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Tragic Jungle (AFI Fest 2020); Grade: C-

Strictly Films welcomes to you to coverage of this years AFI Film Festival! Our next film on the block: Tragic Jungle.

Tragic Jungle tells a story about a young Belizean woman named Agnes (Indria Rubie Andrewin), whom was hunted down by one whom kept her in captivity. While Agnes and her colleagues were shot down, Agnes had desired for a man to have touch her, as she’s never been touched before. Agnes somehow awakens, as she’s accompanied by a bunch of gum workers. Now Agnes riles up the men’s fantasies and desires, as she now plays a part in some ancient myth.

Tragic Jungle is captivated by the lovely cinematography in place, as the scenery of the jungle is quite extraordinary. So many great nature shots being shown, followed by some wonderful shots of the animals including a tiger and monkeys. The film also provides some solid performances by the cast all around as well.

As said on my quick Letterboxd review as a joke: This film could really use an Anaconda. By that meaning this film could really use something exciting, as Tragic Jungle left me quite bored for the most part. Though there is a man narrating time to time, as he explains this myth about one being an Xtabay, as it represents one lurking in the heart of the jungle. The plot really helps understand the story, but unfortunately it doesn’t help draw much appeal out of me. Other than a couple exciting chase sequences, you’re really left with an awaken being, just walking around the jungle with a bunch of gum workers, as a few proceed in fulfilling their sexual desires with Agnes. It’s also worth noting a leader of this gum working pact, made it clear if anyone touches Agnes, then that would be the end of it. How come nothing was done to the men whom have touched Agnes then?! Surely some people could possibly get something out of this film, however for me I felt it was quite dull for my taste.

Overall, Tragic Jungle was meh. I don’t recommend this film, in the meantime go watch the first two Anaconda movies while you’re at it, it’s not fine art but it is entertainment at least. -Mitch Smietana

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