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Together Together; Grade: B

Together Together tells a story about a lonely man named Matt (Ed Helms), who develops apps. A lone woman named Anna (Patti Harrision), whom works at a coffee shop. Matt wants to fill the void of loneliness, by being a father as Anna will help Matt by being his gestational surrogate. Matt and Anna will develop an unusual bond within each other, learning more about one another and understanding one another as well.

The Cinematography was fine, I don't think there's any shots worth discussing however the way the film looked visually was by the standards. The Score was also fine. The cast all in all was solid. Ed Helms playing Matt had a good performance, as this lonely man wanting to end his loneliness by taking on the greatest challenge of all... Being a father. As far as the character of Matt, I felt he was well written as one as sensitive, caring, and a bit of dweeb... I found it pretty accurate and even Ed Helms does a good job with the portrayal. Patti Harrision playing Anna also had a solid performance as well. For a woman that's also a loner, but feels rather unfulfilled and in a way lost... As written it feels relatable to most twenty years olds. I felt Patti and Ed had solid chemistry within the two, they were honestly an adorable pair of strangers/friends.

I do have a couple flaws. They'll be moments in which it felt like Patti was lecturing Matt, within the fault of thinking like a man that can be annoying some. Sure there were useful moments that felt natural, but sometimes it felt a bit lecturing much to the point where it was aggravating to sit through. I did felt the pacing within the middle was fairly slow, losing me a bit within the film.

Together Together was.... Cute. I found the story to be quite adorable, showcasing these two people whom may appear a bit different by age, looks, and even in some way personality wise. However they were much alike, as they were two major loners, whom are caring and sincere. The bondage within the two started out extremely awkward, but over the course of time it developed into a really sweet bond, that almost kind of felt like a pure friendship happening right before our eyes. Would also like to point out the comedy material t'was good especially in the first act, bringing in some quality laughs to the table. Just a sweet little film that'll make you feel in awe within the bondage going on between the two characters.

Overall, Together Together was a solid film. I recommend checking this one out. -Mitch Smietana

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