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Weekly Roundup Episode 24: Stay in School

Welcome to another edition of Weekly Roundup! I’m extremely grateful to have finished school years ago. As states are looking into students continuing school online, I honestly wouldn’t be able to learn properly as gaining knowledge would become difficult for me. For those that don’t know I had Special Needs as a child. Kids with Special Needs often need a great amount of in person interaction, in order to obtain information. That’s why I feel like continuing school online is not going benefit those with Special Needs, or kids in general. It’s going to be extremely difficult for them to learn, which will cause a great amount of frustration and stress towards the inability to learn off a computer screen, which will also cause problems in the household. Truth be told human beings learn best, when one teaches the material in person, as they fluently explain what one might feel confused about the material in a way they can understand it much more clearer. Human beings thrive off from interaction with other human beings, as it helps them learn better, it’s just common sense. I feel as those learning off a computer screen, will have a extremely difficult time in learning new information. One can feel lackadaisical reading material off a bright computer screen, as their mind doses off time to time, as it’s hard for them to keep on pace causing them to not receive the deer information they need.

Here’s where things get real and I’m not sure if you can handle it. With Schools continuing only Online, you’re basically saying only the Privileged and those Fortunate can be able to receive a proper Education. Not every Family has the luxury to own laptops or computers for each child in the household, some can barely afford one. Imagine a Family in which consists of three children, having to share one laptop in order to continue school... How is that going to work?! You can set up a schedule in which each child can use the laptop for schooling, but then again... How are they going to complete their assignments, in which they are assigned on the Laptop?! I feel as some of you haven’t thought long and hard on this situation. This is only going to cause a mess, which will result in families giving up, as their beloved children will not receive an education.

Speaking of Privileged and those Fortunate... What about the parents?! In the current climate, in which millions of Americans have lost their job, there are many that can’t afford to stay home let alone afford to lose their job. Their job becomes extremely valuable in today’s climate. In order to pay for the necessities of their household which include food, shelter, and of course Wifi in which will be the source in children going to School... They have to work. Now their household is left with a child unattended, in which some cases are under ten years of age. Tell me: Do you expect parents to be perfectly ok, with a child under ten to be alone in the house while their off to work?! NO, God Forbid anything happens to that child while their away. Also when the parent hands off the laptop to the child, as they set up the program, as they tell the child “Here honey time for school, I’ll be back for dinner, have fun!” Do you honestly expect that child to thrive through this school day of learning?! It’s unlikely. When there is a lack of discipline and more so lack of adult presence in the room, Kids will be Kids, as they’ll move on to something more appealing. Families like these which are MANY of them NEED Schools simple. Not only will they benefit the children in receiving a proper education they RIGHTFULLY DESERVE, but also help the parents feel safe/secure as they continue to help provide their families, without feeling concern for their child’s safety.

Here’s my solution: Offer Both In Person and Online, so it can benefit ALL Children and Families. Whatever makes them more comfortable, should be perfectly fine. Let them decide what is best for their child in which they are receiving the proper education they NEED for the future. I want to make one last thing clear: SCHOOL TEACHERS ARE ESSENTIAL. How dare anyone think they can be “Replaced” like it’s nothing by computers, the level of disrespect is insulting. They should be making six figures and above, so many human beings today would NEVER be where they’re at without School Teachers. Without School Teachers, there would be no Doctors... Have some decency and show School Teachers the deer respect they rightfully deserve. Well that’s my thoughts on that whole situation, now it’s time for my thoughts on these... MOVIES!

Blow the Man Down Grade: B-

For awhile I kept this film on my radar, but somehow could never get to it. I assume I was going to write a full review for this critically acclaimed film from Amazon, but after watching it... Feel it doesn’t need it.

Blow the Man Down feels similar to the likes of Fargo, although it takes itself a more serious approach, than executing a comedy along with the tragedy of murder at hand. The film has a superb composed Score, as it really helped carried the film, it perhaps is one of my favorite Scores of the year so far. Also enjoyed most of the performances, as this is a cool cast all around.

What is a downfall for me is the story at hand, it’s not bad or anything, but it certainly felt weak for the most part. The film is mainly targeted to one handling grief, as the girls mother has passed away. I guess many people have different feelings, some felt envy towards her daughter, some felt targeting the one whom partnered with the owner of the whore house. I really don’t understand why Enid (Margo Martindale) felt a sort of envy towards the daughters, the girls were left with absolutely nothing to their name, why was she crying at the end for?! For a film setting up a crucial murder taken place... It felt completely irrelevant to the story, as it’s more of a drama piece than a suspenseful tale. When compared to likes of Fargo and even last years Cold Pursuit... I prefer those films over this, as it’s not only an engaging watch, but certainly entertaining as well. At least at the end of Blow the Man Down, I was left craving for fish, I love fish.

Overall, Blow the Man Down is a fairly decent film. I recommend checking this one out on Amazon Prime, of course if you haven’t already watch Fargo and Cold Pursuit.

Showbiz Kids Grade: B

One of the major flaws I have for my parents, was their inability getting me into acting as a young child, knowing I had a deer passion for films. Sometimes I felt robbed in a lifestyle more suited for me, than having a normal childhood. When it came to being a teenager, I honestly had a fair amount of shame against my parents in what they should’ve done for me as child. I never felt comfortable, I know I didn’t fit in as I appeared too abnormal amongst others... I just hated every second of it. If I were to do it all over again... I wouldn’t think twice, as I would put that kid into acting right away and never look back. In some ways I’m happy where my life lead me, but at the same time... I was better off without having a normal life.

Having watched Showbiz Kids, I feel as the guilt and shame against my parents has eased off, as I can understand their point of view. The film highlights the many highs a child actor can endure with the business. But like all things in life: It’s not all perfect, as there were a fair amount of downs for those partaken in this film. Those felt a great chunk of their life was gone, as there was no time in being a kid, as there was only time in working. It did crush some of these actors in partaking a normal childhood. There was also an ugly side when partaking in this business as a child. The ongoing abuse kids did in endure in this business, as well as it inspired them to partake in drug abuse. Sure the lifestyle is glamorous as it helps you become financially set, however it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

Film making style of the documentary was pretty much standard, where I enjoyed it the most was the old found footage of course. Also would’ve liked the current child actors to be explored more or just not shown at all, as I found those whom had experience with the business to be more interesting.

Overall, Showbiz Kids is a solid documentary film. I recommend checking this one out, can be found on HBO.

Bit Grade: C

Bit reminds one of Joel Schumacher’s cult classic The Lost Boys in a way. This new vampire film has some quality aspects to it. I felt the Cinematography especially in New York 1970’s, that whole sequence was extremely dope. For a vampire movie aimed for a teenage audience, I was surprised just how good the music was. Typically you get a bunch of thoughtless pop songs, but in this film they brought in a collection of quality songs. I also liked some of the special effects, as the death scenes were honestly bad ass at times.

With Bit I felt the cast as a whole to be mediocre, including our lead actress which honestly had no acting range whatsoever, as I felt she was reading words off the script. The story as a whole is a mixed bag. On one hand you kind of have a cool story, that mimics The Lost Boys but offers some kind of social commentary regarding genders. But on the other hand... It felt silly, as the tone can become ridiculous at some points. The film suddenly ends, as you could’ve used another ten minutes or so. I’m not much of a fan of vampire movies, but at least this one can be somewhat enjoyable at times.

Overall, Bit was just ok. I wouldn’t mind if you check this one out, I feel those that are into vampire movies can get a kick out of this one. -Mitch Smietana

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