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Titane; Grade: D+

Titane tells a story about a car model named Alexia (Agathe Rousselle) whom has been on a murderous rampage for some reason that is not explained. Alexia is going through many issues, being a wanted criminal, have an unexpected baby on the way, and now has to pretend to be one’s long lost son whom has been missing for a good decade.

Titane has gotten some critical praise and lots of love at Cannes, it even went home with one of the highest awards to achieved at the festival the Palme D’Or. I was looking forward this film for awhile, especially given the fact I enjoyed Julia Ducournau debut feature Raw. Titane… I don’t really get the hype with this one.

I understood the part of the story with regards to the father and how he wants to believe Alexia was his missing son. The father was a broken down soul, whom honestly didn’t have much motivation to live as he’s been completely lost without his son. You can tell he’s been depressed and has resulted in him taking drugs. As he got a call that Alexia could perhaps be his son, as there is some kind of resemblance by the way she looks… He just went full denial mode, as he just hoped whomever this person was is his son. I can understand when you’re so broken down, that you would take anyone to make yourself feel whole again. So that part of the story though the way the father acts around Alexia was weird, I can at least follow along with that part.

The part of the story with Alexia was kind of entertaining in the beginning. It was a bit absurd, but the brutal assault sequences were done well. Like you question this character as why she’s so fascinated by cars and what is the point in her killing all these random people?! The first murder made sense because that guy was a creep, but everyone else didn’t deserve nor had much of a reason for her to kill those people, so you question did the accident from her own childhood made her into a killing machine?!

When Alexia gets brought in by this man… Her part of the story suddenly makes absolutely no sense, whether it be the weird pregnancy issue or why she feels to stay with this man… It’s extremely weird and I just couldn’t get it at all. I’ve read some theories about the true meaning of this film and also I try to justify what it all could’ve meant… But looking back, it’s so hard to excuse it all because it’s just so freaking bizarre as while I’m at the fence of trying to understand it all, my brain just tells me “Please stop make excuses, this movie is whacked!”

Those whom have read my reviews and know me personally, know I do enjoy weird original films, I mean Yargos Lanthimos is one of my favorite directors for crying out loud. But with Titane… I didn’t enjoy this one, as it was just too weird and bizarre to me, as some things still don’t make any sense.

Overall, Titane was eh. I don’t recommend this film, if you’re curious about this film then give it a shot, who knows you may like it more than I. I had a full theater to myself and a free birthday popcorn… I’m so bummed out I didn’t love this, like I had everything I wanted in a theater setting too. -Mitch Smietana

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