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We’re All Going to the World’s Fair Quick View; Grade: B-

We’re All Going to the World’s Fair tells a story of a teenage gal named Casey (Anna Cobb), who is doing an internet challenge known as The World’s Fair. Casey has to say “I Want to Go to the World’s Fair” three times over, repeatedly stab her index finger with a pin, and watch strobing lights. Once she’s done with this whole ordeal: She hopes to encounter being in a horror like film, as others whom have done the challenge have experience a scary reaction as well. Casey will continue to create videos, showcasing with her whole experience of this challenge.

I originally was going to discuss this as a potential Weekly Roundup film, but then a couple pages later… Had to give it a good ole Quick View format.

Premiered at Sundance back in 2021, this film does captures a similar feel of Paranormal Activity. Both films are completely different: One is a spooky horror film consisting of a demonic spirit, the other consisting of a much deeper sentimental feel surrounding the internet. This can be viewed in a couple ways: It can be viewed as a deep perspective about the immense emptiness the internet has done on humanity, or can be viewed showcasing introverts trying to lure themselves out of loneliness with the internet.

As we're going through Casey’s experience within the horror game she plays off the Internet… It truly reveals the truly saddening detail, on just how the Internet really has done significant damage on humanity. I feel the effect can be truly alarming, seeking out a dangerous activity simply out of the sake of boredom, which I know many can relate as there are many unnecessary challenges people create off the internet in order to relive boredom. 

You can also say too much time on the internet, can lead to a heavily isolated life, which in Casey’s case… There’s really not much to her life, other than existing. I mean we get her view of what her day in life is like, in this rather bland town she lives in…  There’s no wonder why she prefers to partake in using her time on the internet. When you don’t have family/friends in this particular setting, your mind just feels ultimately shut down as you struggle to create production within your time outside of your house even. As you can clearly tell with Casey’s experience: The more and more time we spend with her, the more and more damage is caused to her Mental State of Mind. She completely loses all control with herself, as this is the alarming effect too much time is spent on the internet… It’s not healthy, as we need to address the importance of having a life outside the home, more so the computer.

There’s also another intriguing meaning involved, when it comes to those who are seeking closure from the internet, hoping to relieve their loneliness. As socially awkward human beings: It can be an immense challenge for one to make friends out in the open, as the anxiety of it all is too much to handle. The internet in a positive way, relieves the pressure most have yearning to socialize with other beings, as they wouldn’t be able to do so out in the open.

Adding on: Sometimes people get the wrong idea, of an older being socializing with a younger being online. There is no question that there are extremely awful people, whom use the internet to accomplish their predator like desires. However in JLB’s (Michael J Rogers) case… Sometimes there are just completely harmless innocent beings, whom are looking for a friend and nothing more. I feel many audiences who have had random encounters over the internet when they were younger, can relate as feeling there was no issue with socializing with a complete stranger online, as there was nothing problematic other than fulfilling the loneliness inside both partaking in conversation. I remember when I was twelve playing a computer game, interacting with an older gal I think sixteen or seventeen, as we engage in several genuine conversations… But my mother found out and pretty much told me I couldn’t speak to her again. So I understood from Casey’s perspective why she didn’t think much of speaking to this older gentleman… She felt he had a genuine kind spirit, as sometimes there are extremely lonely people who just want a friend and nothing more.

It seems over the course of time: Internet has evolved into the new normal of accomplishing socialization. Whether it be Chat Rooms, Social Media Platforms, Dating Apps, or now even Virtual Reality… It seems to be as time goes on, we’ve become more comfortable talking to a person online rather than in person, as in person can make others feel scared and uncomfortable.

Anna Cobb delivered a great performance as Casey, as I felt her sense of composure through all the extreme situations was maturely done, to where it’s not taken as a joke at all. The character in terms of development I thought it was executed fairly done. Even though you would like the film to have a bit more interest with the character as being more interesting, the film at least makes the viewer understand her sense of loneliness as to why she partakes in this Internet challenge as she feels as a completely isolated spirit as well. I do look forward to see Anna Cobb in more future films, as she had a great debut.

Michael J Rogers had a solid performance as JLB, I felt his moments with talking with Casey were simply compelling. I will say as a flaw I wish more development was made on his character, as he does seem more of an open book, as we can’t quite tell what his deal is in terms of yearning for a friend or why exactly does he feel attached with the internet as a whole.

The horror element of this film does have a few nice moments. I felt the whole arm sequence of a random person who did the challenge was pretty neat. Anna Cobb also delivers some rather striking disturbing moments here and there, especially her completely insane sequence singing about how awesome winter is… Only completely insane people love the winter indeed. It doesn’t quite elevate to bring itself a truly horrific atmosphere as common as the Paranormal films, however I felt that was the intention of the film maker, to make a much more meaningful film rather than generate over bloated scares.

I can see the displeasure the audience have shown with this film. In terms of entertaining but more so interest value: The film can be a little bit dull, as I can completely understand if one were to turn off the television early. But in my opinion: As you watch and try to open your mind to the world in this film, you’ll know there is admiration for the what the film is trying to address, within it’s meanings.

Overall, We’re All Going to the World’s Fair is a fairly decent film. I recommend checking this one out, can be found on HBO Max or you can rent it as well on Itunes, Amazon etc. -Mitch Smietana

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