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Unhinged; Grade: D+

Unhinged tells a story about a mother named Rachel (Caren Pistorious) whom is having a rough morning. Rachel over slept, she also made her son Kyle (Gabriel Bateman) late for school, Kyle's father bailed out on Kyle yet again, and to top it all Rachel lost her best client. Rachel will encounter another serious problem in society... One whom stands still on a green light. As Rachel honks the horn very loud, flips off the car, as she drives away from the car. The Man (Russell Crowe) is not having it one bit, as he follows Rachel to a red light. The Man tells Rachel what she did was wrong as he demands an apology, as Rachel can't seem to find a reason to do so as she doesn't accept he request. Now The Man brings out a living nightmare out of Rachel, as he torments her by violently following her around the city, in the most epic road rage as possible, all for a sincere apology... Well maybe not.

The Cinematography was fine in this film, I kind of liked how this film was shot, sets in this epic dark tone it's going for, it actually has style which I'm surprised. The Score was ok, typical standard upbeat thriller music. The cast all around was fine. There is a reason why the main antagonist is called The Man... Because Russell Crowe is certainly THE MAN in this movie, without him this would completely suck. With that said: This is a pretty good performance for the right and a couple wrong reasons. As far as a truly terrifying human being, that doesn't stop at will to make this life a miserable hell for Rachel: Russell Crowe knows exactly how to perform in this role, as I was kind of stunned just how fierce he was in this role. The only real complaint is how sometimes he can be unintentionally funny at times, due to some real cheesy dialogue. As far as the character himself... Would've liked more depth, as to how he was having a bad day before Rachel showed up. I also enjoyed some of his kill scenes, as they were perform in such a gruesome way, and the way he literally destroys human beings with his fists and legs was kind of bad ass in a messed up way.

Caren Pistorious playing Rachel was ok in her performance. Early on I sense trouble for this performance as the level of acting was becoming to be straight to streaming like quality, but after awhile she gotten better to the point where it can be tolerable. As far as her character there is left to be desired, kind of a blank page and there was no sign of character development as well. Kyle played by Gabriel Bateman was fine, was figuring out where he came from previously as I just remembered he was in that Childs Play reboot.

Unhinged was marked the highlight of the return of movie theaters. Somewhat of a mid budget project, as it cost a heavy dime, I assumed Russell Crowe got majority of the money. I guess what made investors want to invest on this project to be the first film to open up theaters, as it's an epic thriller, people enjoy thrillers in the theaters. Unhinged reminds me of The Purge Election Year: Both maybe stupid, however there is one redeemable quality that keeps you entertained enough to where you can't call it bad. With Purge Election Year it's Candy Bar Girl, with Unhinged it's The Man aka Russell Crowe's audition as The Hulk.

What annoys me about Unhinged is this film tries so hard to be deep, especially with the opening montage credits. They believe society has gone down the drain, as human beings have gone completely insane... Which in today's society it's no question they are. As road rage is apart of the problem, due to society's inability to be nice or being on that damn phone while driving. In a thriller like this: Why do I have to have this message, shoved down my throat?! It's blatantly obvious what this film is trying to say, yet I don't need to be screamed directly at my face through the course of the run time.

There are tons of logic issues to go along with this film. Regarding how The Man gets a hold of tracking Rachel, choice making by Rachel and others, and how a family mini van is the most unstoppable vehicle known to man, that can just about wreck everything in sight and go extremely fast as well. It's like I was literally watching a commercial van on mini vans at one point, I wonder if Mini Vans are a hot price off the market because of this film. The story is kind of dumb in ways unimaginable, by human behavior. However the thriller element is executed just fine, bringing in a couple tense moments, couple well executed jump sequences, and some sick death scenes and brutal sequences as well. Sure this is a film I rather had watched at home, but at least my time wasn't wasted so at least I got some quality fun out of it.

Overall, Unhinged is eh but somewhat entertaining. I'd wait for this film for rental. -Mitch Smietana

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