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Weekly Roundup Episode 102: Bad Suns Concert Experience

Welcome to another edition of Weekly Roundup!

After finishing up watching my cousin putting up a whopping five goals at some Military hockey event, I was on my way to a Bad Suns concert at a small like venue. I recently discovered Bad Suns a couple months before the concert, as a couple of my friends posted about them as I figure I give their newest album Apocalypse Whenever a listen. Turns out: The album was pretty good, very authentic like alternative music that at times can feel inspired by The Killers. I had a day off on the day of the concert as I figured considering it was $25… Why not go see them live, along with a couple other bands?!

Arrived at Virgin Hotels a couple hours early, as I was anticipating to eat a lavish meal. For a Saturday in Las Vegas: Virgin Hotels produced barely any traffic across the entire casino, as it wasn’t really busy at all with that many people, which is strange. Virgin Hotels is one of the newest built casinos in the city, so I was quite surprised considering how clean and brand new the place looked with barely any people inside. 

The design of the casino didn’t wow me, but I did appreciate it’s cleanliness, as it also did have a wide selection of restaurants and such. I went ahead and tried Casa Calavera which is a Mexican Restaurant. Time to time I enjoy Mexican food, mostly centered around Fajitas. I tried the Shrimp Tacos, which featured three tacos, however sides are not included as the waitress did not inform me Rice and Beans were an upcharge. 

The presentation of the dish looked nice, however the quantity of the food left me a bit baffled. While they were generous with the rice and beans portion, the tacos however appeared to be shrinky dink sized tacos, resembling the likes of a corner Street Taco place… Never wrong with those places, but if I’m paying $28 I expect bigger sized tacos, plus they were bit stingy with the Shrimp as well.

The Tacos themselves in taste was good but not spectacular $28 worth good as I was better off eating a Fajita at Flaming Fajitas, which is actually cheaper and you get WAY more food that’ll fill you up. I did tried the Rice and Beans: The Rice was actually good, the Beans however I spit it out as it was a very bitter nasty taste. Overall, I give Casa Calavera a 6/10. Was a good meal but WAY too overpriced, not a place where I tell people to go out of their way and pay for, on the bright side the meal didn’t leave me too full which is exactly where I want to be considering going to a concert and all.

As I get inside 24 Oxford… I was shocked how small this venue was. I assume it resemble the like of Brooklyn Bowl, The Joint, or The Chelsea… Turns out it was a much much smaller venue, how small we talking?! There was no bathroom inside the place, so if you’re considering going to a concert here any time soon, you MUST clear your bladder before entering and to second guess on buying drinks at the bar… Which I question why have a Bar if you’re not going to provide a bathroom!?

I was anticipating a pleasantly relaxing chill concert experience, featuring quality music… I surprisingly gotten that, but so much more as well. The opening bands Quarters of Change and Last Dinosaurs were both surprisingly really good, I wasn’t expecting such quality listenable music from the opening acts that truly satisfy you while waiting for the main band to perform. I do highly recommend checking out Last Dinosaurs newest album From Mexico With Love, that dropped earlier in November, really good album as my favorite tunes are Auto-Sabotage and The Hating. 

I thought Bad Suns would provide a similar chill relaxing vibe the opening acts provided, but it turns out Bad Suns performing wise provides a whole new level of energy I was not expecting at all. The entire band brought out a side of me in which I lost total self control in dance, rhythm, and especially jumping up and down like a loose maniac… Like this band totally BROUGHT their A-Game for their final show on their tour. Lead singer Christo Bowman truly brought some electric vocals today, brought a truly pure entertainer spirit as he continued to move all around the stage, including providing an epic moment of having the crowd lift himself up physically while performing a song. The whole vibe and energy of Bad Suns was purely fun but more so unforgettable, what was a $36 show felt like being in a $200+ show as you truly felt you got your money’s worth and more. 

What is also special about the concert experience turns out to be the fan experience of it all, as it’s the best crowd I’ve been apart of this year along with Silk Sonic. I feel concert culture has truly been tarnished by the usage of Smart Phones, as people try to secure clout on Social Media platforms or secure views on their YouTube page. This concert: You rarely saw a phone on sight… It felt amazing to be apart of people fully engaged with the whole concert experience, singing along and having the time of their life. 

Met a Brother/Sister duo that has been to Bad Suns concerts in the past, as I kid you not this Brother/Sister were completely wholesome that it made me sadden me and my sister aren’t as close like we used to. The Brother/Sister were extremely nice and friendly to me, I adore how they took such silly photos of each other with their shades on… I had a ball with them for sureeeee!

Overall, Bad Suns was truly a fantastic concert, from the opening acts to the main act… Great Music and Great Energy. I give their concert an A, ranked 11th out of the 49 concerts I’ve been to thus far. If you have a chance to see Bad Suns live: I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT, you won’t be disappointed and you’ll thank me later once you did. Let’s talk about movies!

Confess, Fletch Grade: B

If Confess, Fletch was a drink, it’ll be considered an ole fashion… I don’t drink, but the film felt like a ole fashion play it cool mystery film.

Wasn’t on the comedic level of See How They Run earlier this year, however Confess, Fletch still provides an engaging mystery story as we try to solve an unexpected murder unfold. I felt Jon Hamm delivered a dope performance as the main character Fletch, it felt like a performance you see in the much older grander scale of cinema, as he provided likeness and swagger this character needed to have, t’was a entertaining performance indeed. I appreciate Jon’s passion for this project as he gave up like 60% of his salary to get this film made, nice to see those in business willing to sacrifice to make original films made. 

Overall, Confess, Fletch was solid film. I recommend checking this one out, can be found on ShowTime.

Grimcutty Grade: F

Oh boy Grimcutty… This film was freaking hilarious in all the wrong ways. The concept at hand features a cursed Tik Tok challenge, which features a “scary” monster that if witnessed, the entity will force people into cutting themselves. It’s worth noting that there was no Tik Tok challenge ever involved to summon this entity, but the entity itself via character design… It’s by far the silliest thing I’ve ever experienced, as you can’t take it seriously at all.

Everything about Grimcutty is truly terrible as a whole. I mean the acting is truly atrocious, our characters are obnoxious and unlikable, no sign of horror anywhere in this film whatsoever, it’s just one gigantic mess. I feel with the concept at hand as the film takes on a theme, of the ongoing trouble social media and our smart phones have done to our Mental Health… The ones who are behind this film have 0 idea how to take on this challenge at hand. This film introduced me to ASMR which is helmed by our main character as I gotta say… That is the most cringeworthy thing I’ve ever experienced, especially in the grand finale like good grief.

Overall, Grimcutty was a horrible film, but at least I had a great laugh while watching. I don’t recommend this film at all.

Beba Grade: B

You can always count on Neon Rated to produce quality Documentaries that don’t feel like Documentaries, as Beba is another example. I felt this documentary was more style over substance, as what caught my eye was the film making as it’s beautifully shot into one whole lovely transition, featuring such eye candy like moments. I also like learning about the main person’s culture as well, those moments were enjoyable to watch indeed.

Substance however… Wasn’t really feeling the main person featured in the film, as I felt she was unlikable and a bit rude. She makes some good points about things discussed in terms of how she was treated, but then again the woman had a very horrible attitude towards people including her own family, which is hard to get behind her as after awhile it was hard to continue watching her.

Overall, Beba was a solid documentary. I recommend checking this one out, can be found on HULU.

Wendell & Wild Grade: B

Henry Selick has had many animated gems in the past. From The Nightmare Before Christmas, to James and The Giant Peach, and especially his last film Coraline which was thirteen years ago, so Henry’s resume you can say has created some certified gems. Looking at the looks of this film: I was extremely excited, considering it was stop motion animation which I extremely adore.

Wendell & Wild is another film that excels more so on style over substance. The animation is extremely gorgeous to look at, loved the character designs, loved the horrific set design of this town which was once in it’s glory to turn into a total waste due to poverty, and especially the entities involved whether it be Wendell (Keegan-Michael Key) and Wild (Jordan Peele), the ghouls risen from the dead, and especially main villain in the underworld.

The story I will say is a good tale, however wasn’t blown away with it by any means. It’s kind of funny how this children's film, plays with a theme in which can relate to the 2020 election as the controversy surrounds votes counting in by deceased people.

Overall, Wendell & Wild was a solid film. I recommend checking this one out, can be found on Netflix.

Orgasm Inc: The Story of OneTaste Grade: B

You know the ole saying goes nowadays?! Sex sells. This documentary is centered around the company OneTaste, a company in which is helmed by Nicole Daedone. OneTaste is to help and encourage people’s sexual drive, mostly for women whom are seeking to achieve having an orgasm.

This documentary was truly bizarre substance wise… I can’t really fathom just how sick the founder of this company is. Don’t get me wrong: I’m less concerned about the whole “achieving an orgasm” thing, as I can understand women’s and most certainly men’s insecurity in that department, when they don’t achieve that goal in mind. I’m more concerned how this woman manipulated all these people, in considering sexual assault is actually a proper, normal, or good thing when partaking in a relationship or sexual desires… Like this woman was batshit crazy.

It’s truly fascinating what people are willing to do or pay in order to secure sexual desires at hand. I mean we’re talking about people paying thousands of dollars to attend sex parties, learn one on one how to achieve pleasure for their significant other… Like it’s just completely absurd the whole spectacle, especially when it transitions into sex cult.

Overall, Orgasm Inc: The Story of OneTaste was a solid documentary. I recommend checking this one out, be warned it’s quite disturbing in not only sexual nature but more so dark nature especially. -Mitch Smietana

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