealing and sequences of “sending a message” were silly, but it fits well with the over exaggerated tone of the film. Felt majority of the characters were interesting, performances were solid as well as a whole. One scene in particular in the beginning, where Selah (Lovie Simone) delivers great dialogue, of how cheerleading gives teenage women the right to throughly express themselves, without much pass judgement showing the hypocrisy of how dress code and boys react on normal school grounds.

The main issue with Selah and the Spades despite enjoying the concept and world building, the story felt underwhelming for my taste. Not much really happens, the pacing as well felt slow. I also didn’t like how the film looked visually, some sequences in which I couldn’t quite make of what’s happening, especially in the end. As the film concludes I just wasn’t impressed, could’ve ran ten minutes longer as we could’ve seen a much more fitting conclusion. For what Selah and the Spades is: A fair amount to admire, yet more to be desired.

Overall, Selah and the Spades is a fairly decent film. I recommend giving this a watch, it’s on Amazon Prime.

Endings, Beginnings Grade: D+

The strength of this film relies on Daphne (Shailene Woodley) and Woodley’s performance alone. Not only was Woodley pretty good in this film, but I felt the character Daphne was written particularly well. Daphne struggles with depression due to the idea of feeling the need, to be romantically involved with someone. When she’s alone she gets severely depressed, as it’s hard for her to navigate through life, as she recently dealt with a breakup. For one whom can relate, as well as I’ve known someone dealing with this condition, I thought the film did an accurate portrayal of one with this description. I did felt the end was genuine, as it completed the development of the character, knowing she can be happy on her own, without feeling obligated to be with someone.

Besides Daphne and Shailene Woodley’s performance, I felt almost everything else but the music at hand, were weak. I really disliked how this film looked visually, it’s extremely dull to look at from a visual standpoint, majority of the shots looked very ugly and boring. I don’t like how the film was edited, it felt like I was watching Terrence Malik film with these cut out, voice over, cut in shots. One character partaking in Daphne’s love triangle Frank (Sebastian Stan) I didn’t like this character at all. The film wants you to believe that Frank struggles with mental health, as Daphne named him on her contact list “Frank Suffer”, but I never once felt that from him other than the very end, when Frank suddenly becomes sentimental giving Daphne advice for what’s to come in future. I seriously thought Daphne’s attraction for Frank came from attraction alone, as Frank strength relies on in the bedroom. Just because one repeatedly says “Suffer” thirty times through text, doesn’t mean they incidentally categorize themselves as one dealing with anxiety/depression, the character alone is extremely uninteresting and barely has nothing to offer unless the film tells you itself.

The story at hand felt mediocre, pacing was slow as I found myself bored while watching at times. One thing worth mentioning regarding the story, is the role one guy plays from Daphne’s past. We keep cutting to Daphne’s past involving herself with a guy in the club, whom offers her drinks and drugs. The film doesn’t really give much of an explanation, in what does this guy have to do with anything?! At first I thought he was the reason Daphne quit drinking permanently, but then she gave in to drinking later on. Could this random character be involved with Daphne cheating on her first man?! I’m not quite sure, the film doesn’t really do a particularly good job with this, as it brings a fair amount of confusion.

Overall, Endings, Beginnings was meh. I don’t recommend this film, unless you’re struggling with sleep, then this film could help you fall asleep. - Mitch Smietana

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