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Weekly Roundup Episode 16: R.I.P. George Floyd

Welcome to another edition of Weekly Roundup! While our platform is to discuss and share our love for cinema, we must not be silent during these critical times. R.I.P. George Floyd... My heart along with millions of others have been hurt this past week, it’s actually been hard for me to watch a film, as my mind has been racing throughout the night. Advice moving forward: Abandoned the Negativity/Hatred lifestyle, as we all start practicing Patience, Positivity, Peace, and Love. We haven’t seen any progression for the last six years with Negativity/Hatred, enough is enough, all of us need to become better individuals moving forward. We all know society hates the idea of hard work and effort, however in these times if you want progression and change, you have to put in the time in order to get there.

Instead of resulting in violence, chaos, and destruction... Adapt Effective Communication. Effective Communication has been a lost art in this world for some time, truth be told Effective Communication does A LOT more good, than what society has been responding when things don’t go according to how things should be. Start being adults, sit down with one another, listen, and communicate so you can lead a better future... That’s really all it takes. Treat others fairly regardless of what anyone is presented on the outside should be common sense and should not be repeated a trillion times... I’m embarrassed.

We’ll be alright in due time... In due time. Let’s talk about films!

Bird Talk Grade: C+

The MUBI app show cases many intriguing films. Bird Talk is a Polish Film made by Xawery Zulawski and Piotr Kielar, as I must say... I have mixed feelings. On one hand it’s an effective film from a dialogue standpoint, exploring many themes including modern day society. You can also say the film in a way, is an experiment. Like I felt like I was inside the film makers mind, as they try to find ways to make an effective story. Kind of reminds me of Seven Psychopaths in a way. On another hand at times... I begged for this film to end. It honestly felt like something Gaspar Noe would make, only the film making is not up to par as of Noe’s style. The experience is fascinating yet it’s really in your face, where at times you feel claustrophobic while watching. A fair amount of appreciation put into this film, however I felt this could’ve been contained, where it shouldn’t be constantly beating me in the face.

Overall, Bird Talk is fine. I do recommend checking this out, could be found on MUBI.

I Still Believe Grade: D+

I Still Believe was one of the last few films that was released, before the closure of theaters. I honestly wanted to check this out before they shut down, could use some positive energy. I will say I Still Believe has a nice message, delivering some nice tunes. However I found the film extremely underwhelming. It’s visually bland, as our main characters are extremely flat as well. I honestly didn’t know a single thing about our lead characters, other than Jeremy Camp (KJ Apa) enjoys making music. Sure I enjoy chick flicks time to time, but the development between our characters feels unestablished.

Though the run time is almost two hours long... I still felt this film glossed over important parts of this story, as it does feel rushed. I would’ve like to learn about the development of Jeremy’s songs, other than being inspired by his gal Melissa (Britt Robertson). The acting was under par, I felt KJ Apa had a fine performance however didn’t believe the chemistry with Britt Robertson. It’s a film that feels unworthy of a theatrical release, as it should’ve been placed on LifeTime.

Overall, I Still Believe wasn’t that good of a film. I’d skip this film and just watch a classic acclaimed chick flick instead.

Premature Grade: B

Speaking of acclaimed romance films: Man oh man I enjoyed the shit out of Premature. Visually stunning film, has a great amount of charm to it, as well as many lovely captivating shots. Offers a lovely composed score, only issue I have is the song in the finale, mainly the singer... Thought she was doing too much. A solid cast all around, mainly lead by the couple of the hour Ayanna (Zora Howard) and Isaiah (Joshua Boone). Both Zora and Isaiah have great chemistry together on screen, as far as their characters I felt were well written as well.

The story itself kept it simple, but felt completely real and sometimes relatable towards the audience as far as the nature of this relationship. When the film encounters Ayanna’s journal entries, it feels like I’m being fed purely soul, as it refreshes the mind. What I felt the meaning of the film is though we have a plan heavily set on our future, those plans are not always guaranteed, as romance can happen in a blink of an eye. What I find fascinating is though Ayanna had her future set, she was willing to give it away to be with Isaiah. I guess that’s what happens when you have a relationship so deep, that it’s worth risking it all to be committed through and through, as you find a new future for yourself just for your significant other... Beautiful.

Overall, Premature is a solid romantic flick. I highly recommend checking this one out on HULU, definitely one of the better romance films this year has to offer. -Mitch Smietana

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