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UglyDolls Quick View Besides Colorful Animation...This film is just Painfully Ugly Grade: D-

Source: IMDB

UglyDolls features many recording artists, whom make a poor mans attempt in making an animated children’s musical. Just because you have a great voice or that you’re Pitbull, doesn’t mean you can make a good musical... But it doesn’t matter they tried anyway and they failed miserably. Do you need to know the plot of this film?! Probably not because more than likely, you won’t watch it nor will you randomly pick it out from the $4 Walmart DVD bin in a couple years too, to shut your kid up. I do have one lone positive thing to say about this film and that’s the animation. I actually liked how bright and colorful the film is, if the story was any good man kids would absolutely love this. Despite some character designs might come off lazy, by how simple their drawn... However you can see a fair amount of effort was put into making a nice colorful film for kids. This film took me three attempts to finish and it’s only eighty minutes... That’s not good. Why it did it take me that long to finish this?! Simply because it’s dreadfully boring and just uninteresting, to the point where sleep is just a more better and exciting option. Since this is a musical, I must say I hated the music in this. It’s just annoying garbage pop songs back to back to back to back, it feels like I’m listening to modern day radio. Broken Beautiful, which is apparently the most popular song from the film is just meh for my taste and the scene it was featured in didn’t help it at all. The characters were just boring, it’s been a couple days since I watched this as I can’t recall a single damn character. What drives me nuts is this film has all these characters, as they can’t make much time for all of them, to be completely developed. The only character truly developed is Moxy and that’s it, every other character is either rushed, incomplete, or just shows up and leaves immediately. Speaking of Moxy: Kelly Clarkson was not a good choice for this character, simply by the design of the character, when you hear Clarkson voice overing Moxy’s, it just doesn’t seem believable and sometimes it felt off with the voice over with the character’s mouth, especially during the musical numbers. I felt a child or a teenage girl would’ve worked better for this characters design, Clarkson didn’t do a poor job by any means it’s just she doesn’t fit with with this character. The story itself is boring and sometimes baffling. Like the whole shenanigan throughout the film, the normal good looking dolls keep talking about getting through this test, so they can be owned by a child... But then it vanishes as now we have some obstacle course... I thought the only way the dolls can get approved, to be owned by a child is to get through a simulator and pass an ugly test?! When does this film ever talk about this random one minute chase obstacle course?! What does the obstacle course have to do with the ugly dolls not being accepted in society anyway?? Maybe the writers got bored writing this script and thought of a brand new idea, as they forgot to discard what they had written before, because I can’t explain what happened. The message doesn’t feel earned at all, about that it doesn’t matter if you come across ugly in the world, what does matter is if you’re kind, caring, and have a big heart. Sure it’s thoughtful and all, but the goal of achieving this message is weighed down by all the nonsense and lack of energy in creating an engaging story. The comedic moments of this film is offensive to me, I’m just downright offended that these jokes are completely terrible. I’m going to be honest: This quick view felt like a chore for me, like I could be discussing The Irishman right now, but no I have to get this one out of the way. Overall, Ugly Dolls is a terrible kids movie. I don’t recommend this film for any adults, children, heck even babies. -Mitch Smietana

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