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Weekly Roundup Episode 17: Delete Twitter= Happiness

Welcome to another edition of Weekly Roundup! It’s been about eight or nine days since I deleted my main Twitter account. I got to say: This is exactly what Kanye West was talking about in his song “Ghost Town”. I FEEL FREEEEEEE!!! Who knew that if you stay away from a platform, that offers nothing but negativity, hatred, stubbornness, lack of forgiveness, unwilling to cooperate with others different opinions/views, unreliable information... You can finally feel alive?! I’ve regained a fair amount of joy in a week, as I’m now focus on more productive things again. You want a solution towards changing the toxic uninviting nature of modern day society?! DELETE THAT TWITTER APP COMPLETELY AND START LIVING B A B Y! Practice Love, Patience, Positivity, and Peace today and so forth, so we can see a better future moving forward. With that being said: LET’S TALK ABOUT MOVIES!!

Beanpole Grade: B-

Caught Beanpole at the last minute, before departing the MUBI streaming app. Beanpole is a nice visual film, with a solid cast, executes it’s themes well, as well as having a nice message about forgiveness. My issues with BeanPole has to be the story itself, as I felt it was a bit jumbled for my taste. Sometimes I can get lost and confused with the story, as it contradicts what the characters say earlier. Some out of ordinary occurrences happen, as you’re left questioning the story itself?! The way forgiveness is earned is a bit silly for my taste, as I would’ve liked the character to just have an unusual one night stand and be done with that character. I can appreciate the film for what it is and it’s by no means close to average, however despite my grade listed above... I rather have prefer some average 2020 films over this.

Overall, Beanpole is a fairly decent film and I would recommend checking this one out. Just don’t expect to be wowed is all I’m saying.

The Wrong Missy Grade: D-

This latest Netflix summer comedy film starting David Spade and Lauren Lapkus has mislead many Netflix users. What others hoped to receive a slap on their knees comedy film, we instead got a much deeper perspective on relationships and The Every Day Twitter user.

How often do we give up on somebody after a below mediocre first date?! I can honestly say 85% of human beings will give on somebody, if the first date doesn’t meet up with our expectations. The Wrong Missy shows 85% of those people, just how their method of dating is a failure to find true love. Tim Morris (David Spade) has a first date with Missy (Lauren Lapkus), which doesn’t go the way he thought it was going to turn out. Tim Morris since then hasn’t contacted Missy, leaving her out to the dust. But later on in the film, Tim and Missy reunited on a plane due to the fact Tim got THE WRONG MISSY to go on his Hawaii retreat with him! But as time goes on: Tim starts to grow a connection with Missy, a connection so deep that nobody but Tim himself can understand. Now Tim has fallen in love with Missy... You see everyone?! It doesn’t matter if the first date doesn’t go well, sometimes first dates don’t always strike gold. You have to give someone more time, as you have a proper analysis if the relationship is gonna work out or not. No matter if the significant other appears crazy on the first date, jacks you off while your unconscious on a plane (This actually happens in the movie), embarrasses you in front of your boss and co-workers, or puts you at risk by getting eaten by a shark... YOU CAN FIND ROMANCE, if you just give someone a great amount of time with that person.

Not only is The Wrong Missy a powerful romantic comedy, of how we should handle a poor first date moving forward, the film also offers a powerful look in the reality of The Everyday Twitter User. At the end of the film Tim Morris confesses his love for Missy, as he expresses all the “Redeemable” qualities about Missy. Tim Morris delivers a line of dialogue that honestly opened my eyes on the real world in front of me. Tim Morris quotes to Missy, “I want to have strong opinions on topics, I know nothing about.” When Tim Morris delivers that important line of dialogue, my heart honestly turned cold, as the film cracks the code on Every Single Everyday Twitter User. How often do you go on Twitter and hear a rambling idiot, have an opinion on something they clearly know nothing about?! EVERY DAY, OH MY GOD! The Wrong Missy is one of those films, where you have to applaud the brilliance of the screenwriter. That line of dialogue may open the eyes of many people whom go on Twitter and realize majority of the information they are given, is more than likely false information. Don’t take it from me now, I didn’t say anything. Take it from Tim Morris: A man who exposed the unreliability nature of the platform known as Twitter, wow this film man... B R A V A!

Alright cut the bullshit: I only watched The Wrong Missy due to the fact Red Letter Media had a video discussing the film. So far this is perhaps the worst comedy film of 2020, unless you count Fantasy Island as a comedy film...Or a film in that matter. I won’t lie I chuckled a couple times, but this gave me a massive headache. It maybe better as a film than A Fall From Grace, but man oh man The Wrong Missy is nowhere close to being funnier than that dumpster fire. Overall, The Wrong Missy is terrible and I don’t recommend this film at all. I wish I can do this to films I don’t want to talk about at all, it’s so much fun, hope you all enjoyed it.

Straight Up Grade: B

What lured me to Straight Up was simply the poster. Straight Up at times can be a gorgeous looking film, followed by lovely set pieces, and a solid color pallet. The only issues regarding the Cinematography is some glare issues in a few scenes, but majority of the film is dazzling from a visual standpoint. I also enjoyed the concept of this film, of one being confused of their sexual identity. While the world portrays Todd (James Sweeney) as a gay man, due to ya typical stereotypes. He sounds and acts like a typical gay man, so Todd has always be accustomed to the idea that he’s gay. But as Todd goes nowhere with his relationships with men, as he’s uncomfortable with the idea of sex with men... He starts to become completely confused towards his preference. He doesn’t know what he likes, but he doesn’t want to be alone forever. In a way the moral message of this film is no one should be acclaimed to a title, when going on about love. Love is simply a deep connection you have with the idea of someone, it’s more than just preference towards one’s gender. No one should feel obligated to acclaim a label, we should all love freely. The film maker did a pretty good job displaying this wonderful message.

This film offers a variety of romance, comedy, and drama as it’s effective in all areas. The romance side of this film is honestly adorable. I enjoyed watching Todd and Rory’s (Katie Findlay) lovely yet awkward relationship, as the two were highly acquainted by their personalities alone. Also found both of them to be well written and completely developed characters. Only issue with Rory is the fact in the beginning she was against labels, but later on in the film Rory puts a label on Todd... Way to be a hypocrite. I was honestly impressed with the comedy in this film, there are a quite a few laugh out moments. The whole Hellen Keller joke during the finale maybe the funniest joke we all are going to hear this year in film... I rewind that moment just because how funny the joke was. The dramatic portion of this film is really effective, as it’ll tear your heart strings, including the crucial down moments in Todd and Rory’s relationship.

Only other flaws to talk about is some of the awkward moments of the film, were a bit much. Especially when Todd and Rory have a game night with Todd’s friends... Eh I didn’t like it at all. The last shot in the film: WHY?! You already have a beautiful concluding last shot with Rory and Todd at Rory’s job, as it gives the audience mind to explore what might’ve happened afterwards?! But instead... You gave us an extra scene no one wanted, it honestly pissed me off. Not because what correlates after Todd and Rory’s moment, but you can’t just ruin a perfect fitting conclusion of your film like that. From what I’ve seen so far in 2020: This is honestly the best romantic comedy film you’re going to get out of the year so far.

Overall, Straight Up is a solid film. I recommend checking this one out, definitely worth it! -Mitch Smietana

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