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Weekly Roundup Episode 18: Congrats Class of 2020

Welcome to another edition of Weekly Roundup! Man oh man I graduated high school six years ago... Time really flies. I was told I would forever regret not walking on graduation with my class. Six Years Later... Not only is there not a single regret partaking in that moment, but I’m extremely proud of myself. If I did partake in a Cap and Gown that day, I would honestly be extremely disappointed in myself, and would call myself a Fraud.

I felt the way my school administration, teachers, and staff handled my out cries for help, I felt let down. Don’t get me wrong: I love some of my dear teachers to this day, but as a whole it was extremely unacceptable how they handled things. It felt like I was completely ignored, I felt extremely hurt. What’s important to me is Pride for my Well Being. Not partaking in a Cap and Gown on my graduation honestly showed how much I cared about myself. I don’t think anyone should represent a place, where you felt like your life never once mattered. It shows a sign of weakness and lack of respect for your own personal worth

I’m not bummed out missing out, I walked in a Cap and Gown at Marc Kahre Elementary School, joined by an administration, teachers, and staff that cared about each and everyone of us. That day leaves a special place in my heart, a place where there is a Great Amount of Love and Respect for One Another. Heck my crush whom I annoyed the living shit out of towards my love and affection towards her for two years, still left room to respect my well being.

I’ve had too many Cap and Gown moments in High School, where it supported my own well being... I didn’t need a meaningless one. I ended up celebrating my diploma, by picking it up on Julia B’s birthday while visiting Julia B at her school. The fact I got to celebrate this small significant achievement with my favorite person is good enough for me. I ended up supporting my friends at their graduation from the stands with my buddy Casey... It’s all about being a Class Act, towards your own well being and your friends.

So word of advice towards the Class of 2020: Walking in a Cap and Gown is overrated, what’s underrated is the importance of Self Love, Pride, and How you want to Represent Your Character. Don’t let anyone undermine your well being, you are all special, remind yourselves that each and everyday. The more you respect yourself, others will respect you. Congrats Class of 2020 and let’s talk about MOVIES!

Sea Fever Grade: B

Author Stephen King recommended this new aquatic horror flick. The timing of this film is... Well damn. People on a crew ship boat, worrying and stressing over getting infected by an unknown deadly virus, as the scientist Siobhan (Hermione Corfield) recommends quarantining and refuses to go back home, as she can prevent a pandemic... Like God Forbid! Thankfully the virus in this film is WAY more deadly than what is going on in our world, so let’s just be thankful for that.

Compared to an earlier 2020 film Underwater, Sea Fever is miles better than this. It’s an effective horror film, that can be extremely tense. I was squinting my face as I was afraid what could happen to people on this boat. Couple gore scenes was effective, making the audience a bit disturbed. I also found the creature design that was causing this virus to be cool as well. It provides a sense of beauty towards the ocean waters, giving the waters a glow. I like the fact this film kept me entertained throughout the run time.

Flaws includes stupidity by those operating the ship. Also there are quite a few moments of unintentional funny sequences. I also found the ending to be underwhelming as well. Everything setting up for this conclusion just didn’t live up to my expectations. But for a creature horror film... I like the fact this was an original experience, as I was happy it worked for me.

Overall, Sea Fever is a good film and I recommend checking this one out. If you have a library card do sign up for Hoopla, as you can watch this film for free. Some other films I rented recently including Abe and Driveways could also be seen on that platform for free... I could’ve saved $4.50... Oh well least they were both worth the rental purchase.

The Hunt Grade: D-

The Hunt was the last new release film in theaters, before Covid-19 showed up as it killed any chance of The Hunt to make a decent amount of money. This film was controversial back in 2019, as it angered many people whom supported the Republican Party... I don’t know anymore. Even the president was frown upon on this film, as he vowed to never have it released... And here we are, as it now exists.

I can’t tell if the President wanted this film to never release because it’s about Liberals hunting down Republicans, or was it due to the fact this film is extremely terrible?! Either way I hated this movie and just couldn’t do a full review on it, it doesn’t deserve it.

I do have a couple positives. Betty Gilpin does a pretty solid job in her role, it seems like Betty really enjoys acting in anything, you can tell by her spirit. Which brings me to a TV recommendation of a show Betty is in and that’s Glow... Watch it. The other positive being it has a couple effective scenes, regarding it’s metaphorical message. The Jack Rabbit and The Turtle story was actually cool, displaying how the Liberals and Republicans always have to win in any situation regardless if their wrong, as it’s endless fight that never brings progression on anything. Another effective moment is the kitchen scene, as the leader of this game explains how the country thrives on ignorance and the uneducated nature of a good half of the country. As well as Liberal “Elites” are completely delusional psychopaths, whom believe they are always right, and when their completely right they blame on others for being wrong... I’m getting a headache as this is bringing back Twitter vibes.

Other than the positives listed: This satire is completely obnoxious. I felt like I was being screamed at for a good eighty minutes, on nothing but references towards modern day society, social media, political agendas... I don’t mind any of these things if they’re done right, but when it’s beating you over the head non stop for eighty minutes, it can leave me extremely nauseous. The comedy in this film is atrocious, I didn’t laugh once. “Sorry I gendered it”... Oh FOOK OFF, no one talks like this.

The horror aspect of this film is nothing special at all. No creativity behind the kill scenes, the gore looks pretty stupid, for some reason it tries to be an action film as this film starts to lose it’s identity. It felt sometimes like I wasn’t watching a real movie at all, especially towards the twenty minute mark, where it takes a detour. The marketing pretty much gives this film away, as it’s honestly a complete waste of time watching this. I don’t care about these two political agendas, all I care about is watching something good and this wasn’t good at all.

Overall, The Hunt is a flat out terrible film, that many people were outrage for literally no reason in the first place, other than it being terrible. I don’t recommend this film at all. I saved $19 by not renting this during it’s early access release and man oh man I feel GREAT.

Banana Split Grade: C

Following up from the classic horror/thriller Dismissed, Dylan Sprouse is back with longer hair in Banana Split! The concept of Banana Split is something quite different: A Story about friendship being developed, over emotional comfort from April’s (Hannah Marks) recent breakup. But get this: April is being friends with her exes current new ting Clara (Liana Liberato)... Well that’s not confusing at all.

In a way you can understand why both characters decided to be friends. April’s encountering a friendship with Clara simply alone emotional comfort, where she’s not over her ex still, as being friends with Clara will bring her closer to home. Clara on the other hand I struggled for a good minute as to why she would be friends with April? I didn’t understand the purpose, until I realize Clara doesn’t have any girl friends of her own. So I guess that’s why Clara wanted to be friends with April, girls need friends of their own gender, even if it’s in a completely awkward state.

The story isn’t half bad, as both characters benefited off each other’s friendship. However I don’t see much of a point in this film, other than the fact women are extremely confusing. I get the purpose of Clara wanting to be April’s friend, but at the end of the day, why are you in a relationship with her ex for?! If you wanted to have a girl friend, than just be April’s friend and stop continuing a relationship with Nick (Dylan Sprouse). If anything your relationship is going to fail by this tactic, as earlier in the film we get a dramatic pause on the image of Nick, as it was clear Clara is serious about Nick.

Now not all films have to have a point, especially in comedies. However take away the story, as you’re left with an extremely dull comedy. A couple jokes work here and there, I loved the scene where April turns down a customer for wanting a hot dog, as she’s frown upon on the idea of one consuming a hot dog in the theater. I can totally relate to that scenario, as I find that idea also appalling. Other than that most of the comedic aspect was not generating laughs. One thing I found obnoxious is cutting to April’s household, where the entire family cussed the entire time. Not only is the idea of a household saying foul language makes me extremely uncomfortable, but the jokes were just stupid. I guess some may like the idea of this film, as others will find the concept pretty ridiculous. In a way I’m mixed, I just wish the character Clara was a little more understandable is all.

Overall, Banana Split was just ok. I rather just skip this and watch Booksmart instead. -Mitch Smietana

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