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Weekly RoundUp Episode 14: Angie Smietana

Welcome to another edition of Weekly Roundup! Through all the years I’ve known my grandmother, I never sat down and watch a film with her. More than likely due to the fact my grandmother didn’t see much appeal to them. My grandmother enjoyed game shows like Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy. I do recall her liking the Anna Farris and Allison Janney’s show Mom. I remember back in Winter 2017, me and grandmother watched the Knicks Celtics game, my grandmother heckled me the entire time wanting my Celtics to lose. My grandmother always hated Boston. After the game we watched a religious program, where my grandmother would mock out the entire program... It was by far the funniest moment I’ve ever spent in one sitting with her. Thanks for that cherish memory Granny, now let’s talk about films!

Porno Grade: C+

As a passionate movie theatre crew member, I actually appreciate the realistic approach of theatre employees and how they take this simple ole job seriously, for the art of cinema. Porno does have a neat concept, in which offers at times some effective horror elements to the film. I thought the attractive yet evil woman was pretty cool, as it lures their victims providing them to give in to their sexual temptations. Some of the effective horror elements were kind of bad ass, including on death scene in the bathroom stall, as well as someone balls exploding... Yeah, it goes there. Some of comedic elements does land, a few nice laughs here and there.

I do however have a couple problems with this film. I found the fact none of the crew members tried to escape the theatre was pretty dumb. Of course they wanted to make sure no one gets left behind, which I get that. However half could’ve stayed and have could’ve left, especially when one of the employees was in a poor critical condition, that needed medical assistance. Plus the third act was a bit much, even at times so stupid.

This film felt like a Goosebumps only for adults. It’s a charming, at times funny, and even at times fun to watch. Overall, Porno is a perfectly fine enjoyable film and I recommend this film, as it can be available for rental on V.O.D. platforms.

All Day and A Night Grade: D+

When it comes to Ashton Sanders, he has a nice career thus far. Partaking in the Best Picture winning film Moonlight, Equalizer 2, and last years Native Son which I found to be good. With this film, I question Ashton Sanders acting ability to be repetitive. It just feels like Sanders is playing the exact same performance over and over again, as he doesn’t take much risk in his acting ability. However the main character he plays Jahkor is an extremely unlikable character. The film makes you want to have sympathy for this troubled being, however where he does have chances to improve for his own well being and future, he chooses the wrong path every single time. One may argue, “Oh but he was raised by a drug addict father, whom was rough so it’s not his fault.” However Jahkor has multiple family members and even a friend, who try to lead Jahkor a life not being controlled by his street surroundings, as well as taking his life seriously. Jahkor instead settles to be a prick instead, because to better yourself is too much work.

The motivation for Jahkor to kill the man and woman in the beginning of the film, honestly left me baffled. Probably because his plan to terminate this fellah, has literally nothing to do with Jahkor’s whole story in the first place. Also I don’t understand why Jahkor was so angered by this man? If you’re going to get angered by anybody, it be yourself and even your father. Your own grandmother and mother tried to lure you to a better path, instead you chose to be influence by your father, whom made wrong decisions after wrong decisions. Also the editing of the film is not properly structure, as it should be in all chronicle order.

I found All Day and A Night to be completely stale and at times frustrating to watch. Overall, All Day and A Night is a lousy film and I don’t recommend this film.

Abe Grade: B-

Cooking + Films Based Around Cooking = Peace in Mind. My main issue with Abe is this films lack of knowledge of social media, as anytime social media is presented in the film, I cringe incredibly badly. Repeatedly saying HashTag over everything is extremely annoying, plus this film believes Tumblr is another form of YouTube or SnapChat... Very weird. I found Abe (Noah Schnapp) getting bullied by his fellow classmates confusing. I don’t think kids would bully you if you’re a normal kid, whom enjoys cooking.... But then again I got bullied for having a rap career, so ya never know, high school kids are psychopaths. Still I needed more background information why Abe was getting bullied. I also found Abe’s father to be an extremely annoying character. I get that he’s an atheist, but it’s an over the top portrayal of this character with his description. Sometimes atheists just go with the flow and not have to remind everyone that they hate religion or that they whom they are.

Abe is not only a nice sweet cooking film, but is also a film making a nice message of those that differ from different backgrounds of religion or politics. Abe not only has a Jewish family, but also has a Muslim family. Abe tries to satisfy both parties, by going neutral, as of course the families are still a bunch of piss pots. It’s kind of how politics are today: You can’t reason on both parties, you have to choose one side and that’s it. Where it’s effective is in the third act, where Abe is cooking a meal for both families. As Abe is offering an awfully sweet gesture, the families do absolutely nothing but argue, complain, and just hate on each other. Where Abe eventually breaks down, claiming their parents made a mistake on having Abe in the first place. The film pretty much shows how foolish both families are. Instead of getting along and enjoying time together as human beings with differences, they instead act like complete morons as they do nothing but hate on each other. We see it everyday in politics, why can’t human beings be human beings and just live life in a more reasonable approach? Where we can accept differences and still enjoy life? I appreciate the fact Abe took on this approach, providing a nice message while showing lovely footage of cooking sequences.

Overall, Abe is a fairly decent film and I recommend this film, as it can be seen as a rental option on V.O.D. platforms. -Mitch Smietana

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