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Weekly RoundUp Episode 10: Sleep Deprived is not Da Wave

Welcome to another episode of Weekly Roundup! I gotta tell ya the media and their predictions, on when it’s safe to enjoy life again... Not helping. Human beings need to stop over thinking things, I mean we just finished a month without movies in theaters, calm down with these over exaggerated predictions. Take everything week by week, a great amount of change can happen in a blink of an eye, life is full of miracles ya know?! Think reasonably and stop putting harm to the mental health of others. Quick announcement: Retro Talk will resume tomorrow, quick apology haven’t been sleeping well. Anyways it’s time to discuss some 2020 films.

Inside the Rain Grade: C+

The discovery of Inside the Rain came about, while scrolling through the Amazon Prime app. The poster itself looked like your typical Nicholas Sparks adaption chick flick film... Which I enjoy chick flicks, so I was looking forward to a nice calm chick flick. However the ole saying “Never Judge a Book by it’s Cover” caught me off guard twice. One being that this is not a chick flick at all, this is actually an experience unlike no other. I was honestly stunned what I was partaking in, not only is the poster misleading though it’s the second to last shot of the film, but the title itself is questionable as well. The other ole saying comes to play, by discovering some important information behind making this film. This film was written/directed by Aaron Fisher, a man whom does have bipolar disorder, like our main character Ben Glass (Aaron Fisher) has. This is the first time ever, where I had to completely reevaluate my grading and criticism on a film, after just learning whom is behind the camera. Because you understand whom made this film, not only does your perspective of the film change, but you now understand what the film maker was trying to say. Inside the Rain is no means a perfect film, it has many flaws that stand out. Including majority of the film is out of focus, the narrative does feel out of focused as it takes on way too many ideas, the cast as a whole wasn’t good, some editing issues as well where scenes feel out of placed. However Inside the Rain is kind of a thoughtful film in a deep perspective. It teaches viewers to not assume the worst, due to ones past, that can lead more harm than good. It also teaches viewers that you shouldn’t work yourself up, just to be accepted, which was very sweet. As Aaron Fisher wanted to make a comedy, I think he achieved that accomplishment, as this film is extremely hilarious. The film is a very intriguing experience. I think this film would’ve easily been good, if Fisher just got some professional help from an experience screenwriter/director. When you look at the film closely, you understand that there is something here, it’s just handled by one that is inexperienced, that’s why the flaws stand out rather than the positives. For a one time watch it’s enjoyably fine, but I would recommend much better films, that relate to this content only were better made or more entertaining enough to be rewatched again. Films like The Peanut Butter Falcon, Chained for Life, and even The Room relating to a film maker achieving his dream of making a film of their own. Overall, Inside the Rain is a perfectly fine film and I would recommend for a one time watch for sure.

The Main Event Grade: C

Remember Like Mike?! A film about a young kid, whom becomes an NBA superstar because he wore some magical worn Jordans?! Silly, but enjoyably silly. The Main Event joins Like Mike, Thunderstruck, and Like Mike 2: Streetball... OH YOU THINK YOU CAN BEAT BUCK WILD?! Why do I remember that stupid, yet oddly enjoyable straight to DVD film?! Though The Main Event is completely predictable, extremely silly, and at times has many nonsensical sequences. However The Main Event is surprisingly not terrible, in fact for a children’s film... It’s enjoyably safe. The story itself though the premise has been done a thousand times before, the whole motivation of the child achieving their dreams of becoming a WWE Wrestler was kind of sweet. The film keeps the viewer intrigued by the bizarre nature, while reminiscing the good ole days, where you enjoyed the WWE once as a kid, as Leo’s (Seth Carr) love for the sport was nice. I think the film could’ve been enjoyably average, if they didn’t spend a small brief of time on Leo’s side plot, of the departure of his mother leaving his dad for another man. It just never goes anywhere, as I questioned why was it needed? Just stick to Leo trying to win the WWE NXT tournament, so he can pay off his fathers debt, so he can spend more time with Leo and not have to work two jobs. For a stay at home Netflix film for families... It’s alright. Overall, The Main Event was just ok and if you have nothing better to do, where this genre of film is considered a guilty pleasure, then sure knock yourselves out... Just like the scent of Leo’s magical mask...

L.A. Originals Grade: B

I flipped a coin between two documentary films, as the Netflix original documentary L.A. Originals won the coin toss. L.A. Originals continues the consistency of Netflix original documentaries, as I thought this was a solid well made documentary. Watching the lives of legendary artist Mister Cartoon and photographer/director Estevan Oriol were both extremely intriguing to watch. It was also an enjoyable friendship to watch as well, as they both did things together and had a great amount of success, without any dispute nor confrontation as well, both were professionals. Both were daring visionaries, whom didn’t care what the average norm had to say, they just follow their dreams and did what was cool to them, as in the end they both left a mark to remember in this world. Learning the history of Mister Cartoon was very fascinating, like he’s the reason why tattoos are where they’re at today. Such a talented artist, whether it be drawings, tattoos, graffiti art, car art, and even a shoe design... What a talent he was, a very humble man as well. Estevan Oriol had a intriguing life as well, a talented photographer that not only capture lovely shots, but he took risk of capturing the harsh part of reality in living in LA. As far as drug related, gang related, and even the homeless parts of LA... I mean this guy really took his photography in a level not many would risk. I do however wish they explored Estevan’s life a little more, like in the end he talks about the many bills he has, but doesn’t explain how he has the challenge of having many bills. I also felt the documentary looked like your basic Netflix documentary look, it’s getting old the way these Netflix documentary films are all shot the same. Overall, L.A. Originals is a good documentary film and I recommend this film on Netflix. -Mitch Smietana

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