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Till; Grade: B

Till tells a story about a young boy named Emmett Till (Jalyn Hall) but his family calls him Bobo. Bobo is gearing up for a trip down to the south in Mississippi, to visit his cousins. Bobo’s mother (Danielle Deadwyler) warns Bobo that Mississippi is not like the city of Chicago, where they aren’t as welcoming nor treat people of Bobo’s race with kindness and acceptance. She strictly enforces rules he must follow for Bobo’s own safety. Unfortunately while Bobo was at a local gas station like shop, he was caught at gun point by a gal due to Bobo just being himself, as a young overly friendly kid. Bobo would then be taken away from some civilians, in which the gal accused Bobo into doing something extremely bad, which led to Bobo’s tragic and horrific death. Bobo’s mother must take measures on her own hands and do whatever it takes to bring some form of justice for Bobo and many people like Bobo.

I’m not too familiar with the whole Emmett Till tragic murder case, however I’ve seen the horrific inhumane pictures a couple times, so I was well aware this was going to be a very saddening watch.

Till though is centered around a truly horrific inhumane moment in human history, manages to honor and respect the Till Family, without over showing the horrific death while also shining a light on Emmett and especially his truly brave mother. I felt it was a well told story, as I’ve learned a great deal as I’m even more appalled just by everything that went down… From how Emmett gotten brutally beaten to death, but even how the court system or the jury was ran especially.

For a mother like Emmett’s, the pigment of her skin color in this time period, and dealing with one of the most racist states in the country at the time… A lot was going against her to bring any kind of justice for Emmett. It would take a whole lot of strength mentally to overcome the obstacles at hand, I mean this is no easy task we’re talking. But one thing you can never mess with is a woman’s child, as once you poke the bear… Expect an all out brawl as that is exactly what his mother did. Sure photographing Emmett’s aftermath of being brutally murdered is a risk, but the risk came with a high reward, as the exposure could lead some good as led by an outcry from the country, it led the main suspects to be taken into custody.

I felt the court case at hand of the story was pretty baffling to sit through… Just the way they would try to construct excuses or plan out totally false scenarios was complete blaphmeous, even with Emmett’s mother being totally poised and completely prepared, I just couldn’t imagine just how anyone bought any of this bullshit. There’s one significant sequence in the court case which will be the highlighted clip, if Danielle Deadwyler is nominated for any awards season… That sequence alone was truly remarkable as I just couldn’t contain by how much depriving emotion was delivered on that one long sequence.

I felt the conclusion though disappointing, still felt uplifting by the end of it all. Though we didn’t quite get the results we wanted, but it felt like things were developing into a better future, as without Emmett’s mother strong willed spirit… Who knows where we would be, as she totally made a significant difference into shaping a better world.

Overall, Till was a solid film. I recommend checking this one out, do see it in theaters if it’s still showing or just rent it on premium V.O.D. -Mitch Smietana

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