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Weekly Roundup Episode 23: 7YearStrong, The Impact of Julia B

Welcome to another edition of Weekly Roundup! July 10, 2013 was my last suicide attempt ever recorded, as I attempted twelve suicide attempts dating back November 2011. Every year on July 10th, we celebrate an achievement of not attempting suicide since then. I wasn’t planning on publicly celebrating this year, as I wanted to move on, but due to the circumstances of today’s world... I had to deliver a powerful speech later on tonight. Not sure what the reactions maybe, but then again... I really don’t care, as I rather remain true to myself, as I continue the path of Positivity, Patience, Peace, and Love.

At the end of every speech of every year dating back 2014, I thank everyone referring acquaintances, friends, family, God even. There’s one other particular name I mention as well in the end, as I always thank my favorite person I’ve ever come across with in my entire existence... Julia B.

Her existence came across to me back in early 2014, as she randomly followed me on Twitter. As time went on during my senior year, I never knew how much of an impact she would make on my life. When it comes to Love: Everyone should strive for the love I have for Julia. A love that is pure, a love that heals you from the pain inside, a love that makes you want to become a better individual each and everyday, and most certainly a love that keeps you always saying no in wanting to end your life, as the thought of her love keeps me going on another day and so on. It’s a love in which doesn’t drain your well being like I have experience in the past, it’s a love in which makes you a stronger more secure being each and everyday.

The only thing in life in which I want more of is spending more time with Julia. Creating new memories, learning more about her, building upon our connection with each other. Unfortunately it’s difficult to do so, booking Julia for anything is like getting tickets to Michael Jordan’s final season with the Bulls... Nearly impossible. The thing is I care about Julia’s well being more than mine, as my intentions of selfishness become irrelevant when it comes to her. The love I have for her makes me never wish to make her feel obligated towards my needs, I only want to see her continue towards the path of success she’s made for herself, as I never want to become a distraction to interrupt her greatness.

I would say more but I rather save it for the introduction towards my upcoming novel “Joy”, which is dedicated to her. I’m extremely proud of Julia B and all she has become in life. Thank you for being a dear friend of mine, more so an inspiration towards my own life. The thought of you keeps me home, in a world that doesn’t make me feel at home at all, forever grateful for all you’ve done for me. I love and miss you oh so dearly, God Bless you. Whelp nothing left to do than... TALK ABOUT MORE MOVIES!

Athlete A Grade: B

If you’re currently depressed with the world you’re living in... This documentary will certainly not help. Man oh man this documentary was a troubling watch indeed, but I will say it’ll certainly create an impact in changing the landscape of our world for sure. As far as substance wise: Though troublesome towards the details, I found it an interesting watch. It kind of reminds of that one line in Killing Them Softly, where Jackie claims America is not a country it’s a business. That’s how I felt where the landscape of USA Women’s Gymnastics was heading in, since it generated millions of dollars in profits. Anything that could potentially hurt the revenue of this beloved sport, certainly would not do according to whom was in charge, as they cared more about the business side itself than their own female athletes. I believe everyone should be held accountable for their actions, as they all played a part in not providing the care these women desperately needed as they felt completely helpless, it’s not only a damn shame but completely embarrassing. People need to start caring about the human beings, rather than the reputation of their organization, as it only bites you in the ass. In the end the reputation of your beloved organization is tarnished.

I know I’m going to sound like a broken record again... But man can Netflix switch up the film making of these documentaries for the love of God?! It’s getting extremely repetitive, be like Neon Rated documentary films, where they actually create unique styles each and every entree. I will say I adored the four by three framing of old footage, thought that was at least cool.

Overall, Athlete A is a solid documentary film. I recommend checking this one out, not only a good watch but shall inspired a fair amount of change moving forward as well, can be found on Netflix.

Inheritance Grade: D+

Imagine being a successful district attorney, whom is wholesome, honest, and sweet. As your rich father passes, he leaves his corrupt politician son twenty million... While the district attorney is left with a mill and to keep a locked up hostage a secret for years to come?! Gee... What a prick.

Inheritance is carried by a couple really nice performances from Lily Collins and Simon Pegg. The scenes in which they interact are easily the most engaging scenes in the entire film. The characters themselves could’ve been written much better, but hey these two actors are actually bringing life into them and to this film. With the plot twist... It does justify one characters decision earlier, as also I kind of wasn’t expecting that turn. But then again the chess piece does give it away, but I’ll let it slide as it could’ve been a symbol of a souvenir.

The montages in the beginning and in the near middle honestly don’t fit in well with this film. It felt like trailer footage, as it comes off really bad. I gotta say: The father whom given Lauren (Lily Collins) the Inheritance should’ve provided a bit more detail, leaving Lauren with his darkest secret. But then again if the father didn’t give Lauren proper detail, then there will be no movie... I get it, but then again we’re talking about a district attorney whom is wholesome and sees the light in everyone, I mean come on dad?! When it comes to the film, whenever the attention is taken off of Lauren and Morgan (Simon Pegg), it becomes not investing at all. The characters are extremely thin, the sequences in the court house and Lauren’s brother’s campaign are boring, there’s literally nothing there. The plot twist was nice, however within the reveal you have to ask the character... Why not move on from this situation?! I mean in a way I understand, but if I was in his shoes I would be moving forward with my life and enjoying it while I still can.

Overall, Inheritance was meh. I don’t recommend this film, unless you like LifeTime Television Original movies then this could be up your alley.

Nobody Knows I’m Here Grade: B

Nobody Knows I’m Here takes me back on that one Hey Arnold episode, where Phoebe finds out her favorite pop star Ronnie Matthews is a talent less hack, as he’s provided fame by some other talented singer whom likely is in Memo’s (Jorge Garcia) situation.

One concern audience may ask is why Memo visits unattended fancy homes?! The way I see it, Memo believes he was deserving of a high fancy lifestyle, as his talent did bring Angelo (Gaston Pauls) a name to behold in the public eye. The film is a slow yet fairly written character study, about a talented singer whom didn’t get the opportunity to showcase his talent the right way, as he had to sit in the sideline watching another taking credit for his talent.

The third act honestly caught me off guard, as the film not only wants us to feel bad for Memo, it also wants us to feel bad for Angelo. It does change my view on Memo, as what he did to Angelo as a child was wrong, even if Memo was wronged by the industry, it gives him no right to do what he did to Angelo. An important theme can be played in this film is how modern day society, still has a problem in letting go. What happened with Memo and Angelo happened when they were kids, yet not only Memo and Angelo still can’t forgive each other, the world still can’t either. I mean the way people out in the streets treated Memo when he was inside the car... It’s much healthier to move on, than it is to hold on to a grudge, as it only holds you back from pure happiness. It can also provide another important message. Life is unfair indeed, but we don’t result in hate/violence in order to get what we want. It only lead you to become completely empty inside, filled with regret, as opportunities will no longer exist further out. Solid acting, I enjoyed the film making and visuals of this film, and a simple nice told story as well.

Overall, Nobody Knows I’m Here is a good film. I recommend checking this one out, it can be found on Netflix. -Mitch Smietana

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