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Ultrasound (2021 Tribeca Film Festival); Grade: F

Strictly Films welcomes you back to more coverage of this year’s 2021 Tribeca Film Festival! Our next film on the block: Ultrasound.

I’m currently writing this at my day job right now on a typical Friday morning,as the boss tells me he would like to stay longer for some event. I agreed to stay because it’s hard for me to say no to anybody, plus a little extra money wouldn’t hurt. But as I’m standing here at this lone spot by a POS System, with a co-worker that brings up the worst details in reality (I’m impressed I haven’t lost it yet), as it’s another cloudy day that’s likely going to turn out to be rain... I’m asking many questions about my life. Why is there an event going on, where the weather conditions are likely going to turn out shitty? Why did I agree to stay longer knowing I got a shit load of festival films to watch and review still?! Why did an extra $20 influence me to work a longer shift in which honestly is dreadfully boring to begin with? Why am I still working at this job, knowing the paying wage is extremely low and as I said earlier is dreadfully boring? Why am I here? Is there more to my purpose than just this? Shouldn’t I be doing more with my life? What is the point in being alive?

Obviously I’m over exaggerating in some capacity, but you get the drift, that I’m at a place in which you don’t honestly understand your own reality, which is the perfect comparison as how I felt with Ultrasound.

The film has a fairly interesting opening, where a character driving back home to a wedding encounters a couple flats. Nearby is a house in which a husband and wife lives there, as the husband invited the man in. The husband offers the man to stay for the night, as the closet mechanic will be open tomorrow. A nice gesture then escalates to another offering, only this time much more weirder... The husband offers to sleep on the couch, while also offering his wife for the man to sleep with her. The man is confused as why he would think of that, as the husband says it would be best for his wife for whatever reason. As the man contemplates on sleeping with the wife along bedside with her, we transitions to a lovely title sequence with a great design.

As one is looking forward to whatever happens next... We then encounter a few new characters, as my mind questions who are these people and what happened with the other people?! We gone back to other people as the man went through with it, although the man got the wife pregnant. As then we’re drawn to interest as we’re wondering what is bound to happen next, we’re introduced to new characters in which are reading off dialogue of the other characters. All of a sudden all the man and wife are brought in by these other characters, followed by the husband and the other characters after the title sequence as throughout the course of time... What the hell is going on?!

I’ve reached at 54 minute mark, where the husband is now revealed as a magician as I just had to turn it off... I couldn’t take it anymore. This whole experience was not only extremely confusing as absolutely nothing makes actual sense, but in my own perspective I found this to be a bunch of baffling nonsense. I could’ve continued on, but in my own mind as I’m watching whatever the hell this is, I’ve came to the conclusion on what’s the point in continuing?!? Seriously: Nothing about this is making any logical sense in my mind, as it just appears as a bunch of baffling nonsense, so what’s the point. Apparently a fair amount of people like this and with that line reason I immensely tried to give it a chance, but at that magician reveal I just couldn’t take it anymore let alone seriously as well. Can’t tell if this will be my BoyHood moment, where I’m the lone person out the majority that doesn’t care for it, but I’ll be surprised if a general audience will like it.

Overall, Ultrasound is the worst film I’ve seen all year long so far. I don’t recommend this film at all. In conclusion: If you’re completely confused or immensely not enjoying something, then it’s best to move on... I sure as hell need to follow my own words more often. - Mitch Smietana

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