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Weekly Roundup Episode 13: Locked on Docs

Welcome to another edition of Weekly Roundup! You know I should’ve hade a nice week. Spent a few days with my favorite dog and got paid for it, bought my Chicago Football trip as it didn’t affect my finances, and the Drive-In has finally reopened! Unfortunately the week for myself was completely exhausting, to the point where I felt depressed with a poor amount of sleep six days out of seven. But you know what I always say? Though you had a bad week, surely this upcoming week will be better. Now let’s talk about some 2020 documentary films shall we?!

Spaceship Earth Grade: B

Ah yes Neon Rated is back with another documentary film, hooray we’re saved in our depression! Neon Rated had a great 2019 year as far as documentary films including Apollo 11, The Biggest Little Farm, and Amazing Grace! Spaceship Earth may not be as good as those documentaries of last year, however this is yet another fascinating documentary film from Neon Rated. Visually this film is quite stunning to look at, with the square 4X4 framing of old footage. I found the substance of the film to be a bit strange, however intriguing to watch as I learned a great amount of information. The people showcased in this is so strange, yet you just can’t help but appreciate the fact that these people really did something extraordinary with their lives within their projects. Go into this film blind like I did and surely you’ll have a nice time, another well made documentary from this film company.

Overall, Spaceship Earth is a solid documentary and I recommend this film on Hulu!

Circus of Books Grade: C

Circus of Books is an unusual discovery, that kept popping up on my Netflix feed. The description of this documentary made me not interested, but you know I gave it the benefit of the doubt, as last years Knife+Heart impressed me. I felt for the first forty minutes, this was a rather strange yet interesting documentary film. A normal Jewish couple partaking in the gay porn industry, helping distributing content and owning a store to help make financial meets... I can’t help but laugh at times, it’s weird. Especially when head lady of the store, had a straight face talking about sex toys and anal lube... My facial expression can’t take this stuff seriously I’m sorry.

I felt the last forty minutes of this film honestly left me quite disappointed. I felt topics of discussion of the documentary felt rushed, like there were a few interesting elements in this documentary, however were rushed and they weren’t explored more. The family dynamic of this documentary is dreadfully boring the last forty minutes. Don’t take my word for it, go ask the mother whom suggested her daughter should explore much interesting topics in her documentary instead... She said it two times! In the end of things I can see why the purpose of making this documentary could appeal to an audience, due to the fact it’s such an odd yet interesting story... I just felt it could’ve been a lot better than what we received.

Overall, Circus of Books is just ok and I would just skip and watch Knife+Heart instead.

A Secret Love Grade: B

Ah this documentary reminds us all why a life without love, is a life that is completely pointless and meaningless... Excuse me while I go cry in a corner of loneliness. All jokes aside this documentary was surprisingly produced by Blumhouse... Once in a great while Jason Blum surprises you. At first I felt this documentary was going to be bland for my taste. But as we started to explore the couple’s past lives... Man I love this couple, they’re freaking awesome. Especially Terry, whom was one of the pro female ball players that inspired Tom Hanks’ film A League of Their Own.... That’s so awesome! The film making and story itself was simple, yet were for the most part solid as a whole, creating a nice sweet little documentary film. The film will make your heart warm yet will crush you in the final ten to fifteen minutes... It’s so cute, yet it makes you crushed in a way.

Overall, A Secret Love is a solid documentary and I would recommend this film on Netflix. -Mitch Smietana

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