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Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly Quick View Like Huncho Jack... Disappointment Grade: D+

Source: IMDb

Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly is a documentary featuring rapper Travis Scott. We go through his love for his fans, why fans love him, and some personal detail of Travis Scott’s life. So I’m not a fan of Travis Scott, I think some of his music is cool, so I would say this review is coming from someone that’s not going to be biased. What I hoped to get out of this documentary, is either a dope concert film like this year’s Beyoncé: Homecoming or a documentary making me learn more about this well known visionary rapper. Unfortunately I got a feature length YouTube vlog, I didn’t care for this at all. So I’ll give this some positives because there are a couple. Some shots look visually stunning at times, knowing Travis Scott’s music videos, it’s no surprise that area would be presented nicely here. I did learn a solid amount of information, how much a Grammy awarded to his album Astroworld would’ve meant to him. When he lost he felt terrible inside, but when given advice from the mayor of Houston, it was very thoughtful and also wise. It’s time to talk about my issues with this documentary. The thing is: I feel whomever was behind this, really had no idea what they were making. When it comes to Travis Scott, I want to know more about this guy. If you’re familiar with his music videos or even his music, he’s got a creative mind and sometimes talks about some personal stuff. There was a missed opportunity here because I didn’t learn a single new thing about Travis Scott, than what I already know. If I show this to someone who has never heard of Travis Scott, they would still ask me after watching this documentary, “Ok... So who is Travis Scott?!” This film feels completely flat to me, if you’re not going to make me learn about this rapper or entertain me with a concert movie, what are you trying to do with this?! All I watched was a YouTube vlog, it’s really not interesting at all, it comes off boring at times. It felt like it was made by one of my high school friends, whom decided to become a rapper and felt they needed to make “A Day in the Life” videos, there’s nothing special about this film. When it comes to Travis Scott and his fans, I do believe he’s got a special connection with his fans and I admire that. But what would’ve been more interesting is if we learned why Travis Scott has also come off as douche to fans back in his past. I remember Travis used to scream at his fans because they weren’t watching his concert in a certain way, that he would’ve liked them to react. I would like to have him look back on those days, explaining why he had intentions to treat those fans poorly or how he has matured since then. It sounds more interesting, than a highlight reel of “Oh Travis loves his fans, look how cool Travis is with his fans!” Give this documentary some meat on it’s bones, it has nothing to say. I didn’t like how it was constructed as well, it feels messy and all over the place. Like the timeline keeps shifting back and forth, at times it doesn’t flow correctly at all. This film feels like it’s only made for die hard Travis Scott fans honestly, which disappoints me because I bet this guy is interesting and can provide some deep conversation about his views and his life. This film can not possibly work for those that are neutral, don’t know him, or even dislike the guy. I kept picturing in my head, if my friend Adam whom really doesn’t like Travis Scott, can turn his opinion on him if he watched this... I feel this would make his view on Travis to be even worst. They’ll be some Travis Scott fans, commenting how much of a hater I am because I didn’t care for this. But listen: I’m judging the documentary as a documentary, I don’t care whom the documentary is on, I just want to either learn or be entertain as this did absolutely nothing for me. Overall, Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly is not good. Unless you’re a Travis Scott fan, I don’t recommend this at all. -Mitch Smietana

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