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Venom: Let There Be Carnage; Grade: C-

Venom: Let There Be Carnage continues the story of journalist Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) in a complicated bond with his alien buddy Venom. Eddie Brock is called on by request, to a do a story on a serial killer named Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson). Venom was able to spot the mystery, of where all the bodies were hidden by Cletus. Cletus is then sentence to the death penalty, as Cletus seeks vengeance on Eddie. Eddie comes and visits Cletus again at the prison, as Venom led a confrontation with Cletus, which would then gave Cletus the power of acquiring the alien power himself. It’s an all out battle now between two symbiotes, as Eddie and Cletus will clash!

Andy Serkis’ intention is to make a romantic comedy out of this film. To that I say: Andy Serkis achieved his goal.

The dispute between Eddie and Venom does play off as a romantic comedy subplot, as the two are going through a series of arguments as both sides are on completely different path ways. You can say Eddie and Venom definitely need a “Break” from each other like any other relationship, as they would hope from the break they either find themselves as to what they really want or hopefully they’ll come back to each other, realizing their incomplete without each other. It sounds completely silly, especially given the fact this is suppose to continue on a super villain origin story… However, the directors intentions was somewhat effective as I can that subplot alone worked just fine.

Honestly: Any subplot that is associated with some kind of romance, works in this film. I liked the whole Cletus and Frances (Naomie Harris) romantic side plot, both misfits whom were abandoned as children finding themselves within each other… It was sweet, even if it’s messed up. At least it gives Cletus some kind of reason why he goes on an epic rampage to help Frances escape from that facility.

Now that I have given my positives: This film is honestly super ridiculous. As a standalone comic book movie centering around the continuing origin story of a super villain…. It’s such an odd choice for a sequel, as it’s extremely hard to take seriously. Speaking of which: Why is Venom still playing off as a good guy in these movies?! I’m waiting for that turn Venom is going to take to become a villain so Spider Man has a purpose to fight him, but it seems unlikely due to the fact Venom wants to do good things and eat “Bad Guys”.

As Frances is being taken to the hospital by the police and such, did it ever occurred to anyone that maybe they should’ve worn a mussel on Frances?! You’re dealing with a woman whom has the power of screaming extremely loud to the point where one can damage their hearing, why didn’t anyone think of making a special mussel when transferring her to this place?!

The action in this film was honestly extremely dull for my taste, which is kind of embarrassing considering the fact “Let There Be Carnage” is in the title and the action sequences are easily the most boring part of this film. This film gave more lines for Venom to speak and it honestly baffled me. Venom has such an irritating deep voice, that at times when Venom is speaking dialogue it can perhaps to be unclear.

When it comes to the antagonist Cletus… I’m trying to understand what’s his moral reasoning behind murdering innocent people?! Typically when you have a romantic partner, you’re pretty much distracted from doing any harm to anyone because you’re so occupied in being happy with your significant other, there’s no point. Early on it made sense why Cletus was evil, but later on… Why?!

At least Venom: Let There Be Carnage felt like a major improvement from the first film, however the entire thing is still baffling to me to take it seriously.

Overall, Venom: Let There Be Carnage was alright. I don’t recommend this film, I think comic book nerds are going to have fun with this. -Mitch Smietana

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