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Time (NYFF 2020); Grade: B

Strictly Films Welcomes you back to more coverage of this years New York Film Festival! Our next film on the block: Time

Time is a documentary film about Rich Fox; a mother of a pair of twins, whom is fighting for the rights to release her husband out of prison. Rich’s husband is currently incarnated, as he committed a bank robbery crime, as he was sentenced a sixty year sentence. Witness a woman that fights by only patience, love, and hard work as she puts her best efforts to gain the release of her husband.

Time is going to be considered a heavy tear jerker this upcoming October, as the story is emotionally riveting in the worst and best ways. Watching this mother go through the hardships of not being allowed to be with her husband, as she’s only allowed to see him two times a month for two hours, plus going through parenting alone... I mean it’s extremely upsetting. The sixty year prison sentence is extremely devastating and unfair, as Rich’s son makes a valid point, as the court system needs to be more of a system of forgiveness.

Keep in mind one of the main issues I have with this film, is the fact little detail is told regarding the bank robbery incident, so I can’t really make a fair judgment if the sentence was fair or not. But considering the fact the husband didn’t murder anybody, as if there weren’t any gun shots that followed during this event... It’s most certain that Rich’s husband sentence is beyond despicable. I’m not going to condone his actions of stealing from a bank, regardless if their family was struggling stealing is never ok, he deserves to do a fair amount of time so he can be taught a valuable lesson. No way shape or form does a valuable lesson need to be earned in sixty years, especially when others have done WAY worst than Rich’s husband has done given less prison time, it’s an unfair system at times.

This is a very genuine and wholesome kind of documentary, that at times doesn’t feel like a documentary. The film making style is fairly unique, showing very old footage, followed by a crafty black and white picture setting, that compliments the tone and style perfectly. Surprising enough this film does have a beautifully done composed Score. Though this is a tear jerker kind of documentary, you can consider this to be a feel good film as well, as it also teaches us a valuable lesson through patience, love, and hard work anything is possible long as you believe. Just a fairly crafted documentary that has a fair amount to admire of it.

Overall, Time is a solid documentary film. I recommend checking this one out, it’ll be out on Amazon Prime on October 16th and will be in selected theaters October 9th. -Mitch Smietana

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