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We Need to Do Something (2021 Tribeca Film Festival); Grade: B+

Strictly Films welcomes you back to more coverage of this years 2021 Tribeca Film Festival! Our next film on the block: We Need to Do Something. We Need to Do Something takes place around a storm, as a family gathers for shelter in a bathroom. While they think this would be just a regular storm, it turns out to be much worst... Chaos has struck down on the family's house, as almost the entire house is destroyed however the bathroom they stay at alone is safely secure. As the family wants to seek out for help, the family however can not due to the fact they are locked in their own bathroom, as a tree is placed directly down on the outside bathroom door. The family will endure many challenges ahead including starvation, rattle snakes, family members going insane, and some unexpected visitors along the way.

Following a year in which isolation was highly recommended... I believe this film in some capacity will bring up some rather miserable memories. However this film will make you more grateful that you were not in a terrible position like these people, while in isolation... Imagine being locked up in a bathroom with your family, with no food and no privacy?! It does sound like a nightmare.

We Need to Do Something though mainly centered around one particular scenery, I honestly really enjoyed this horror flick. I enjoyed how the family dynamic felt like an actual real family, it's actually scary accurate as I felt I was watching my own family on screen. They seem like a typical regular family, that does fine when the going is normal. But when it comes to a disastrous situation like this... Oh boy they immensely fail under pressure, especially the jittery paranoid father (Pat Healy) who's gone completely insane. I felt all the characters were well written, each of them has a personality as none of them actually felt dull at all. The best character and even performance by far was the father played by Pat Healy, as he was just flat out entertaining, he surely brings on a show. If there's one person you would never want to be trapped with, it's this guy... I mean his antics were utterly absurd to the max. This performance was flat out nuts and it needed to be, gives the film some genuine great laughs while also executing great tension making you unease in certain situations.

It's surprising though this film has one location, it somehow is extremely effective bringing you a story that is rarely ever dull while executing an effective horror aspect along with it. I mean there are several moments where you feel unsettle by the events going on, as in certain moments you feel frighten what is bound to come for these characters. Especially the scene involving the father and the son near a door... Like God Forbid I was fearing big time for this kid in this scene. This film really doesn't show much of anything, as the film maker wants us to use our imagination in trying to imagine what the world is like on the outside. It maybe an issue for some, but given the low budget factor I think the whole one location element was fine enough, as it doesn't hurt for the audience to have an imagination what they felt was like outside of this room.

Flaws I have was the whole Melissa (Sierra McCormick) side plot where the world is normal. It felt kind of goofy and in a way defeated the whole purpose of trying to explore your own imagination for yourself. One can argue if we can show Melissa and her own thing with this other girl, why can't we be shown what the current outside world is like?! Could be a budget thing, however I will kind of agree to that argument as well. There is one weird scene I just didn't care for, it's suppose to be use for horror and I just found it quite ridiculous.

As a horror film that's suppose to excel on tension and suspense alone... This film does a really good job in just doing that. Where films can often be dull in this type of format, We Need To Do Something succeeds in making it as entertaining as it possibly can.

Overall, We Need To Do Something was pretty good! I recommend checking this one out, I believe it'll be released in September on V.O.D. since IFC Midnight was involved with distribution, as rarely ever do you see their movies on the big screen, which is a shame because IFC Midnight has made many solid low budget horror flicks. -Mitch Smietana

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