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Thriller Quick View A Complete Dump Dropped Off to Netflix from Blumhouse Grade: D-

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Source: IMDB

In 2018, Blumhouse dumped a low budget horror film straight to Netflix called Cam, it was actually a solid and surprisingly an impressive watch. While Thriller is not an Netflix original like Cam, it still was dumped to Netflix just randomly as Blumhouse could not see profit coming out of this low budget slasher horror flick. While it was smart of Blumhouse to dump it to Netflix because nobody with a brain would pay to watch this, however there is a couple main concerns: Why would Blumhouse produced an extremely poorly made film like this? Also why would Universal partake in the distributing process!? I've seen many of Blumhouse's extremely awful films before, but I've never seen one that is bad at every aspect from Film Making, Dialogue, Plot, Score, Cinematography, Directing, Characters, and more importantly Acting... Like this film is completely awful in every way possible, it does nothing right. Thriller is a story about a prank that has gone wrong, causing a young girl to die by accident, as a result the young boy named Chauncey had to go to prison, telling the fellow kids whom did the prank they'll pay for this before he got in the cop car. 4 years later they all have grown up, as we see Chauncey in a black hoodie looking for revenge on the same kids whom made him go to jail. It's basically a rip off of several horror films like Halloween, Sorority Row, Prom Night. How did I came across this film?! A friend from Twitter tweeted it, as I watched the trailer presented, 5 seconds in I was hooked and had to watch it immediately, for the wrong reasons. If you're looking for a fun slasher film: This is not it. The kill scenes are poorly executed, I found myself laughing more than being afraid or digging the kill scenes, no creativity or style behind the kills. This film has a bunch of side plots dealing with high school drama, that starts and goes nowhere, honestly nobody cares about nor wants to see it's boring and cliche as hell, it even made the characters more unlikable than they are. Can we just talk about why there are moments in the film, where they needed to flashback the teenage characters, to when they were children in the event Chauncey accidentally killed their friend?! If the characters know who Chauncey is, sure enough I know they were there that day, I don't need 20 flashbacks telling me they were there. Thriller has a twist that isn't terrible, it works in some way without too many plot holes unlike the twist in Us, but it wasn't clever at all. One thing people will enjoy out of the misery of watching Thriller: Comedy. This film is without a doubt a guilty pleasure worthy kind of film, comparable to The Room even, it's so bad yet it's extremely hilarious, I was dying of laughter throughout the entirety of the film. BlumHouse is a well known property, I really have no idea why they would to partake in this baffling mess, their reputation gets often criticized for their many bad horror films, but this is felt like a serious cry for help. Overall, Thriller is a terrible film and should've been dumped in the trash where it belongs. On a positive note: My time was not wasted, t'was actually well spent by joyous laughter, as everyone knows laughter is the best medicine... Thanks Chauncey. -Mitch Smietana

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