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Weekly Roundup Episode 20: The Anderson Family

Welcome to another edition of Weekly Roundup! I want to make a special shoutout to a family I’ve come to know and love for the last seven years: The Anderson/McMillan Family. Drazen Anderson booked me to perform at his graduation party, where I would make my first acquaintance with the entire Mormon Household Family, seven years ago.

The hospitality, kindness, love, and togetherness of this family can really bring one in a better peace in mind. The level of intelligence, generosity, and respect each individual from this family is an extraordinary achievement itself. By far the coolest Mormon family in existence easily, as each individual truly lives life to the fullest. If any individual from a family can thrive off of a quarantine... It be anyone from this family for sure. Grateful to have known a family, that really can bring the best out of everyone they get acquainted with, including myself. Sending my love and blessings to Drazen Anderson, Braxton Anderson, Carlee Anderson, the rest of the Anderson family, as well as Neuman McMillan and the rest of the dear McMillan family. Miss each and everyone of you dearly, I wish you a great amount of love and safety towards you all, God Bless. PS: I better get an invite to the next bowling shin gig

Alrighty let’s talk about movies shall we!

Greed Grade: C

I was actually going to watch Greed as my last AMC A-List triple feature watch, before the theaters shut down. Unfortunately never got the time around it, so here we are. I felt the major problem with Greed is certainly the presentation. The film felt mostly out of focused, as the editing threw me off. Sometimes it was a straight narrative, sometimes it felt like an autobiography consisting of a timeline that was out of order. Maybe in this format the film was perfectly fine towards it’s run time, however it some areas of substance, the film could’ve been longer. Some areas in which Sir Rich McCreadie (Steve Coogan) rise to becoming a billionaire, felt like some details were missing in the story, where it felt completely developed.

Some other aspects of the film actually worked, as which I was able for the most part keep my interest. The comedic style has it’s moments of quality chuckles. I did felt the main character to be interesting, as he was a witty con man. Oddly enough this film had a very important message, regarding disgusting amount of greed towards many of these billionaires. When you’re introduce to the numbers of what these workers make... It’ll honestly make you sick to your stomach, especially what the owners of the company make in profit, while avoiding paying their taxes in the mix. Capitalism is certainly problematic however is beneficial in some cases. Certainly at the end of this film, you can see why people are starting to want a change towards our capitalist ways. It’ll be interesting to see if they’ll ever move forward towards another direction, but due tp the amount of greed and selfishness our culture is so accustomed to, I don’t see it happening.

Overall, Greed was just ok. I say give it a chance at rental, like I said it does have some solid aspects.

Disappearance at Clifton Hill Grade: B-

IFC Midnight has become one of the unsung heroes, of quality low budget horror films, compared to the likes of Blumhouse. Disappearance at Clifton Hill has a fair amount to offer on the table. Including the haunting composed score it presents, as it makes you feel uncomfortable while watching. Well executed disturbing imagery that’s not over the top, but it’s presented well enough to creep out the audience. As this is a clever physiological mystery story, where we can either be solving a murder mystery, or encountering one that could be delusional in the mind.

Disappearance at Clifton Hill is just shy of achieving a B grading, simply due to the conclusion of this film. One intense sequence is entirely rushed, as we just don’t know just how the following scene is accomplish, could be due to the budget. Also the final shot honestly doesn’t make much sense, which I won’t spoil, but feel like many can understand where I was getting at. But then again due to our main character being delusional in the past, maybe this was meant to suppose to play more in the physiological factor?! You never know. This is another quality entree in the IFC Midnight catalog, definitely one of the better two and half star films I’ve seen all year long.

Overall, Disappearance at Clifton Hill is a fairly decent film. I recommend checking this one out, it can be found on HULU.

Goldie Grade: C

Goldie reminisces to the likes of Sean Baker’s The Florida Project. One of the films strengths is the cinematography, as I thought this was a lovely looking film, from a visual standpoint. The film also takes on many approaches towards style. Like colored pencil type animation, character introduction, freeze frame, some unique transitions. I can say from a story standpoint, it kept me interested majority of the run time.

Regarding style I felt it was very inconsistent. At times it’s looks good as far as presentation, but at times it can be extremely obnoxious. Especially the freeze frame shot, where Goldie (Slick Woods) is involved in a confrontation with Frank (Danny Hoch). Sometimes when following the story, the film suddenly takes a trip down ole amnesia lane. For example the scene where Frank and Goldie walking up the stairs, the scene repeats itself, as you’re encountering the same exact scene yet played back. When Goldie steals from Jose’s (Jose Rodriguez) wallet, we only see a few bills taken from the wallet. But later on Goldie flaunts out a FAN full of bills... How exactly did Goldie managed to get all that money, as earlier the wallet consist of a few bills?!

As far as Goldie getting the music video gig... What exactly inspired this rapper, to think she had what it takes to be in this video?! In the video, she doesn’t really showcase her talent, as anyone would ever book her for a gig. I would’ve liked if Goldie took this video audition seriously, as the audience would think, “Oh yeah Goldie, you are extremely talented in dancing! You deserve a shot!” I mean Goldie in her mind, she’s taking this music video as this is going to be her break to stardom. So why didn’t she take it seriously, as she looked extremely bored and barely gave much effort in dancing?! Goldie has some nice ideas here and there, a story that isn’t half bad, I just wish everything was more consistent.

Overall, Goldie was just ok. I wouldn’t mind giving this film a watch on Netflix, but a better recommendation would be Florida Project. -Mitch Smietana

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